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Splat Bomb

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Splat Bomb
Inkling Down B SSBU.gif
Inkling using the Splat Bomb
User Inkling
Universe Splatoon
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Splat Bomb (スプラッシュボム, Splash Bomb) is Inkling's down special move.


Upon use, Inkling throws a pyramid shaped bomb forward that will explode and damage enemies in its radius. The distance and arc of the Bomb's trajectory is determined by the length of the button press: a short press will lob it a short distance, while a held press will toss in a lower arc for a further distance. If the bomb touches an attacker upon activation/throwing animation, then it explodes upon impact. The Bomb detonates a set time after being thrown, and will bounce off enemies and the ground while this timer ticks down. If the ink tank is below the labeled meter, Inkling will instead look down at the ink tank worriedly, vulnerable for attacks, and if it's empty, Inkling will recharge ink.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List InklingHeadSSBU.png Throws a Splat Bomb, which explodes when it hits or after time passes. Holding the button tosses it farther.


An Inkling throwing a Splat Bomb, followed by it exploding, in Splatoon.

Splat Bombs are sub weapons within Splatoon and Splatoon 2. The player can use it at any point with one of the shoulder buttons, if they have enough ink. Splat Bombs (and other sub weapons) use up a set amount of ink. However, located on the Inklings' ink tank is an arrow that determines how much ink they need in order to use their sub weapon (in Splatoon 2, the arrow can also be seen in squid form via the ink tank icon); this arrow carries over into Smash Bros., as it can be seen on their ink meter and ink tank. Unlike in Smash Bros., Splat Bombs detonate a set time after touching the ground, and consume significantly more ink at roughly 70% of a full tank. This difference is shown on both the Splatoon series and the Super Smash Bros. series amiibo, with the arrow being adjusted accordingly for both series’ usage of the Splat Bomb. Like most of the Inkling's other specials, its coloration is based on its appearance in the original Splatoon. In Smash, the Inklings, despite using the Splattershot, can still throw the Splat Bombs, which they couldn't throw in the Splatoon games if the Splattershot was in use.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese スプラッシュボム, Splash Bomb
UK English Splat Bomb
France French Bombe splash
Germany German Klecks-Bombe
Spain Spanish (PAL) Bomba básica
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Plasbomba
Italy Italian Bomba splash
China Chinese (Simplified) Splat炸弹
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) Splat炸彈
South Korea Korean 스플래시 봄, Splash Bomb
Netherlands Dutch Klodderbom
Russia Russian Брызгающая бомба