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Min Min (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 (tapped)
Neutral special 1 (tapped)
Kung Fu Combo MinMinJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 (tapped)
Neutral special 2 (tapped)
Kung Fu Combo MinMinJab2.gif
Neutral attack 3 (tapped)
Neutral special 3 (tapped)
Kung Fu Combo MinMinJab3.gif
Neutral attack rapid (tapped)
Neutral special rapid (tapped)
Kung Fu Combo MinMinRapidJab.gif
Neutral attack rapid finisher (tapped)
Neutral special rapid finisher (tapped)
Kung Fu Combo MinMinRapidJabFinisher.gif
Jab (held)
Forward tilt
Neutral special
Side special (Dragon)
Punch MinMinJabFTiltDragon.gif
Jab (held)
Forward tilt (Power Dragon)
Punch MinMinJabFTiltPowerDragon.gif
Neutral special
Side special (Ramram)
Punch MinMinNSpecialSSpecialRamram.gif
Neutral special
Side special (Megawatt)
Punch MinMinNSpecialSSpecialMegawatt.gif
Up tilt Wheel Kick MinMinUTilt.gif
Down tilt Slide MinMinDTilt.gif
Dash attck Jumping Kick MinMinDashAttack.gif
Forward smash
Side special (smash) (Dragon)
Punch MinMinFSmashDragon.gif
Forward smash
Side special (smash) (Dragon, charged)
Punch MinMinFSmashDragonCharged.gif
Forward smash
Side special (smash)
Forward aerial (smash)
Back aerial (smash) (Dragon beam)
Punch MinMinFSmashDragonBeam.png
Forward smash
Side special (smash)
Forward aerial (smash)
Back aerial (smash) (Dragon beam detect)
Punch MinMinFSmashDragonBeamDetect.png
Forward smash
Forward aerial (smash)
Back aerial (smash) (Power Dragon)
Punch MinMinFSmashDragonCharged.gif
Forward smash
Forward aerial (smash)
Back aerial (smash) (Power Dragon beam)
Punch MinMinFSmashPowerDragonBeam.png
Forward smash
Forward aerial (smash)
Back aerial (smash) (Power Dragon beam detect)
Punch MinMinFSmashPowerDragonBeamDetect.png
Side special (smash) (Ramram) Punch MinMinSSpecialSmashRamram.gif
Side special (smash) (Ramram, charged) Punch MinMinSSpecialSmashChargedRamram.gif
Side special (smash) (Megawatt) Punch MinMinSSpecialSmashMegawatt.gif
Side special (smash) (Megawatt, charged) Punch MinMinSSpecialSmashChargedMegawatt.gif
Up smash Somersault Kick MinMinUSmash.gif
Down smash Two-Way Kick MinMinDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial Punch MinMinNAirDragon.gif
Neutral aerial (Power Dragon) Punch MinMinNAirPowerDragon.gif
Neutral special (aerial) (Dragon) Punch MinMinNSpecialAerialDragon.gif
Neutral special (aerial) (Ramram) Punch MinMinNSpecialAerialRamram.gif
Neutral special (aerial) (Megawatt) Punch MinMinNSpecialAerialMegawatt.gif
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Side special (aerial) (Dragon)
Punch MinMinFAirBAirDragon.gif
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Side special (aerial) (Dragon, smash)
Punch MinMinFAirBAirSmashDragon.gif
Forward aerial
Back aerial (Power Dragon)
Punch MinMinFAirBAirPowerDragon.gif
Forward aerial
Back aerial (Power Dragon, smash)
Punch MinMinFairBAirSmashPowerDragon.gif
Side special (aerial) (Ramram) Punch MinMinSSpecialAerialRamram.gif
Side special (aerial) (Ramram, smash) Punch MinMinSSpecialAerialSmashRamram.gif
Side special (aerial) (Megawatt) Punch MinMinSSpecialAerialMegawatt.gif
Side special (aerial) (Megawatt, smash) Punch MinMinSSpecialAerialSmashMegawatt.gif
Up aerial Midair Somersault Kick MinMinUAir.gif
Down aerial Dive Kick MinMinDAir.gif
Down aerial (landing) Dive Kick MinMinDAirLanding.gif
Up special (grounded) ARMS Jump (unavailable)
Up special (Dragon, grounded) ARM Hook MinMinUSpecialGroundedDragon.gif
Up special (Dragon, aerial) ARM Hook MinMinUSpecialAerialDragon.gif
Up special (Power Dragon, grounded) ARM Hook MinMinUSpecialGroundedPowerDragon.gif
Up special (Power Dragon, aerial) ARM Hook MinMinUSpecialAerialPowerDragon.gif
Grab MinMinGrab.gif
Dash grab MinMinDashGrab.gif
Pivot grab MinMinPivotGrab.gif
Forward throw MinMinFThrow.gif
Back throw MinMinBThrow.gif
Up throw MinMinUThrow.gif
Down throw MinMinDThrow.gif
Getup attack front MinMinGetupAttackFront.gif
Getup attack back MinMinGetupAttackBack.gif
Getup attack trip MinMinTripAttack.gif
Ledge attack MinMinLedgeAttack.gif