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Mojang Studios

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Mojang Studios
Mojang Studios logo.png
Type Subsidiary of Microsoft
Founded 2009
Headquarters Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
Key people Jonas Mårtensson (CEO)
Vu Bui (COO)
Helen Chiang (Studio head)
Industry Video games
Products Video games
Employees ~600 (2021)
Parent Xbox Game Studios
Website Mojang Studios
Article on Wikipedia Mojang Studios

Mojang Studios is a Swedish video game developer and publisher founded by Markus Persson, who often goes by the pseudonym "Notch". Mojang was originally an independent studio founded in 2009 before being acquired by Microsoft on November 6, 2014, and has since become part of Xbox Game Studios. It is best known for having created the sandbox video game franchise Minecraft.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Steve, the default skin for the player character in Minecraft, makes his debut as a fighter in Fighters Pass Vol. 2, accompanied by Alex, Zombie, and Enderman alternate costumes, as well as the Minecraft World stage. Additionally, the Creeper, Pig, and Diamond Armor Mii Swordfighter outfits were introduced with Round 7.


  • Mojang Studios is the fifth third-party company to be introduced to the Super Smash Bros. series as DLC, the first four being Square Enix, Atlus, Rare Ltd., and SNK.
    • It is also the third to be a subsidiary of a company that previously had a character, after Atlus and Rare Ltd. Unlike Rare Ltd., however, Atlus and Mojang are listed separately from their parent companies in the credits.
  • Mojang is currently the newest major company founded to appear in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Despite the rename to Mojang Studios, the credits for Ultimate use Mojang's old company name, "Mojang AB".
  • Mojang Studios is the third company located outside of Japan to receive representation in Smash via a playable character, following Rare Ltd. with Diddy Kong, King K. Rool, Banjo, and Kazooie, and Retro Studios with Dark Samus. They would later be joined by Disney with Sora's inclusion.