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Paralyzer SSB4.jpeg
Paralyzer in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
User Zero Suit Samus
Universe Metroid
Article on Metroid Wiki Paralyzer
Charge Samus's beam by pressing and holding the B Button, but the damage doesn't increase by much.
Brawl's instruction manual
Fire an energy blast that stuns enemies. Can be charged.
Smash for 3DS's foldout
Fires an energy blast that stuns enemies. A max charge increase range, power, and stun duration.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

The Paralyzer (パラライザー, Paralyzer) is Zero Suit Samus's neutral special move.


A shot is fired out of Zero Suit Samus's blaster, which deals a small amount of damage and paralyzes the target. It can be charged to increase the time an opponent is stunned, dealing 4-5% damage when uncharged and 6% when charged.

The paralyze effect caused by the Paralyzer is not affected by knockback resistance. Also, hitting a non-flinch character like Porky with this will cause them to shake as if they were stunned, though they will continue moving unhindered.

Firing a beam just before landing won't produce the Paralyzer SFX, and is referred to as silent laser.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Paralyzer 2. Blast Shot 3. Electromagnetic Net
"Fire an energy blast that stuns enemies. Can be charged." "Shoot farther and faster than normal, but it's slightly less powerful and won't stun." "The energy blast expands after being fired, but it has reduced range."
  1. Paralyzer: Default.
  2. Blast Shot: Acts somewhat like Fox's Blaster, firing very weak bolts (1% uncharged, 2% charged) that cause minimal hitstun. Firing speed is increased and startup/ending lag are reduced.
  3. Electromagnetic Net (known as Spreading Shot in the PAL version): Shots travel a shorter distance, but hit multiple times before causing a paralyzing explosion at maximum distance. Also has more startup and ending lag.


Samus wielding the Paralyzer in Metroid: Zero Mission.
The Paralyzer from Metroid: Other M

In Metroid: Zero Mission, on a stealth mission, Zero Suit Samus's only weapon is her "rather useless emergency pistol", which even when fully charged can only paralyze Space Pirates for a few seconds. It is, however, able to destroy Bomb Blocks, which normally are only vulnerable to Morph Ball bombs.

The weapon itself was not referred to as a Paralyzer until Metroid: Other M, which was produced after its Super Smash Bros. debut in Brawl.



  • In Brawl, the Paralyzer shot will change its direction when powershielded, but the blast itself will still look like it's traveling along a straight path. This behavior is unique among energy projectiles.