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PlagueSigImage.pngPlague von KarmaPlagueSigImage.png
Plague von Karma
Ultimate mains King K. Rool, Terry
SSB4 mains Ryu, Bowser
Brawl mains Bowser, Wolf
Melee mains Bowser, Roy
SSB64 mains Yoshi, Pikachu
Project M main Roy
Skill Other Amateur
Additional info
Location Llandrindod Wells, Powys Wales

Hey, I'm an Ex-Smash Labber! I used to hang around the SmashCords Discords, was previously an administrator in the Terry Discord and Community Organizer in the K. Rool Discord. I also labbed a few other characters sometimes, such as Donkey Kong!

I'm basically the guardian of the King K. Rool page on this website because nobody else is gonna keep that thing up to standard. I also contributed heavily to his moveset pages. I spend time making Overviews on various moveset pages, and providing technical/competitive information move pages.

I'm not going to be editing as often as I used to due to some issues I had on here and in the greater Smash Community. It took a long period of thinking and I realized Ultimate in particular wasn't fun for me anymore. Wound up selling the game in the end. Some may say to separate game and community, but I couldn't play the game without remembering some frankly traumatising experiences. When you've been sexually harassed on three separate occasions, it kinda does that to you!

These days I contribute to RBY 2k20 and Smogon, competitive Pokemon Communities. It was basically my home before I played Smash. Feel free to say hello there.


I used to spend a lot of time looking at scripts, using Ruben's KO Calculator and stuff like that. I find it fun labbing outside of Smash to theorycraft more effectively. Obviously tests in-game are done as well though! Here's my main resource hub. I keep absolutely everything I do on there, although there are links to more lab repos for specific characters among other things, so it can get a bit messy...

I do similar things for Pokemon, especially Generation 1, so you may want to see me on Smogon here.

Mainspaced Articles

and an absolute ton of moveset pages!