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Brinstar Escape Shaft

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Planet Zebes
Brinstar Escape Shaft
Universe Metroid
Appears in Melee
Availability Adventure Mode
Article on Metroid Wiki Zebes

The Brinstar Escape Shaft is a level in Super Smash Bros. Melee's Adventure Mode. It is a somewhat short, vertical level with a few platforms and no hazards or enemies to contend with. The player must reach the top before time runs out, or they will lose one stock and proceed to the next level, Green Greens. If the player is on their last stock when time runs out, they will receive a Game Over. Continuing from the Game Over screen will also take the player to Green Greens.

This stage is playable in Versus Mode if the game is hacked, though touching the teleporter may cause the game to freeze. Its internal name, as seen in the debug menu, is 4-2DASSYUT. "4-2" refers to its position in Adventure Mode, and "DASSYUT" is most likely a shortening of 脱出, which translates to "escape".


Samus in an elevator room in Super Metroid. Source: [1]
A room in Super Metroid that looks very similar to the very top room in the Brinstar Escape Shaft.

In Metroid, after Samus defeats Mother Brain, the final boss, a time bomb is set to destroy the area and Samus must flee the area within 2.78 minutes. In order to escape, she had to jump on multiple platforms that went up a shaft. When Samus got to the top, the game was completed. At the end of Super Metroid, a time bomb is set again, but this time it will destroy Planet Zebes in three minutes. Samus again must escape, but this time she has to get all the way to her ship. In order to escape she has to jump on multiple platforms and go through multiple rooms before finally making it to her ship and fly away. After defeating Samus in Melee, a bomb will be set at forty seconds. The escape route the player takes is similar to how it is in Metroid, but the bomb destroys Planet Zebes like it did in Super Metroid.

In both Metroid and Super Metroid, there are blue doors which open when getting shot. In Super Metroid, there were yellow doors that required a Power Bomb to open. In Melee, a blue door can be seen to the right at the beginning of the level, and a yellow door can be seen at the very top of the level. In Super Metroid, there is a room that has an elevator that leads from Brinstar to the right side of Crateria, and in order to get to Crateria from the room, the player must use a Power Bomb to open the yellow door on top. In Melee, the very top room where the level ends looks very similar to that particular elevator room from Super Metroid. [1]


  • The escape shaft is the only Adventure Mode stage that the player is not required to replay upon running out the timer or receiving a Game Over.