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Spinning Demon to Left Hook

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Spinning Demon to Left Hook
Kazuya SDtLH SSBU.gif
Spinning Demon to Left Hook in Ultimate.
User Kazuya
Universe Tekken

Spinning Demon to Left Hook (奈落旋風, Abyss Whirlwind) is one of several Command-input moves exclusive to Kazuya.


To execute the move, the player must perform a → ↓ ↘ + special move input. This attack can only be activated with the special move button. If done successfully, Kazuya executes a low sweeping kick followed by a hook from his left hand. During this move, he has brief intangibility, making it useful for approach and pressure when factoring in a Crouch Dash. Because of the delayed second hit, against inexperienced players, it's not uncommon to see it mix up out of shield options. It's also excellent for ending combos as a result of its high KO potential, most commonly out of down tilt.

During the Rage status, the move can only be performed by tapping the special button for 5 frames or less; otherwise, it will turn into the command version of Rage Drive.


Kazuya performing Spinning Demon in Tekken 7.

Spinning Demon — also known as "Devil Spin" and colloquially referred to as a "hellsweep" — is a staple move in Mishima-style fighting karate, and is available to all Mishima family members and Angel in the Tekken series, although Jin Kazama only uses it in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament. The Spinning Demon is typically performed with →, ↓, ↘ + 4 and finishes with 1 to add a left hook, though other characters have slightly different activation methods depending on the game. How many spins also varies with each user, though. Kazuya follows up with left hook in Smash to match his optimal follow-up in Tekken 5 onwards, though this normally comes after a second hellsweep. Heihachi Mishima is the most well-known user of Spinning Demon, being the first user in the series; he is capable of chaining 3 of them and following up with Dragon Uppercut or Tsunami Kick.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 奈落旋風
UK English Spinning Demon to Left Hook
France French Spinning Demon to Left Hook
Germany German Spinning Demon to Left Hook
Spain Spanish Spinning Demon to Left Hook
Italy Italian Spinning Demon to Left Hook
China Chinese Spinning Demon to Left Hook
South Korea Korean Spinning Demon to Left Hook
Netherlands Dutch Draaidemon naar Linkerhoekstoot
Russia Russian Демонический разворот и левый хук