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Hero using Woosh, Swoosh, and Kaswoosh
User Hero
Universe Dragon Quest
Article on Dragon Quest Wiki Woosh
Summons a tornado to lift you upward. The wind will cut through surrounding enemies. You can rise up higher when charged.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Woosh (バギ, Bagi) is the Hero's up special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Hero's side special in Ultimate.


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Much like Frizz and Zap, this move is a charge special. Using it normally has the Hero use Woosh (costing 5 MP), which sends him upwards a short distance, with a tornado appearing under him. It can be charged into Swoosh (バギマ, Bagima) (9 MP), which launches him further, and a larger tornado appearing underneath him, spinning around to cover distance, and it can be further charged into Kaswoosh (バギクロス, Bagicross) (18 MP), which launches him even further, with two larger tornadoes appearing underneath him, spinning around each other.

The Woosh spells have essentially no horizontal recovery; combined with the Hero's already lackluster air speed, this makes all the recoveries from Woosh inferior when recovering from anywhere other than directly below a stage.

The tornadoes themselves will hurt opponents, juggling them for damage before launching them skyward. They are considered projectiles, meaning they can be reflected. However, the tornadoes won't go anywhere, but their hitboxes will now belong to the player who reflected them, damaging Hero.


The Princess of Moonbrooke using Woosh in the Super Famicon version of Dragon Quest II.

The Woosh line of spells made their debut in Dragon Quest II. The spells use the element of wind. Swoosh and Kaswoosh are the stronger variations that are learned at higher levels introduced in Dragon Quest III. In Smash, the moves are mainly based on the Dragon Quest XI versions.