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Winged Form

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Sephiroth possesses a unique fighter ability where he unfurls his single black wing (which takes on a purple glow) and enters his Winged Form while announcing 身の程を知れ ("Know your place") or 目障りだ ("Annoying" or "Pathetic"). Once Sephiroth's Winged Form is active, he gains a variety of benefits, including a third jump, damage-based armor on all his smash attacks that resists up to 20%, and a wide variety of stat buffs detailed in the table below. Sephiroth loses the form after being KO'd or through a system of points; typically, Sephiroth will lose his wing upon KOing an opponent, though this varies based on this point system. Once Sephiroth loses his Winged Form, he won't be able to regain it back until he gets KO'd.

Point system[edit]

The conditions for the activation of Winged Form in an 1v1 match with three stocks, top to bottom from two stocks ahead to two stocks behind.

As stated by Masahiro Sakurai, Winged Form activates when Sephiroth is "in danger"; specifically, Sephiroth's danger status is determined not only by his current damage percentage, but also the overall state of the match; If he has a stock or score advantage, his Winged Form will activate at later percents, and if he has a stock or score disadvantage, his Winged Form will activate at earlier percents.

For example:

  • If Sephiroth has 3 stocks while his opponent has 1, Winged Form activates at ~90% damage.
  • If he has 1 stock while his opponent has 3, Winged Form activates at ~39% damage.
  • If he has an equal amount of stocks as his opponent, Winged Form activates at ~65% damage.

For deactivation, Winged Form follows a system of points. A set amounts of points is granted to Sephiroth upon activation depending on the stock difference (50, 65, 90, 100, 110, from two stocks ahead to two stocks behind). It is then detracted from him depending on the following conditions:

  • If Sephiroth takes a stock, he will lose 50 points. These points won't be detracted if the opponent self-destructs.
  • An amount of points equivalent to 0.3 (0.15 in doubles) * base damage will be detracted when Sephiroth attacks. The damage calculation will ignore any multiplier, such as the 1v1 multiplier, Winged Form's own multipliers or stale-move negation.
  • The maximum amount of points is updated dynamically based on the score difference. Should Sephiroth's accumulated lost points exceed the new maximum, Winged Form will be deactivated immediately.

Stat Buffs[edit]

Stat buff Multiplier
Damage output ×1.3
Walk acceleration ×1.15
Walk speed ×1.15
Initial Dash speed ×1.2
Dash acceleration ×1.2
Dash speed ×1.25
Traction ×1.3
Air acceleration (base) ×1.15
Air acceleration (additional) ×1.1
Air speed ×1.2
Air friction ×1.05
Gravity ×1.03
Fall speed ×1.05
Smash attack Armor frames
Forward smash 10-23
Up smash 14-22
Down smash 10-20


Sephiroth's black wing in Advent Children.

Winged Form is an allusion to his "Safer∙Sephiroth" form and his "One-Winged Angel" theme to symbolize his Fallen Hero status. Sephiroth's black wing first appeared in Kingdom Hearts and it later made appearances in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake as well as the fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy, where it appears as Reunion, his EX mode. The staff of Crisis Core stated that the reason why the wing was black was to suggest evil[1].

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