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List of armoured attacks (SSBU)

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Snake's Cypher being hit by Pichu's neutral aerial, but armoring through thanks to damage-based armor.

Ultimate distributed armor to a wide range of the cast, particularly damage-based armor, and mostly to heavyweights such as Bowser. It also introduced Belly Super Armor to King K. Rool, furthering its presence in the game. It was also made more varied and fleshed out, with more forms of armor reducing damage or having different functions.

Damage-based Armor[edit]

Character Move Active Armor Frames % Threshold Notes
Bowser Forward tilt 7-9 4% All active 3 frames before the armor comes out, often leading to these being grouped under "tilt armor" by the Bowser playerbase. Lowest threshold in the game.
Up tilt 8-10
Down tilt 7-9
Forward smash 17-21 10% Feet become invincible on Frame 20-26, while the armor is active.
Up smash 11-15 8% Charge Hold being Frame 10 means the armor comes out immediately upon release. Shell becomes invincible from Frame 14-27.
Down smash 5-11 Charge Hold is Frame 5, but it's coded to hold back the armor should the smash attack be held.
Bowser Jr. Clown Kart Dash 20- 7% Only for the Clown Kart Hurtbox. Lasts until Jr either jumps or swerves.
Byleth Aymr 34-63 30% Does not apply in the air, unless Byleth touches the ground prior to Frame 34. Highest in the game.
Captain Falcon Raptor Boost 1-4 (Attack) 10% Proximity detection on Raptor Boost begins Frame 10, in which the armor can begin from that point so long as an opponent is in range.
Charizard Flare Blitz 23-53 15% Deals 5% in recoil damage, as well as an additional 5% on hit.
Dr. Mario Dr. Tornado 5-9 10% Grounded version only. Is not active at the same time as the hitboxes.
Hero Kazap 50-71 15% Requires 42 MP. Armor dissappears at the same time as the last hit, leaving Hero extremely vunerable if whiffed, as the FAF is 127.
Incineroar Alolan Whip 1-42 (Back Body Drop) 11.99% Active until the end of the animation itself, past the FAF.
1-58 (Lariat) Active past the FAF of 47, meaning that leaving the animation alone for a period of time can keep it active.
1-4 (Failure) No practical use.
Cross Chop 4-15 Given this can be used out of shield with no lockout, the armor allows Incineroar to "dodge" potential mixups involving weaker attacks.
King Dedede Jet Hammer 1-14 14% Applies on release of Jet Hammer regardless of charge, grounded only. However, as it is tied to the animation, it can be used offstage through windboxes.
King K. Rool Crownerang 6-63 12% Not to be confused with Belly Super Armor. FAF is 64, leaving a frame where the armor is not active. Was 6% prior to version 8.0.0.
Kirby Stone 19-? 25% Can be canceled early.
Ken Focus Attack 1-20 (Charge), 1-11 (On release) 14-28% Armor ends a frame later for Ken than Ryu. Armor threshold increases by 0.24% per frame before capping out. [1]
Little Mac Straight Lunge 1- 8% Only move with damage-based armor that can be cancelled with shield. Armor being Frame 1 makes it a niche combo escape option.
1- 14% Increased armor over the charge, ending once the hitbox ends, and also applying in the air.
Mii Brawler Suplex - 11.99% Begins as soon as the opponent is grabbed; ends when the opponent is launched
Piranha Plant Long-Stem Strike 18-86 15% (Charging), 12% (Release, covers neck) Known as "Pot Armor" by the Piranha Plant playerbase. Can be released at any point, with a proximity detector from Frame 19. Hitbox comes out from Frame 1-2 (with intangibility on the head) once an opponent comes into range, or if B is pushed early. 0.8× damage received while armor is active. Upon release, the armor reduces to 12%.
Ryu Focus Attack 1-20 (Charge), 1-10 (On release) 14-28% Armor lasts a frame shorter than Ken's overall. Armor threshold increases by 0.24% per frame before capping out. [2]
Snake Cypher 7-94 8% Cypher can also be destroyed in Ultimate, having 13 HP. If it isn't destroyed, Cypher gains a hitbox dealing 6% until it goes off-screen. Snake does not become helpless in either case, but does suffer hitstun.
Terry Buster Wolf 1-15 8% Only usable from 100%+, or 30% of HP in Stamina.
Power Geyser 1-14 5%

Knockback-based Armor[edit]

Character Move Active Armor Frames KB Threshold Notes
Bowser Tough Guy Passive 19 KB Passive fighter ability.
Donkey Kong Kong Karry 1-15 16 KB Applies instead of throw invincibility when beginning a throw as well, until throw release.
Wario Wario Bike 1- 20 KB Wario only. The bike has 18 HP, and is unaffected by the 1v1 multiplier. If a move is armored, Wario will enter the dismount animation.
Yoshi Midair jump 1- 150 KB Classified as a fighter ability.

Super Armor[edit]

Character Move Active Armor Frames Notes
All characters Home-Run Bat 41-56
Ore Club 13~ Lasts during charge and attack; ceases when the hitbox ends
Charizard Fly 4-15
Chrom Soaring Slash 10-30
Donkey Kong Giant Punch 11-20 (Grounded), 17-20 (Aerial) Only when fully charged.
Headbutt 5-14 Lasts until hitbox comes out.
Spinning Kong 5-17 Arm intangibility frames 19-24. Grounded version only.
Dark Pit Electroshock Arm 11-26 Proximity detection begins frame 16-35 on the ground, 19-35 in the air. Identical to Pit's.
Ganondorf Warlock Punch 11-67 (Default), 21-75 (Reverse) Does not apply in the air.
Flame Choke 17-40 (successful grab) Grounded version.
Giga Bowser Passive --
Ike Eruption 6-10 On release, from mid to full charge only. Takes recoil damage at full charge.
Aether 4-21 Active until Hit 2's hitboxes terminate.
King Dedede Super Dedede Jump 22-34, 69-76 Invincible on frames 18-24, legs are intangible from frame 69 until landing.
Kirby Hammer Flip 1-17 Full charge and grounded only.
Little Mac Forward smash 8-15 (High/Mid angle), 9-15 (Low angle) Charge Hold is frame 4. Boosted damage when hit during the attack.
Up smash 8-13 Charge Hold is frame 6. Boosted damage when hit during the attack.
Down smash 7-10, 15-17 Charge Hold is frame 5. Boosted damage when hit during the attack.
KO Uppercut 8-9 Requires a filled Power Meter to use. Lost if sent into tumble after 4 seconds of obtaining it.
Mii Brawler Exploding Side Kick 40-52 (Ground & Aerial), 48-54 (Reversed Ground & Aerial) Armor duration for reversed based on earliest reversal
Olimar Pikmin Order 2-7 Pikmin are sorted on frame 2.
Pac-Man Power Pellet 1-8 Begins as soon as Pac-Man begins to eat the Power Pellet.
Pit Upperdash Arm 11-26 Proximity detection begins frame 16-35 on the ground, 19-35 in the air.
Roy Blazer 4-10 Can be angled from frame 9.
Wario Wario Waft 5-10 Requires full charge.

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