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List of Copy Abilities

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In every Super Smash Bros. game, Kirby has the ability to copy another character's neutral special move with his own neutral special move, Inhale. If Kirby swallows another Kirby, only damage is dealt, but if he swallows another Kirby that has a Copy Ability, it can be stolen. When Kirby copies an opponent, he will also bear a resemblance to that character, usually in the form of a hat that displays a prominent visual part of the character copied. When performing copied attacks, Kirby often mimics their voices or sounds as well as their poses, and uses the same weapons as their owners; however, unless otherwise noted, alternate costumes have no effect on his Copy Ability. Aside from the obvious range differences, copied attacks are functionally identical to the originals except where noted.

Kirby can discard the ability at any time by taunting. He may also lose it when taking damage (though there is a temporary "grace period" where this will not occur), and he will also lose it upon being KO'd. Also, anything spawned by the ability will vanish if Kirby loses it. For example, if Kirby tosses a Metal Blade onto the ground, picks it up, and taunts, the blade will vanish. Kirby will also lose his ability if the inhaled character's damage meter vanishes (indicating the character has been unloaded from memory), such as in Smash 4's All-Star Mode or certain Event matches.

Super Smash Bros. 4 introduced custom moves. Regardless of whether a neutral special has been customized or not, Kirby will only copy the default version of the move (with the exception of Olimar, as noted below). This applies to Palutena and the Mii Fighters' neutral specials as well.

In Ultimate, when using his copy ability, Kirby gains a 1.2x damage multiplier for the copied move; however, knockback is not affected.

Character Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. 4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special move Notes
Banjo & Kazooie SSBU Banjo-Kazooie Kirby.jpg Egg Firing Kirby uses an animated Kazooie plush for the attack. Like Banjo and Kazooie, Kirby can use his aerial jumps while using the Breegull Blaster, though he benefits more as he can use all five of his aerial jumps (compared to the duo's two).
Bayonetta KirbyBayonetta3DS.jpg
Bayonetta Kirby.jpg
SSBU Bayonetta Kirby.jpg Bullet Climax Although Bayonetta will always aim in the same place, Kirby's shots from the handguns are lower than the shots from his feet.
Bowser Kirbybowser.png Bowserkirby.jpg KirbyBowserHair3DS.jpg
Kirby Bowser Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Bowser Kirby.jpg Fire Breath Kirby can flame cancel in all versions of Melee, while Bowser can only do so in NTSC 1.0 and 1.1. Kirby's pose while breathing fire resembles the corresponding pose of Fire Kirby.

In SSB4, Kirby imitates a monster grunt when performing this move, despite Bowser not vocalizing when he performs Fire Breath.

