Plasma Breath

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Plasma Breath
Ridley Neutral B SSBU.gif
Ridley charging and firing the attack in Ultimate.
User Ridley
Universe Metroid
Spits out balls of plasma in a curve. Can be charged to shoot a stream of plasma balls.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Plasma Breath (リドリーブレス, Ridley Breath) is Ridley's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Pressing the special move button makes Ridley rear back and charge plasma in his mouth. He releases a stream of fireballs that bounce on the ground after either holding the button long enough or releasing it. The number of fireballs that Ridley releases, which range from a single orb up to five, depends on the duration the button is held. If the move is completely charged, the fireballs will make a distinctive sound, different from the one heard when Ridley spits four orbs or fewer. The move has a long startup, but it charges fully sooner than other charged projectiles, and deals a large amount of damage if all fireballs connect.

While charging, Ridley has a special hurtbox on his mouth. Should he be hit by an attack with hitstun, the plasma will explode in his mouth, dealing extra damage to himself and leaving him momentarily stunned. Ridley will take no knockback, however.


Ridley spitting fireballs at Samus in Metroid.

Ridley has had the ability to spew fire in nearly every one of his appearances, though the move in Ultimate specifically hearkens back to its functionality from the first Metroid game, where he spits several fireballs in succession and they bounce along the floor, forcing Samus to carefully dodge them or freeze them to avoid damage.

In the Metroid Prime series, Meta Ridley gains a weak point in his mouth. Whenever he opens it, either to roar or to charge and fire a plasma attack, and the player shoots at it enough, he either becomes dazed and open for attack (in Metroid Prime and as Omega Ridley in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) or takes damage (as Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime 3). Both of these effects are reflected in Smash.



  • Its Japanese name, Ridley Breath, is similar to Fire Breath's, Koopa Breath, in that it bears the name of its user and the word "breath".