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Burning Knuckle/Crack Shoot

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Burning Knuckle and Crack Shoot in Ultimate.
User Terry
Universe Fatal Fury
Forward tilt special: Charge forward, fist extended. Backward tilt special: Jump forward with a downward heel kick.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Burning Knuckle (バーンナックル, Burn Knuckle) and Crack Shoot (クラックシュート, Crack Shoot) are the two variations of Terry's side special move.


Tilting the left stick towards the opponent (or towards Terry's front in matches with more than two players) will make Terry perform Burning Knuckle, wherein he lunges towards his opponent with an energy punch while shouting "Burn Knuckle!", "Burn!" or "Burning!" It is a powerful attack, dealing more damage and knockback during its initial frames, though it has noticeable startup, as Terry performs a pose before punching. When inputted as ↓↘→ + A or B, it will become even stronger, with subtle green-yellow trails added to the blue energy flames.

Tilting the left stick away from the opponent (or towards Terry's back in matches with more than two players) will have him perform Crack Shoot instead, where he jumps and spins his body with his extended leg while shouting "Crack Shoot!" or "Kick back!". This attack hits twice: The first hit occurs while Terry's foot is being brought from the back and then spun upward and is a semi-spike, intended to draw fighters into the stronger second hit, which occurs once Terry drops his leg and sends opponents on a more vertical trajectory. The first hit's knockback angle is unconventionally steep and if one manages to hit an opponent so that the second hit does not connect, it can function as an effective gimping tool. The stronger variant is inputted as ↓↙← + A or B. Hitting with the foot only does a heavy amount of shield damage.

Both of these moves can also be used to assist in horizontal recovery, with Crack Shoot having less ending lag, but granting shorter distance than Burning Knuckle. Neither move auto-sweetspots the ledge.

To perform a Burning Knuckle towards Terry's back on the ground without initiating Crack Shoot, the player must tilt the stick toward Terry's back for at least 7 frames before pressing the special move button. To Crack Shoot towards Terry's back while in the air, the player must do similarly, holding back for at least 7 frames before pushing the special move button. Due to these mechanics regarding Crack Shoot, it is impossible to use Burning Knuckle towards Terry's back while in the air.


Terry can perform a Burning Knuckle or Crack Shoot out of some standard attacks, as part of his special-canceling mechanic. By pressing the side special input or command input after connecting with one of certain standard attacks, Terry will cancel the ending lag of the attack and perform either a Burning Knuckle or a Crack Shoot depending on the input. A Crack Shoot is an especially useful follow-up from a canceled standard attack.

Burning Knuckle can itself be cancelled into Terry's Final Smash, Triple Wolf in a similar fashion, as can the first hit of Crack Shoot.


Terry performing Burning Knuckle in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters.
Terry performing Crack Shoot in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters.

Burning Knuckle and Crack Shoot, originally named "Burn Knuckle" and "Super Shot Kick" respectively, have been two of Terry's special moves ever since his debut title, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. Crack Shoot's shield damage is a reference to its usage as an overhead against crouchblocking opponents. The fact that both are assigned the same role of a side special but have different button variations is a reference to how they have nearly identical inputs across most of the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series; typically a quarter-circle back with the A button for Burning Knuckle and the B button for Crack Shoot.



  • This is the first side special move that changes depending on the direction used.
    • While, outside of a 1-on-1, Burning Knuckle can activate from the other direction, Crack Shoot is still used if the stick is tapped the opposite direction that Terry is facing.
  • Although Burning Knuckle can be executed with a quarter circle forward input in Smash, the input for the move in Fatal Fury is usually quarter circle backward. This is likely due to the fact that Crack Shoot’s input is also quarter circle backward in Fatal Fury, only with a different attack button.
  • Despite its name, Burning Knuckle does no flame damage.