Bowser Jr. KirbyBowserJrHat.jpg
Kirby Bowser Jr Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Bowser Jr. Kirby.jpg Clown Cannon Unlike Bowser Jr., Kirby is silent when using Clown Cannon.
Byleth SSBU Byleth Kirby.jpg Failnaught
Captain Falcon Kirby cfalcon ssb.jpg Kirbyfalcon.png Kfalconpunch.jpg KirbyHatFalcon.jpg
Kirby Captain Falcon Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Captain Falcon Kirby.jpg Falcon Punch In SSB, Kirby can use the Falcon Punch as a horizontal recovery move. In Brawl, throwing it immediately after a jump gives him large boost upward. The visor was blank until Ultimate, when it was given the same "eyes" as Captain Falcon's visor and also became opaque for the first time since Smash 64. In Ultimate, Kirby slides backwards further after throwing out the punch, ending up closer to where he was before using the move.
Charizard Kcharizard.jpg KirbyCharizard3DS.jpeg
Kirby Charizard Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Charizard Kirby.jpg Flamethrower
Chrom SSBU Chrom Kirby.jpg Flare Blade Unlike Chrom, Kirby only vocalizes after charging the move at least for 2.5 seconds. Inflicts recoil damage to Kirby if fully charged.
Cloud KirbyCloud3DS.jpg
Kirby Cloud Wii U.jpg
SSBU Cloud Kirby.jpg Blade Beam Does not gain Cloud's Limit Gauge and thus cannot perform the Limit Break version of the move.
Corrin KirbyCorrin3DS.jpg
Corrin Kirby.jpg
SSBU Corrin Kirby.jpg Dragon Fang Shot
Daisy SSBU Daisy Kirby.jpg Toad
Dark Pit KirbyDarkPitCopy.jpg
Kirby Dark Pit Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Dark Pit Kirby.jpg Silver Bow Prior to version 1.0.5 (3DS only), if Kirby uses the move at the end of his forward, back, or up throw, a glitch will occur in which he floats in the air until he stops charging the move.
Dark Samus SSBU Dark Samus Kirby.jpg Charge Shot
Diddy Kong Kdiddy.jpg KirbyDiddyKong3DS.jpeg
Kirby Diddy Kong Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Diddy Kong Kirby.jpg Peanut Popgun Strangely, if Kirby's gun explodes, and then the game is paused, Kirby will appear normally-colored instead of a burnt black.
Donkey Kong Kirby Donkey Kong SSB.jpg Kirbydk.png Kdk.jpg KirbyDonkeyKong3DS.jpeg
Kirby Donkey Kong Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Donkey Kong Kirby.jpg Giant Punch In imitation of Donkey Kong's grunts, Kirby says "Gao!" when unleashing a fully-charged punch, which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for an animalistic roar. In SSB, Kirby can charge-cancel the wind-up to turn more easily in the air.
Dr. Mario Dr Mario Kirby.png KirbyDrMarioHat.jpg
Kirby Dr Mario Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Dr. Mario Kirby.jpg Megavitamins In Melee, Kirby's Megavitamins make the Koopa Shell sound upon impact. The Doctor ability, introduced in Kirby: Planet Robobot, has a similar appearance and allows Kirby to use a similar move.
Duck Hunt KirbyDuckHuntHat.jpg
Kirby Duck Hunt Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Duck Hunt Kirby.jpg Trick Shot Unlike Duck Hunt, Kirby does not flinch when the can is shot nearby.
Falco Kirbyfalco.png Falcokirby.jpg KirbyFalco3DS.jpeg
Kirby Falco Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Falco Kirby.jpg Blaster Kirby sports the same "mohawk" that Falco had in his Melee design, even in later games. In Brawl, shots fired from the copied Blaster do not have the electric effect that Falco's Blaster has. Kirby's shorter stature means that he can laser lock characters that Falco himself cannot.
Fox Kirby fox ssb.jpg Fox KirbySSBM.png Kfox.jpg KirbyFoxHat.jpg
Kirby Fox Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Fox Kirby.jpg Blaster Gives Kirby the ability to short hop double laser and even short hop triple laser as a result of his floatiness.
Ganondorf Ganondorf KirbySSBM.png Kganon.jpg KirbyGanondorf3DS.jpeg
Kirby Ganondorf Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Ganondorf Kirby.jpg Warlock Punch In Ultimate, Ganondorf no longer slides forward slightly on the ground when the punch comes out, but Kirby still does, which somewhat makes up for Kirby's hitboxes having a smaller offset.
Greninja KirbyGreninja3DS.jpeg
Kirby Greninja Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Greninja Kirby.jpg Water Shuriken
Hero SSBU Hero Kirby.jpg Frizz Kirby gains Erdwin's Coronet (which closely resembles Erdrick's silver headpiece), the Supreme Sword of Light, and Erdwin's Shield, all items available to the Luminary in Dragon Quest XI. Unlike similar recharging abilities, such as Robin's tomes and Inkling's ink, Kirby also gains the Hero's MP Gauge system and follows the same rules when using it.
Ice Climbers Kirbyiceclimber.png Kpopo.jpg SSBU Ice Climbers Kirby.jpg Ice Shot Kirby does not gain a partner through this ability, so he can only fire one block of ice at a time. The Freeze ability's hat, introduced in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, has a similar appearance.
Ike Ikekirby.jpg KirbyIkeHat.jpg
