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Tech Check

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Ganondorf performing a successful Tech Check against Captain Falcon's Falcon Dive in Melee, punishing the latter with his powerful forward aerial.

A Tech Check is a technique that is mainly unique to Captain Falcon's Falcon Dive and Ganondorf's functionally similar Dark Dive. When either one of the two characters grabs his opponent near a ledge or wall of the stage with his respective up special, the opponent can wall jump tech the following explosion from the throw and punish him while he is stuck in the move's ending lag. This technique is controversial in the Captain Falcon and Ganondorf communities, with many players saying that it allows the opponent to punish them in a situation that is out of their control.

Tech Check exists in all Smash games. As of Ultimate patch 11.0.0, however, the endlag of both characters' throws have been significantly decreased, making the technique considerably harder.

The technique was originally named Rockcrocking, named after the player of the same name, RockCrock. After RockCrock was accused of rape, however, the name was changed to remove any of his likeness. The new name was chosen on a Twitter poll created by Fatality.[1]