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MP Gauge

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The Hero's MP Gauge as shown by the Move List in Ultimate.

The MP Gauge is one of Hero's fighter abilities.


The MP Gauge is a blue bar that appears over Hero's damage meter, displaying the amount of MP he currently has at his disposal. The maximum amount of MP available (and also the amount of MP Hero starts each stock with) is 100. Each of Hero's special moves consumes a certain amount of MP and cannot be cast if the current amount is too low. The amount of depleted MP will appear as a green bar inside the gauge. The gauge will refill as time passes, at the rate of one point every second, or by damaging opponents with regular attacks, with an amount of MP recovered equal to 0.8× the attack's base damage, or damage dealt to shield. Hero can also recover all of his MP instantly through one of the options from the luck-based Hocus Pocus spell. The gauge refilling will be paused if Hero has the Command Selection window open.

If Kirby Inhales Hero he will also gain a fully functional gauge to use with Frizz; unlike other similar meters that can be copied by Kirby, the MP gauge can be refilled and doesn't force Kirby to discard the ability once it's depleted, therefore functioning identically to Hero's own gauge.

MP Costs[edit]

Move MP Cost
Frizz 6
Frizzle 16
Kafrizz 36
Zap 8
Zapple 18
Kazap 42
Woosh 5
Swoosh 9
Kaswoosh 18

Command Selection spells[edit]

Spell MP Cost
Sizz 8
Sizzle 20
Bang 9
Kaboom 37
Snooze 16
Flame Slash 12
Kacrackle Slash 11
Metal Slash 6
Hatchet Man 15
Whack 10
Thwack 30
Magic Burst All
Kamikazee 1
Psyche Up 14
Oomph 16
Acceleratle 13
Kaclang 6
Bounce 14
Heal 7
Zoom 8
Hocus Pocus 4

MP Gain on Hit or Shield (Hero)[edit]

Hero will gain MP equal to 0.8× the base damage or shield damage dealt rounded up to the nearest interger[1]. Given shields take 1.19× the damage, Hero will gain more MP for hitting shield. However, no multiplier will affect how much MP is gained outside of this. As such, charged smashes, stale-move negation's freshness multiplier and using Oomph or Psyche Up to increase damage will not affect MP gain. Given critical hits are their own hitboxes, these will increase MP gain. Due to their shield damage reductions, however, they will give less MP on shield.

Move MP gain on hit MP gain on shield
Neutral attack (Hit 1) 2.4 2.856
Neutral attack (Hit 2) 2.4 2.856
Neutral attack (Hit 3) 3.2 3.808
Dash attack (blade) 12 14.28
Dash attack (body) 10.4 12.376
Forward tilt (Hit 1) 4 4.76
Forward tilt (Hit 2) 6.4 7.616
Up tilt (blade) 8.8 10.472
Up tilt (body) 7.2 8.568
Down tilt 5.6 6.664
Forward smash (blade) 14.4 17.136
Forward smash (body) 12.8 15.232
Forward smash (blade, critical hit) 28.8 19.872
Forward smash (body, critical hit) 25.6 16.064
Up smash (blade) 12.8 15.232
Up smash (body) 11.2 13.328
Up smash (blade, critical hit) 25.6 19.264
Up smash (body, critical hit) 22.4 15.456
Down smash (blade) 10.4 12.376
Down smash (body) 8.8 10.472
Down smash (blade, critical hit) 20.8 14.352
Down smash (body, critical hit) 17.6 12.144
Neutral aerial 7.2 8.568
Forward aerial (blade) 9.6 11.424
Forward aerial (body) 8 9.52
Back aerial (blade) 11.2 13.328
Back aerial (body) 9.6 11.424
Up aerial 5.6 6.664
Down aerial (clean) 12.8 15.232
Down aerial (late) 8 9.52
Pummel 1.04 1.2376
Forward throw 5.6
Back throw 7.2
Up throw 5.6
Down throw 4.8
Floor attack (front) 5.6 6.664
Floor attack (back) 5.6 6.664
Floor attack (trip) 4 4.76
Edge attack 7.2 8.568

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List HeroHeadSSBU.png Special moves use MP. The MP you need for each move varies. If you don't have enough, you cannot use the move. You can recover MP by attacking opponents or waiting until your MP regenerates over time.


MP (Magic Points) are a mechanic from the Dragon Quest series. They determine how much mana a character can expend to cast spells. Each spell deducts from this pool at a set rate, and cannot be cast if the amount of MP is too low. MP can generally be restored by using particular healing items, but certain equippable weapons and gear and learnable abilities allow MP to be recovered through alternate methods, such as hitting opponents in battle or regenerating it over time, in a manner similar to how MP replenishes in Smash.

The design of the MP Gauge is based off of its appearance in Dragon Quest XI.