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For fighter info, see Steve (SSBU).
This page covers the Minecraft characters Steve and Alex. For Smashers who have used versions of these names, see Smasher:Steve, Smasher:Alex, Smasher:Alex (Japan), Smasher:Alex19 and Smasher:Taoudi.
Steve Minecraft.png
Alex Minecraft.png

Official renders of Steve and Alex from Minecraft.
Universe Minecraft
Debut Minecraft (2009, technical debut; 2011, official debut, Steve; 2014, Alex)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance Minecraft Dungeons (2020)
Console/platform of origin Microsoft Windows
Apple OS X
Species Human
Gender Sexless[1]; considered male (Steve) and female (Alex)[2]
Place of origin Overworld
Created by Markus Persson

Steve (スティーブ, Steve) is the name used to refer to the default skin of the main character in Minecraft. Alex (アレックス, Alex) is the name used to refer to the the default skin for the slim player model, added to Minecraft in 2014.


Steve is the default skin of the Player in Minecraft. The name Steve was invented by developer Markus "Notch" Persson as a joke and was often formatted as "Steve?" prior to being formally adopted as the default name of the avatar.[3] Before this, the name "Mr. Minecraft" was used for a guest role in Super Meat Boy. The character of Steve, along with the rest of the Minecraft world, is intended to be gender-neutral so as to avoid forcing the player to make decisions about gender.[1] Despite this, as Steve has a traditionally "masculine" appearance and name, a feminine alternative named Alex was introduced in 2014; choosing Alex adjusts the model's arm proportions to be thinner, which is officially referred to as a "slim" model. In their Mr. Sakurai Presents video, Masahiro Sakurai also uses male and female pronouns respectively to refer to them, confirming further that at least their Smash incarnations are gendered.

In Java Edition, it is possible to customize the avatar's appearance with a template (allowing for entirely player-made appearances), while other versions of the game offer skin packs (mostly based on other IPs, both from gaming like Fallout, Banjo-Kazooie, and Mario; and non-gaming media such as The Simpsons, Adventure Time, and Stranger Things). Within the limited lore of the game, Steve and Alex are indicated to simply be vessels of the actual player's manifestation in the Minecraft world, having no other discernable personality or role. Most of Steve and Alex's abilities come from tools. Unarmed, they are capable of walking, running, jumping, crawling, punching, and crafting small items (on a two-by-two grid). These abilities are augmented by the tools they create (usually on a Crafting Table, which utilizes a three-by-three grid). As a sandbox game, Minecraft has a variety of options available to the player depending on their playstyle: mining, building, farming, hunting, and adventuring are only a few.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Steve (SSBU)
Steve and Alex as they appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

On October 1st, 2020, Steve was revealed to be the fighter included in Challenger Pack 7, with more information revealed two days later, prior to Minecraft Live 2020. He is currently the fifth third-party DLC character in the game. His appearance and animations appear identical to his iteration in Minecraft, with the ability to place blocks, mine for materials, and use items from within the game. His Final Smash is House of Boom; Steve uses a giant piston which smashes players into a stronghold filled with TNT, with Creepers detonating the explosives. Alex also appears as an alternate costume.

As a costume[edit]

A set of Diamond Armor as a Mii Swordfighter costume.

The Diamond Armor that players can craft and wear appears as a DLC Mii Swordfighter costume. The costume additionally wields a Diamond sword.

In the trailer, several Mii Swordfighters are seen fighting a Rathalos, mirroring a multi-player fight against the Ender Dragon.


In other languages[edit]


Language Name
Japan Japanese スティーブ, Steve
UK English Steve
France French Steve
Germany German Steve
Italy Italian Steve
Spain Spanish Steve
China Chinese (Simplified) 史提夫, Steve
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 史蒂夫, Steve
South Korea Korean 스티브, Steve
Netherlands Dutch Steve
Russia Russian Стив
Portugal Portuguese Steve


Language Name
Japan Japanese アレックス, Alex
UK English Alex
France French Alex
Germany German Alex
Italy Italian Alex
Spain Spanish Alex
China Chinese (Simplified) 艾莉克斯, Alex
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 愛莉克斯, Alex
South Korea Korean 알렉스, Alex
Netherlands Dutch Alex
Russia Russian Алекс
Portugal Portuguese Alex


  • Steve is the fifth fighter in Smash to be created outside of Japan, having been created by Swedish developer Mojang Studios. The first four are Diddy Kong, King K. Rool, and Banjo & Kazooie, who were created by Rare in the United Kingdom, and Dark Samus, who was created by Retro Studios in the United States.
    • Steve is the first playable character created outside of Japan to not have had any involvement from Nintendo in their conception.
    • Being created in Sweden, Steve is the first non-Japanese fighter to originate from a country whose official language is not English.
  • Steve is the first fighter in Smash history to come from an indie (independent-developed) game.
    • Although Mojang Studios has been a part of Microsoft since 2014, Steve was introduced to the game in 2009, when the company was known as "Mojang Specifications" and was fully independent.
  • Prior to Steve's inclusion in Smash, characters from Mario, Pac-Man, Final Fantasy, and Banjo-Kazooie have appeared as official skins in the "Legacy Console" and "Bedrock" version of Minecraft.
  • Steve is the second playable character in Smash to have debuted on a home computer platform, following Solid Snake.
  • Steve's default design in Ultimate has a beard (often confused for a smile), which was used in early "Classic" builds of Minecraft but removed from his texture in version "0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST," although it has continued to appear in promotional artwork and merchandise since then.


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