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Game Arts Co., Ltd.
The current Game Arts logo
Type Public
Founded March 2, 1985
Headquarters Japan Tokyo, Japan
Key people Yoichi Miyaji: President & CEO
Industry Video games
Revenue 4.56 billion JPY (2007)
Employees 33 (2013)
Parent GungHo Online Entertainment
Website Game Arts Co., Ltd.
Article on Wikipedia Game Arts

Game Arts (株式会社ゲームアーツ, Game Arts Company, Limited) is a video game software developer located in Tokyo, Japan. Originally established in 1985 as a computer software company, they have since expanded their enterprise to produce for a number of game console and handheld systems.[1] Overseen by President and CEO Hirokazu Miyazi, the company's philosophy is to create "new, innovative, and entertaining games", as well as exhibit games that can be considered "forms of art", both as developers and producers.[2] Game Arts is member of the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association of Japan (CESA), and major trading partners include Square Enix, Bandai, Koei, Gung-Ho Online Entertainment, and Ubisoft, some of whom have co-developed or produced games in cooperation with the company.[3]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Game Arts was a lead developer for the game alongside Sora Ltd.[4] The company mostly handled preliminary work while companies like Monolith Soft and Paon were brought in for later assignments. The company also hold the copyrights for any music arrangements done during the game's development, either done from its employees with Yutaka Iraha, Takahiro Nishi, and Keigo Ozaki, or by independent composers with Arata Iiyoshi.


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