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The left and right Joy-Con.

The Joy-Con is a controller for use with the Nintendo Switch console. Like the Wii U GamePad, the Joy-Con have near field communication functionality, specifically the right Joy-Con, allowing the use of amiibo with games. Additionally, the Joy-Con are equipped with "HD Rumble", a more advanced form of haptic feedback to replicate the feel of in-game activities.

The Joy-Con are unique in that they can be used as controllers regardless of whether or not they are physically connected to the Nintendo Switch. They can be connected to the Nintendo Switch itself when in Handheld Mode, forming something similar to the Wii U GamePad. They can also be disconnected from the Switch in Handheld or Docked Mode, functioning as wireless motion controllers; they can also be optionally be placed in the Joy-Con Grip, emulating the feel of a game controller. The left and right Joy-Con function as a pair in all of the aforementioned modes, but one can also use a single Joy-Con as a controller by holding it sideways.

The Joy-Con has similar latency to the Switch Pro Controller, experiencing lows of 93.7ms (5.6 frames) and highs of 112.86ms (6.8 frames). On average, however, it reaches around 103.33ms (6.3 frames), which is overall better than what the Switch Pro Controller can offer. However, its button size, Joy-Con Drift and problematic D-Pad makes its competitive viability questionable.

As of the Nintendo Switch's Version 10.0.0 update on April 13th, 2020, the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can have custom button mapping via the system's settings, allowing more versatility beyond Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Controls menu.

The Joy-Cons cameo in-game via the Robot Kit Mii Costume, referencing their usage in the Nintendo Labo games.

Standard controls in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Single Joy-Con (Left)[edit]

Note: From the perspective of the Joy-Con on its side

ButtonIcon-Switch-Control Stick.png Move
Right directional button Standard attacks
Down directional button Special moves
Left directional buttonUp directional button Jump
ButtonIcon-Switch-SL.pngButtonIcon-Switch-SR.png Shield
ButtonIcon-Switch-Minus.png Pause
ButtonIcon-Switch-Capture.png Screenshot
ButtonIcon-Switch-L.pngButtonIcon-Switch-ZL.png Nothing

Single Joy-Con (Right)[edit]

Note: From the perspective of the Joy-Con on its side

ButtonIcon-Switch-Control Stick.png Move
ButtonIcon-Switch-X.png Standard attacks
ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png Special moves
ButtonIcon-Switch-B.pngButtonIcon-Switch-Y.png Jump
ButtonIcon-Switch-SL.pngButtonIcon-Switch-SR.png Shield
ButtonIcon-Switch-Plus.png Pause
ButtonIcon-Switch-Home.png Home Menu
ButtonIcon-Switch-R.pngButtonIcon-Switch-ZR.png Nothing

Double Joy-Con[edit]

ButtonIcon-Switch-Control Stick.png(left) Move
ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png Standard attacks
ButtonIcon-Switch-B.png Special moves
ButtonIcon-Switch-Control Stick.png(right) Stick-smash
ButtonIcon-Switch-X.pngButtonIcon-Switch-Y.png Jump
ButtonIcon-Switch-L.pngButtonIcon-Switch-R.png Grab
ButtonIcon-Switch-ZL.pngButtonIcon-Switch-ZR.png Shield
Directional buttons Taunt
ButtonIcon-Switch-Plus.png Pause
ButtonIcon-Switch-Home.png Home Menu
ButtonIcon-Switch-Capture.png Screenshot
ButtonIcon-Switch-Minus.png Nothing