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Rage Drive

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Rage Drive
Kazuya Rage Drive SSBU.gif
Rage Drive in Ultimate, executed via the command input.
User Kazuya
Universe Tekken

The Rage Drive (レイジドライブ, Rage Drive) is a special move accessible to Kazuya when he is under the effects of Rage (レィジ状態, Rage Mode).


When under the effects of Rage and grounded, Kazuya can use his Rage Drive. If attempted in the air, Kazuya will use Heaven's Door instead. In effect, Rage Drive is a more powerful variation of Heaven's Door, which will fittingly trigger Special Zoom. Additionally, it also uses super armor on frames 5-12, rather than the 10% damage-based armor. While somewhat similar to Terry's Super Special Moves, Rage Drive can only be used once per stock and will end Rage thereafter.

There are three ways to use Rage Drive: grabbing the opponent (except through Gates of Hell), using Heaven's Door while grounded, or a command input (→ ↓ ↘ + held attack or special button). However, it is possible to perform throws normally without triggering Rage Drive by directly buffering them out of the grab; doing this will not deplete Rage. The command input version is significantly stronger than a normal Rage Drive. Because it is performed by holding the attack button, it is impossible to use Dragon Uppercut during Rage; however, it is still possible to perform Spinning Demon to Left Hook by tapping the special button for less than 5 frames. Like the moves it replaces, the command Rage Drive can be inputted out of a Crouch Dash, making it a powerful approach tool.


Kazuya performing Rage Drive into Heaven's Door.

Rage Drives were introduced in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution as one of the abilities characters can only use while in Rage. These attacks are essentially powerful modified versions of regular moves, often with higher damage and better properties. Rage Drives generally open up combo opportunities and/or allow the player to apply pressure to the opponent; in Kazuya's case, his Rage Drive turns Dragon Uppercut into Heaven's Door and transforms Kazuya into Devil Kazuya for the remainder of the round if the attack lands and he is holding ↗. Even when blocked, he still has frame advantage. Like with Rage Arts, its sister mechanic, only one Rage Drive can be used per round, as using it instantly removes Rage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese レイジドライブ, Rage Drive
UK English Rage Drive
France French Rage Drive
Germany German Rage Drive
Spain Spanish Rage Drive
Italy Italian Rage Drive
China Chinese Rage Drive
South Korea Korean Rage Drive
Netherlands Dutch Rage Drive
Russia Russian Выплеск ярости