Kirby Ike Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Ike Kirby.jpg Eruption Inflicts recoil damage to Kirby if fully charged.
Incineroar SSBU Incineroar Kirby.jpg Darkest Lariat While Incineroar's lariat trail will match its palette color, Kirby's will always be gray.
Inkling SSBU Inkling Kirby.jpg Splattershot If Kirby uses up all of his ink, he loses his Inkling Copy Ability entirely, in a similar manner to Robin's Copy Ability; he cannot manually restore his ink either, since he doesn't copy the unique input. Although he always copies the orange Inkling's hairstyle, Kirby will use the first ink color that is not being used by another fighter. For example, if Kirby is fighting an orange Inkling, he will use blue ink; if he is fighting both an orange Inkling and a blue Inkling, he will use yellow ink; and so forth.
Isabelle SSBU Isabelle Kirby.jpg Pocket
Ivysaur KIvysaur.jpg SSBU Ivysaur Kirby.jpg Bullet Seed In Brawl, while Ivysaur can only hold Bullet Seed for 5 seconds, Kirby can hold it for significantly longer, allowing him to rack up higher amounts of damage.
Jigglypuff Kirby jigglypuff ssb.jpg Kirbyjiiggly.png Kjiggly.jpg KirbyJigglypuff3DS.jpeg
Kirby Jigglypuff Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Jigglypuff Kirby.jpg Pound Super Smash Bros. Differs from Jigglypuff's Pound in that using this move toward a ledge sends Kirby off of the ledge, and it is notable for having much higher distance if Kirby leaves the ground at the end of the Pound animation; it is capable of traveling nearly the length of a Dream Land soft platform if spaced correctly. The hat's color changes based on Kirby's alternate costume.
Rollout Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Regardless of the game's current language settings, Kirby says "Purin," Jigglypuff's Japanese name, upon performing this move. In SSB4, Kirby can move left and right in midair after hitting an opponent with Rollout, due to having a higher fall speed than Jigglypuff. He also rebounds further backwards, due to his air friction being lower than Jigglypuff's. In Ultimate, Jigglypuff's ears fold inwards during Rollout; Kirby's do not follow this trait. With the exception of SSB4, the hat's color changes based on Kirby's alternate costume.
Joker SSBU Joker Kirby.jpg Gun As Kirby does not copy the Rebellion Gauge, he does not have access to Arsene or Gun Special.
Ken SSBU Ken Kirby.jpg Hadoken Like Ken, Kirby cannot perform the Shakunetsu Hadoken (which is not part of Ken's moveset), but can use a stronger Hadoken through the traditional input. However, Kirby cannot perform the Oosoto Mawashi Geri or the Nata Otoshi Geri as Ken can. Incidentally, Kirby has separate voice clips for Ken's Hadoken instead of using the same voice clips used for Ryu's version. Unlike Ken, Kirby remains quiet if he attempts to fire a Hadoken while one's already in play. The hat's skin color (above the eyebrows, but below the hair) changes with Kirby's alternate costume.
King Dedede Kirbydedede.jpg KirbyKingDedede3Ds.jpeg
Kirby King Dedede Wii U.jpeg
SSBU King Dedede Kirby.jpg Inhale Kirby can use this to perform the obscure "Kirkirkircide". Kirby is noticeably less bloated after inhaling someone compared to both his normal Inhale and Dedede's Inhale.
King K. Rool SSBU King K. Rool Kirby.jpg Blunderbuss Unlike K. Rool, Kirby does not don a pirate hat, but still performs the animation of K. Rool taking off the hat at the end of the move.
Link Kirby link ssb.jpg Kirbylink.png Klink2.jpg KirbyLink3DS.jpeg
Kirby Link Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Link Kirby.jpg Boomerang Super Smash Bros. Unlike Link's Boomerang, Kirby can throw it through solid walls if he is touching them, allowing for pseudo-sharking on stages like Hyrule Castle (especially from the Greenhouse side) or Dream Land. Resembles Sword Kirby.
Hero's Bow Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4 Resembles Sword Kirby.
Bow and Arrows Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Although Link's default design is based on his Champion's Tunic, Kirby gains the familiar green cap from his Hero of the Wild outfit when copying him. Resembles Sword Kirby.
Little Mac KirbyLittleMac3DS.jpeg
Kirby Little Mac Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Little Mac Kirby.jpg Straight Lunge Does not gain Little Mac's Power Meter and thus cannot perform the KO Uppercut. The hitbox is much lower down due to Kirby's size, enabling it to hit opponents hanging on the ledge. Also, if Kirby swallows Little Mac in his wireframe costume, his Straight Lunge will utilize the 8-bit sound effects unique to Wireframe Mac.
Lucario Klucario.jpg KirbyLucario3DS.jpeg
Kirby Lucario Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Lucario Kirby.jpg Aura Sphere Kirby's Aura Sphere is not linked to his current damage, due to not copying Lucario's aura. Essentially, Kirby's Aura Sphere acts like Lucario's at its base power (75% in Brawl, 70% in SSB4 and Ultimate).

