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Luma Shot

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Luma Shot
Rosalina Neutral B SSBU.gif
Rosalina shooting Luma outwards.
User Rosalina & Luma
Universe Mario

Luma Shot (チコシュート, Chiko Shoot) is Rosalina & Luma's neutral special move.


This move has multiple functions upon use. When Luma is paired up with Rosalina, the move becomes a chargeable move that shoots Luma out varying distances. The distance and speed that Luma travels out depends on how much the move is charged. Any opponent that Luma comes in contact with is damaged and knocked back. The amount of damage inflicted varies depending on how far Luma has traveled and how long the move has been charged, and at full charge, Luma is invincible while travelling. When Luma hits someone, it will stop traveling. If Luma is stunned while charging, Rosalina will continue to charge so long as the button is held, but releasing it will do nothing.

When Luma is away from Rosalina, Rosalina will wave her wand in the air in front of her. This will call Luma back to Rosalina, and then the move will cycle back to being a chargeable shot. If no Luma is in play, Rosalina will wave her wand to no effect, though it does produce a windbox to push away opponents.

It should also be noted that Luma operates like a projectile upon being shot. As a result, moves such as Reflector, Nayru's Love, and Guardian Orbitars can reflect Luma right back at Rosalina, damaging her as a result. However, Luma is unaffected by PSI Magnet, Gravitational Pull, and Absorbing Vortex. It also can't be Pocketed.

Kirby can use Luma Shot via copying Rosalina, which spawns a Luma that immediately disappears after it is projected away. This allows Kirby to use it whenever he wants to, unlike Rosalina. Also, Kirby's Luma can't be attacked nor block projectiles.


Luma Shot has five different stages of damage and travel distance based on how much the move is charged. Each stage travels one character length more than the last stage. The initial stage travels half of the length of Final Destination, while a fully charged Luma Shot will shoot Luma 3/4 of the full length of Final Destination.

Stage Damage
Stage 1 5%
Stage 2 9%
Stage 3 10-11%
Stage 4 13-14%
Stage 5 15-16%

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout RosalinaHeadSSB4-3.png Launch Luma forward. Hold down B to send Luma further.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List RosalinaHeadSSBU.png Flings Luma forward. A second button press calls Luma back. Can be charged.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Luma Shot 2. Luma Warp 3. Power Luma Shot
NTSC "Fling Luma forward. Press the button again to call Luma back. This attack can be charged."

PAL "Flings Luma forwards. Press the button again to call Luma back. This attack can be charged."

NTSC "Warp Luma forward. What this move lacks in attacking power it makes up for in sheer speed."

PAL "Warps Luma forwards. What this move lacks in attacking power it makes up for in sheer speed."

NTSC "Send Luma spinning forward like a drill. Luma travels slowly but has serious power."

PAL "Sends Luma spinning forwards like a drill. He travels slowly, but has serious power."

  1. Luma Shot: Default.
  2. Luma Warp: Rosalina instantly teleports Luma away from her. The distance that Luma reaches away is the length of the standard variation's first stage. This move lacks all of the standard variant's attacking versatility in exchange for extreme speed of the move, allowing Rosalina to shoot Luma out to perform combos successively. An opponent is inflicted 1% damage and will flinch when Luma teleports directly on them.
  3. Power Luma Shot: Luma moves very slowly in a drill-like fashion, and doesn't travel very far. A fully charged shot will travel as far as the standard variant's first stage, inflict about 21% damage, and has considerable knockback. Opponents that are sent flying can damage others they come in contact with.


Near the beginning of Super Mario Galaxy [1], Rosalina uses her wand to summon a Luma for Player 1 to use. The summoning aspect of Luma Shot is a reference to this cutscene. In the sequel, a second player can control an additional Luma. The second Luma can both stun and defeat enemies from a short distance.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese チコシュート, Chiko Shoot
UK English Luma Shot
France French Tir Luma
Germany German Luma-Schuss
Spain Spanish Tiro Destello
Italy Italian Sparo Sfavillotto
China Chinese (Simplified) 发射琪琪
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 發射奇可
South Korea Korean 치코 슛, Chiko Shoot
Netherlands Dutch Luma-schot
Russia Russian Выстрел Люмы


  • Unlike Rosalina, Kirby's Lumas will always be yellow.