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Gates of Hell

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Gates of Hell
Kazuya Gates of Hell SSBU.gif
Gates of Hell in Ultimate.
User Kazuya
Universe Tekken

Gates of Hell (地獄門, Hell Gate) is a command grab and one of several Command-input moves exclusive to Kazuya.

How to perform[edit]

Within grab range, the player must perform ↘ ↓ ↘ + grab input. If done correctly, Kazuya's arms will glow red prior to the grab as a sign that the input was successful. Despite requiring a grab input to be used, because the input is tied to the A part of R+A — the macro a grab button input uses — Gates of Hell cannot be used out of shield. If Gates of Hell connects, like Kazuya's other throws, a special camera angle activates in 1-on-1 battles.

During the throw, Kazuya will force the opponent to the other side of him, bend them back, and kick them away, making it a useful tool when cornered to reverse the situation. It's the most damaging throw in the game, beating out King K. Rool's up throw, making it a powerful tool for bringing opponents into KO range. However, its follow-up potential on its own is negligible, and an opponent teching it on-stage makes it negative on hit at lower percentages. Thus, in the time after the throw is used, the Kazuya player should primarily aim to gain stage control. The knockback angle is extremely steep, gimping characters with poor recoveries — such as Chrom or Dr. Mario — at high percentages on its own. Outside of this, it remains a strong kill throw in its own right, though the requirement to be cornered makes situations where it does so rarer than it initially seems.


Kazuya performing Gates of Hell in Tekken 5.

Gates of Hell originated in Tekken 5 as an exclusive command throw for Kazuya and has been a staple in his kit ever since. The move is typically performed by starting in a crouch position, then ↘, ↓, ↘ + 1 + 2. The throw deals relatively high damage, though not quite on the level of grapplers like King II's Giant Swing. It's normally used as a surprise option in high-level play.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 地獄門
UK English Gates of Hell
France French Gates of Hell
Germany German Gates of Hell
Spain Spanish Gates of Hell
Italy Italian Gates of Hell
China Chinese Gates of Hell
South Korea Korean Gates of Hell
Netherlands Dutch Hellepoort
Russia Russian Врата в преисподнюю


  • This is the second throw in the game to have the word "Hell" in its name. The first is Hell Wheel, Ken's back throw.
    • It is also the third move in general to have the word, the first being Hell Wheel, as above, and the second being Hell's Gate, Sephiroth's down aerial.
      • Unlike the others, Gates of Hell is actually referred to as such in Kazuya's in-game moveset guide, whereas the other two are only known as such in the tips.