However, should Kirby's damage output be significantly augmented in some way, such as with the use of custom equipment or Amiibo power level, the Aura Sphere he uses will emit the characteristic sound it does when Lucario charges it at high percentages.

Lucas Klucas.jpg KirbyLucas3DS.jpg
SSBU Lucas Kirby.jpg PK Freeze
Lucina KirbyLucina3DS.jpeg
Kirby Lucina Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Lucina Kirby.jpg Shield Breaker Kirby wears the mask used by Lucina in her guise as "Marth", which she herself dons temporarily for her on-screen appearance and down taunt.
Luigi Kirby luigi ssb.jpg Kirbyluigi.png Kluigi.jpg KirbyLuigiHat.jpg
Kirby Luigi Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Luigi Kirby.jpg Fireball
Mario Kirby mario ssb.jpg Mario Kirby.png KMario1.jpg KirbyMario3DS.jpeg
Kirby Mario Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Mario Kirby.jpg Fireball In Melee and Brawl, Kirby's Fireballs hang much lower to the ground than Mario's due to the height difference, and disappear earlier as a result. This was adjusted in Smash 4, and they now bounce at the same height for both characters.
Marth Kirbymarth.png Marthkirby.jpg KirbyMarth3DS.jpeg
Kirby Marth Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Marth Kirby.jpg Shield Breaker Lacks transcendent priority in Melee.
Mega Man KirbyMegaManHat.jpg
Kirby Mega Man Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Mega Man Kirby.jpg Metal Blade
Meta Knight Kmeta.jpg Meta Knight copy ability.jpg
Kirby Meta Knight Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Meta Knight Kirby.jpg Mach Tornado Kirby's eyes while wearing the mask are light-green in Brawl and yellow in SSB4 and Ultimate. The green coloration in Brawl is due to the mask giving a yellow tint to Kirby's blue eyes and Meta Knight's silver eyes (though they are currently depicted as yellow even without the mask). Kirby's Mach Tornado only does half the damage of Meta Knight's, and unlike Meta Knight's version of the attack, the bottom-most hitbox does not cause aerial opponents to flinch. Functionally resembles Kirby's Tornado ability.
Mewtwo Mewtwo Kirby.png KirbyMewtwoSmash43DS.jpg
SSBU Mewtwo Kirby.jpg Shadow Ball As Kirby is much shorter than Mewtwo, his Shadow Ball is more likely to collide with the ground in Melee unless he jumps first. The hat's color changes with Kirby's alternate costume.
Mii Brawler Kirby Brawler Wii U.jpeg SSBU Mii Brawler Kirby.jpg Shot Put Kirby wears a headband with the face of the Mii he copied. He doesn't copy headgear.

In Ultimate, Kirby retains the original spinning Charge Blast animation from SSB4.

Mii Gunner Kirby Gunner Wii U.jpeg SSBU Mii Gunner Kirby.jpg Charge Blast
Mii Swordfighter Kirby Swordfighter Wii U.jpeg SSBU Mii Swordfighter Kirby.jpg Gale Strike
Min Min SSBU Min Min Kirby.jpg Punch Kirby lacks a unique aerial version of the move, and instead uses the attack in the air as he would on the ground. Kirby also lacks the Kung Fu Combo that Min Min gets when neutral special is tapped while grounded and her powered-up left arm after she performs a throw. Kirby's version is actually Min Min's forward smash; containing a different close, middle, and far hitbox and able to shoot a homing laser when held, whereas Min Min's neutral special has the same hitbox throughout and can't shoot a laser. Unlike Min Min, Kirby can't angle his attack or walk while punching. Because Kirby is replicating Min Min's forward smash, he always uses the Dragon ARM, regardless of the ARMS Min Min has equipped on her right arm. Noteworthy, however, is the fact that, as Kirby is mirrored and Min Min is not, which arm Kirby uses depends on which direction he's facing.
Mr. Game & Watch Game and Watch Kirby.png G&wkirby.jpg KirbyMrGameAndWatch3DS.jpeg
Kirby Mr Game & Watch Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Mr. Game & Watch Kirby.jpg Chef Kirby does not become 2D.
Ness Kirby ness ssb.jpg Kirbyness.png Kness.jpg KirbyNess3DS.jpeg
Kirby Ness Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Ness Kirby.jpg PK Fire Super Smash Bros. Kirby wears his cap backwards, similarly to Yo-Yo Kirby, Wheel Kirby, and Paint Kirby. The ESP ability, introduced in Kirby: Planet Robobot, resembles a color-inverted version of Ness's cap and allows Kirby to use a move similar to PK Flash.
PK Flash Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Olimar Kolimar.jpg KirbyOlimar3DS.jpeg
Kirby Olimar Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Olimar Kirby.jpg Pikmin Pluck and Pikmin Throw Kirby's version of this move is specially adapted for him due to Pikmin not being completely tied into his moveset, unlike Olimar. Kirby will pluck a Pikmin and immediately throw it, hitting opponents for minor damage and dying once it hits the ground. The order in which Kirby plucks Pikmin follows the same rules as Olimar; in Brawl, it varies depending on the terrain, while in SSB4 and Ultimate, he always follows a set order. The hat's nose color changes with Kirby's alternate costume.

