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Hero using Zap, Zapple, and Kazap
User Hero
Universe Dragon Quest
Article on Dragon Quest Wiki Zap
Unleashes lightning from your sword. It grows stronger when charged, but the charge cannot be stored.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Zap (デイン, Dein) is the Hero's side special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Much like Frizz and Woosh, this move is a charge special. Using it normally will have the Hero fire Zap (costing 8 MP), a short electric blast forward, but the move can be charged into Zapple (ライデイン, Raidein) (18 MP) and Kazap (ギガデイン, Gigadein) (42 MP), with the former having him shoot lightning forward and a large bolt striking down on the stage, and the latter having a bolt of lightning hit his blade, before the Hero slashes around himself. Hero gains super armor while unleashing his fully charged Kazap. The move is extremely versatile as a result, allowing it to cover a multitude of ranges given the situation. Zap can quickly get an enemy away from Hero, similarly to moves such as Wolf's Blaster. Zapple can harass enemies from an incredible distance away and deals impressive damage for its relatively low committal and cost. Kazap is incredibly powerful and deceptively quick. However, all three suffer from a severe lack of shield pressure: no matter what level of Zap is shielded, the move lacks any solid impact. However, its ability to harass vulnerable opponents still makes it an invaluable tool in Hero's moveset.

All forms of the attack are disjointed hitboxes and are not projectiles, meaning they cannot be reflected or absorbed, with the exception of the lightning bolt that strikes Hero's sword before Kazap.

If Zapple and Kazap are used without sufficient MP, Hero will still perform the animation, but not the actual spell. However, Zap can be used without sufficient MP, as the sword swing will still deal damage (albeit a weak hit that deals 2%).


The Hero using Zap in the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest III

Zap is a weak lightning spell that was introduced in Dragon Quest III. Zapple and Kazap are the stronger variations that are learned at higher levels - Kazap having also being introduced in Dragon Quest III, while Zapple was first introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.

In Smash, the move is mainly based on Dragon Quest XI; however, the animation and function of Kazap is completely unique to Smash. It does, however, resemble the animation for Gigaslash in many of the main series games.



  • Kazap costs the most MP of Hero's moves at 42 MP, with the exception of Magic Burst, which uses up all of the remaining MP.
  • Zapple and Kafrizz are the only spells Hero has that originated from a Dragon Quest spin-off, that being Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.