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Dragon Uppercut

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Dragon Uppercut
Kazuya Dragon Uppercut SSBU.gif
Dragon Uppercut in Ultimate.
User Kazuya
Universe Tekken

Dragon Uppercut is one of several Command Input Special Moves exclusive to Kazuya.

How to perform[edit]

The player must execute a → ↓ ↘ + hold the attack button, in which it will be used out of a Crouch Dash. Holding the button is key, as simply tapping the attack button will result in a Wind God Fist instead. If done successfully, he does an electrified jumping uppercut with his left hand with very high knockback. Dragon Uppercut is notably one of Kazuya's few ways to reliably hit characters on the ledge, making it a strong anti-ledgecamping tool.

This move is impossible to do when Rage is active, as performing this attack during that window will result in Rage Drive instead.


Kazuya performing Dragon Uppercut in Tekken 2.

Dragon Uppercut, called Thunder God Fist (雷神拳 Raijinken) in Japanese, has been in Tekken since its inception and is used by every character that does Mishima-style fighting karate, though characters like Armor King have also used it. Like in Smash, the move is quite slow and is generally not used often due to better options. Kazuya's Rage Drive is a variation of this attack that follows up with Heaven's Door. Heihachi Mishima has a stronger version known as the Omen Thunder God Fist that has existed since Tekken 4, and can also use it as a Spinning Demon follow-up. When Kazuya transforms into Devil in Tekken 7, he can also use the move as a follow-up to Spinning Demon. Both Devil and Devil Jin can extend the move into Heaven's Door.

Dragon Uppercut deals a large amount of damage in older Tekken games, with Kazuya's version having clean hit properties that increase the move's power by 50% from Tekken 2 to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 雷神拳, Thunder God Fist
UK English Dragon Uppercut
France French Dragon Uppercut
Germany German Dragon Uppercut
Italy Italian Dragon Uppercut
Spain Spanish Dragon Uppercut
China Chinese Dragon Uppercut
South Korea Korean Dragon Uppercut
Netherlands Dutch Drakenuppercut
Russia Russian Драконов апперкот