Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a controller for use with the Nintendo Switch console. Unlike the Wii U Pro Controller, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has near field communication functionality, allowing the use of amiibo with games. The layout of the controls resembles that of the GameCube controller, with an analog stick and A, B, X, Y, Plus, Minus, Home, and Capture buttons on the top, and a D-pad and another analog stick on the bottom. The controller also has L, R, ZL, and ZR buttons along the top.

A special variant of the controller with a Smash livery released alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Standard Controls[edit]

Left Control Stick Move
Right Control Stick Smash attack
A button Standard attack
B button Special move
X button/Y button Jump
ZL button/ZR button Shield
L button/R button Grab
D-Pad Taunt
Plus button Pause