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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a controller for use with the Nintendo Switch console. Unlike the Wii U Pro Controller, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has near field communication functionality, allowing the use of amiibo with games. The layout of the controls resembles that of the GameCube controller, with an analog stick and A, B, X, Y, Plus, Minus, Home, and Capture buttons on the top, and a D-pad and another analog stick on the bottom. The controller also has L, R, ZL, and ZR buttons along the top.

As of the Nintendo Switch's Version 10.0.0 update on April 13th, 2020, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con can have custom button mapping via the system's settings, allowing more versatility beyond Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Controls menu.

The Switch Pro Controller has among the highest latency of all usable Ultimate controllers when used wirelessly, experiencing lows of 92.86ms (5.5 frames) and highs of 112.86 (6.8 frames). It's just slightly worse than the Joy-Con, which has a higher minimum latency of 93.7ms (5.6 frames) but otherwise similar results.[1] If used wired with a USB-C cable, it's ironically worse than if used wireless.

A special variant of the controller with a Smash livery released alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Additionally, a limited edition variant with a gold Smash livery was awarded to the winner of EVO Japan 2020, Shuton.

Standard Controls[edit]

LControl Stick Move
A Standard attacks
B Special moves
RControl Stick Stick-smash
XY Jump
LR Grab
ZLZR Shield
D-Pad Taunts
Plus Pause
Home Home Menu
Capture Screenshot
Minus Nothing

In competitive play[edit]

The Pro Controller is arguably the most popular control scheme in Ultimate aside from the GameCube controller in frequency in tournaments. Its ease of access compared to the GameCube controller and its required adapter, and its design being preferable to the Joy-Cons that come with the console, make it an attractive option to new players. Its significant design improvements compared to its Wii U predecessor make it generally considered the best of the "Pro Controller" family that started with the Wii. In a first for Nintendo, the wired connection uses a standard USB-C port, making this controller compatible with other devices like PC without the use of unofficial adapters, making it a popular choice for play on emulators.

Despite this, some players still have a preference for the GameCube controller, which is mainly due to the GameCube controller having less input lag in comparison to the Switch Pro Controller. However, some players opted to use a Pro GameCube Controller, which is a GameCube controller designed like a Pro Controller but still the mechanisms of the former, thus being able to use a controller designed like the Pro Controller without the input issues from the actual ones.