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The N64 contoller.

The Nintendo 64 controller is the default controller for the Nintendo 64. It can be used to play Super Smash Bros. The controller has a unique M-shape, as Nintendo did not know if the use of analog sticks would become widespread. A majority of the Nintendo 64's games require players to grip their left hand on the middle handle and their right hand on the right handle, including Super Smash Bros. Some games, however, did allow players to hold the controller's left and right prongs to control the game, such as Dr. Mario and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The third option is to hold the left handle with the left hand and the middle handle with the right hand, although this was never implemented for any games.

Two official add-ons were released for the controller: the rumble pack, which Super Smash Bros. utilizes, and the controller pack, which could save data for some games.

There are a few third party controllers available for the Nintendo 64, such as the Hori Mini Pad. The Hori Mini Pad, similar to a small Gamecube controller, is preferred by multiple top level players such as Revan and Tacos for ease of Smash DI and movement. As the Hori Mini pad is considered to be an integral controller by the SSB64 community, 2 z buttons are allowed on custom layouts as two exist on this controller. It is also possible to use unofficial adapters to connect other controllers to the Nintendo 64, including keyboards, Gamecube, and X-Box among others.

Super Smash Bros. Controls
Control Stick Move
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B Special moves
C Jump
Z Shield
R Grab
L Taunt
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