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Lloid Rocket

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Lloid Rocket
Villager Side B SSBU.gif
Villager using Lloid Rocket in Ultimate.
User Villager
Universe Animal Crossing
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The Lloid Rocket (ハニワくんロケット, Haniwa-kun Rocket) is Villager's side special move.


Villager firing Lloid

If the special move button is tapped, Villager will pull out Lloid from their pocket and release him on the battlefield. Lloid will ignite himself, and fly forwards like a rocket. He will explode on contact with an opponent or obstacle, dealing 7% damage. If he travels a little less than the length of Final Destination without hitting anything, he will slow down to a stop and explode by himself. If he hits an opponent while slowing down, he will deal only 5% damage. Lloid does not have a hitbox during the delay before he starts moving, so it is possible for opponents to run through him and punish Villager for using the move.

If the special button is held, however, the move can serve as a recovery: after pulling Lloid out, Villager jumps on him and rides him across the stage. While on Lloid, Villager can adjust the speed of flight with the control stick, and can also jump off at any time. If Villager jumps off, rides into a wall or rides until Lloid explodes automatically, they will become helpless. However, if they ride Lloid into an opponent or anything else with a hurtbox (such as a crate), he will bounce upward and not become helpless. Lloid is also much more powerful when ridden, dealing 16% damage with strong knockback that can KO at 120%.

Lloid can be reflected or destroyed even when Villager is riding him, which will shut down recovery attempts; worse, if the former occurs, the Lloid may even explode on the Villager if they don't dismount him in time, dealing damage that may easily lead to a possible self-destruct at high damage percentages.

This move also immediately negates Villager's momentum, against both horizontal and vertical knock back when used, a property that is useful in and of itself; it can throw off opponents' attempts to juggle or edgeguard Villager, and if used immediately out of hitstun can even allow Villager to survive hits that would otherwise KO. In Smash 4, Lloid Rocket is one of three special moves in the game that can completely negate momentum, the others being Donkey Kong's Spinning Kong and Yoshi's Egg Roll.

Only one rocket per Villager can be on stage at any time: when the move is attempted again after Lloid has ignited, Villager will perform the animation again, but it will have no effect (including on momentum).

Although Lloid's attack resembles an explosion, the attack does not have the special properties that other explosive attacks have; Lloid will not automatically detonate Blast Boxes, expand Hotheads, or deal extra damage to fire-vulnerable Smash Run enemies.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout VillagerHeadSSB4-3.png Launch Lloid sideways. Hold down B to ride Lloid.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List VillagerHeadSSBU.png Fires Lloid forward like a rocket. Lloid can be ridden if the button is held.


Lloid Stalling[edit]

Lloid Stalling is a trick Villager can use that consists of him constantly pulling out Lloids and having them hit the wall they are facing, letting them pull one out again the moment it explodes. When Villager uses Lloid Rocket in midair, they completely stop while setting Lloid in front. Since only one Lloid (per Villager) can be out at a time, and crashing into a wall instantly destroys him, Villager is essentially floating, though they will still fall at a very slow rate. This can be abused off-stage to avoid falling Bob-ombs in Sudden Death or waiting out certain time-based special moves such as Shulk's Monado Arts. For some reason, this only works if the special button is held each time the move is reused. This technique no longer works in Ultimate.

Lloid Jacket[edit]

Lloid Jacket glitch active.

Lloid Jacket is a glitch in Ultimate which results in sticking Lloid to Villager's torso[1]. By using Lloid Rocket on frame 15 of his squat animation, and then buffering an action, Villager will cancel the attack with said action. This causes the Lloid Rocket action to halt, leaving it stuck to Villager. This is somewhat reminiscent of the Soul breaker glitch from Melee. However, this glitch persists between stocks, unlike Soul breaker.

Lloid Rocket will no longer function normally once the glitch is triggered, instead returning to Villager's torso after it becomes an active projectile. Lloid will lack a hitbox during the period of the glitch's activity. However, if it takes 12% damage[2], in which it will immediately detonate, ending the glitch and returning Lloid Rocket to normal.

Due to the nature of the glitch, this can be used as a permanent "Lloid Counter" by Villager players, where Villager spawns Lloid out of hitstun to attempt to ward off disadvantage. This glitch bypasses the requirement of doing it out of hitstun, thereby improving these situations dramatically.

As of 8.0.0 this glitch has now been patched out.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Lloid Rocket 2. Liftoff Lloid 3. Pushy Lloid
"Fire Lloid forward like a rocket. Hold the button to ride on top of Lloid." "Fire Lloid forward, but he'll soon shoot up into the air, letting you ride to great heights!" "Lloid will hit opponents multiple times, pushing them before exploding."
  1. Lloid Rocket: Default
  2. Liftoff Lloid: Lloid travels in an upward arc, making it useful for vertical recoveries. Flies faster than the standard version.
    In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, this variation is a Challenge unlock, only obtainable by battling on the Tortimer Island stage at least twice.
  3. Pushy Lloid: Lloid is significantly bigger, and hits opponents multiple times which causes more damage at the expense of being slower along with severely reduced distance. More effective for camping, but less useful for approaching.


Lloid in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

In the Animal Crossing series, Lloid is a Gyroid that acts as the player's personal assistant. In the original Animal Crossing, a similar-looking Gyroid can hold items for the player, trade items with other visitors, and save the game. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Lloid was in charge of the Auction House in The City, and in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he is responsible for collecting donations for public works projects and renting the player tools to use in Dream Towns or on Tortimer Island. He resume the role of collecting donations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for building bridges or inclines, or since the 2.0 Free Update, for opening new vendor shops on Harv's Island.

However, Lloid has never been seen being a rocket, nor has any kind of Gyroid. Seeing as how the player has to talk to the Gyroid in front of their house to save their game, it could be taken as a pun, as the rocket Lloid can be used as a recovery (quite literally saving the player). Also, when Lloid is taken out, the "Tool Selecting" sound effect from the games will be heard.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ハニワくんロケット, Haniwa-kun Rocket
UK English Lloid Rocket
France French Fusée Gyroïde
Germany German Gyroid-Rakete
Spain Spanish Cohete Giroide
Italy Italian Razzo Gironio
China Chinese (Simplified) 看门俑火箭
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 俑俑火箭
South Korea Korean 토용군 로켓, Toyung-gun Rocket
Netherlands Dutch Lloid-raket
Russia Russian Ллойд-ракета