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Wind God Fist

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Wind God Fist
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Wind God Fist and Electric Wind God Fist in Ultimate.
User Kazuya
Universe Tekken

Wind God Fist (風神拳, Wind God Fist) is one of several command-input moves exclusive to Kazuya.

How to perform[edit]

To execute, the player must perform a → ↓ ↘ + tap attack input within a 12 frame window starting on the → input. If done correctly, Kazuya will perform a powerful uppercut that will send the opponent flying. The launch angle makes it useful for setting up platform tech chases, though it is strictly outclassed by Electric Wind God Fist outside of this.

Electric Wind God Fist[edit]

A chart of valid and invalid inputs for EWGF.

Electric Wind God Fist (最速風神拳, Fastest Wind God Fist) is a more difficult to perform variant of Wind God Fist. If the attack input is performed the frame before, on, or after the ↘ input (as long as ↘ is still held), the uppercut will have an electric effect and paralyze the opponent before launching them, while also being safe on block. However, the move will not paralyze the opponent if EWGF is successfully inputted more than once on an airborne opponent. When hitting shield, the opponent will either momentarily trip or go into a recoil animation. While being difficult to perform due to the timing, the reward is large, allowing for much more effective combos and confirms into attacks like up smash. Since it is performed out of a Crouch Dash, Electric Wind God Fist is an excellent, safe approach tool with massive reward on hit.


Kazuya executing the Electric Wind God Fist in Tekken 5.

The Rising Uppercut, AKA the Wind God Fist has been in Tekken since its inception and has been a staple move in Mishima-style fighting karate, and thus all the Mishima family members. The move is typically performed with →, ↓, ↘ + 2 for Kazuya, though other characters have slightly different activation methods depending on the game. The electric variant, originally introduced as a hidden move for Jin Kazama in Tekken 3 and later extended to other "Mishimas", is considered to be among the most iconic moves in the franchise and traditional fighting games as a whole. The original Wind God Fist is generally considered to be training wheels prior to learning the Electric Wind God Fist as a result of its inferior properties. In Tekken 4 onwards, the Electric Wind God Fist is a "just frame" attack, only having a 1-frame window with no buffering available.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 風神拳, Wind God Fist
UK English Wind God Fist
France French Wind God Fist
Germany German Wind God Fist
Spain Spanish Wind God Fist
Italy Italian Wind God Fist
China Chinese Wind God Fist
South Korea Korean Wind God Fist
Netherlands Dutch Windgodsvuist
Russia Russian Кулак бога ветра