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I oppose moving this article to "Frizz / Frizzle / Kafrizz" because in Smash, even though these three moves have some differences, they're all just different levels of charge for the same side special. Plus, I've met plenty of Hero players who look at Hero's specials the same way I do: as Frizz, Whoosh, and Zap "families" of moves. They all have the same term in their name, and have similar effects between each of them. I don't often see people specifically mention "Frizzle" or "Kafrizz", they often just say "fully charged Frizz" or something of the like. Did I mention how absolutely bloated of a name "Frizz / Frizzle / Kafrizz" would be? Do I even have to? Acgamer28A duplicate of CaptainFalconHeadBlueSSBU.png to be used as an addition to my signature. 17:28, June 25, 2020 (EDT)

I stated my opinions through Discord, but there is at least distinction to be argued for in favor of moving, as Frizz, Frizzle, and Kafrizz each have their own identity both here and in the Dragon Quest series. The same can't be said for the Thunder spells from Fire Emblem, as both in Smash and Awakening (and, I believe, other Fire Emblem titles), they aren't separated by Thunder, Elthunder, Arcthunder, and Thoron, but are all instead classified under the Thunder tome. Magic spells in Dragon Quest (and other franchises that take inspiration from Dragon Quest, like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) are separated by name, however.
And even then, each differing level has different properties, attributes, and animations—not just for Frizz, but Zap and Woosh as well—that make it clear that each level is its own thing, rather than your average Charge Shot that just increases in size and power. Even the aforementioned Thunder spells fit under the latter, aside from a small animation after Thoron.
The whole point of me suggesting we showcase all moves equally (outside of moves that are just the same, but slightly different) was because there are moves that are completely different entities from the other moves that are associated with the input. Are Frizz, Frizzle, and Kafrizz 100% completely different? No. But are they all the same? I say no to that too. The same applies to Zap, Zapple, and Kazap, and Woosh, Swoosh, and Kaswoosh. I support moving. Aidan, the Rurouni 17:50, June 25, 2020 (EDT)
I agree with Aidan, supporting per what he's already said. All Frizz parts are very unique in how they're used; Frizz confirms hits from long-range, Frizzle is for zoning and has two projectiles involved, Kafrizz kills you at like 40 and strips you of your poor wayward soul to take you to heaven. The utility is different, as is virtually everything else. Even Hero's animations differ. --PlagueSigImage.pngPlague von KarmaPlagueSigImage.png 13:12, June 28, 2020 (EDT)
Even though I'll really hate how these page titles will look, I suppose I'm more neutral on moving these articles now. There are very large technical differences between them. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Acgamer28 (talkcontribs) 16:45, July 3, 2020)
I support the change. The Move List shows it with that name, so it would make sense to change it accordingly. Thecontributor22 (talk) 08:16, August 26, 2020 (EDT)
Support, on the basis that the proposal is as it's named in-game, and several other moves in the same boat have already been moved. Black Vulpine of the 🦊Furry Nation🐺. Furries make the internets go! :3 21:23, August 29, 2020 (EDT)