In SSB4, the version of Pikmin Throw that Kirby performs correlates with whichever side special move of Kirby's is set via character customization. Namely, if Kirby's side special move is set to Hammer Bash, his second side special, Kirby will perform Sticky Pikmin Throw, Olimar's second side special. The same is true if Kirby uses his third side special Giant Hammer, which will result in him performing Olimar's third side special, Tackle Pikmin Throw. However, this is less noticeable as Kirby's usage of the move is already quite similar to Tackle Pikmin Throw.

Kirby can only have three Pikmin out at a time. If he attempts to pluck more while three are out, the move will fail.

Pac-Man KirbyPacManHat.jpg
Kirby Pac-Man Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Pac-Man Kirby.jpg Bonus Fruit Kirby can Fruit Recycle in Ultimate. The hat's color changes with Kirby's alternate costume.
Palutena KirbyPalutena3DS.jpeg
Kirby Palutena Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Palutena Kirby.jpg Autoreticle Unused audio files in SSB4 include Kirby saying the names of Heavenly Light and Explosive Flame, Palutena's custom neutral special moves. In the final game, he only copies Autoreticle.
Peach Peach Kirby.png Kirbypeach.jpg KirbyPeach3DS.jpeg
Kirby Peach Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Peach Kirby.jpg Toad
Pichu Pichu Kirby.png SSBU Pichu Kirby.jpg Thunder Jolt Inflicts recoil damage to Kirby.
Pikachu Kirby pikachu ssb.jpg Pikachu KirbySSBM.png Kpika.jpg KirbyPikachu3DS.jpeg
Kirby Pikachu Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Pikachu Kirby.jpg Thunder Jolt
Piranha Plant SSBU Piranha Plant Kirby.jpg Ptooie Kirby's model has a unique facial expression exclusively for this move.
Pit Kpit.jpg KirbyPit3DS.jpeg
Kirby Pit Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Pit Kirby.jpg Palutena's Arrow Resembles Cupid Kirby in both design and function.
Richter SSBU Richter Kirby.jpg Axe
Ridley SSBU Ridley Kirby.jpg Plasma Breath
R.O.B. Kr.o.b.jpg KirbyROB3DS.jpeg
Kirby ROB Wii U.jpeg
SSBU R.O.B. Kirby.jpg Robo Beam While R.O.B. does not emit a vocalization during this move, Kirby says "beep" in a monotone voice. Resembles Laser Kirby in both design and function.
Robin KirbyRobin3DS.jpeg
Kirby Robin Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Robin Kirby.jpg Thunder Once Kirby exhausts the Thunder tome, he loses the Copy Ability entirely. Unlike Robin, he does not drop a tome to throw.
Rosalina KirbyRosalina3DS.jpeg
Kirby Rosalina Luma Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Rosalina Kirby.jpg Luma Shot A yellow, unvoiced Luma appears when the button is pushed, and vanishes after losing momentum. Unlike Rosalina, Kirby's Luma cannot be attacked, and cannot block projectiles either. Also, the attack cannot be spammed, as it requires a cooldown before it can be used again. In Ultimate, Kirby's version has slightly different properties than Rosalina's.
Roy Roy Kirby.png KirbyRoy3DS.jpg
SSBU Roy Kirby.jpg Flare Blade Inflicts recoil damage to Kirby if fully charged.
Ryu KirbyRyu3DS.jpg
SSBU Ryu Kirby.jpg Hadoken Retains Ryu's ability to perform a stronger Hadoken and the Shakunetsu Hadoken with the appropriate input. Resembles Fighter Kirby, who is also capable of performing Ryu's other special moves in certain games. Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby: Triple Deluxe also include the ability to fire stronger fireballs (called "Mega Force Blast", or "Hadou-Shot" in Japan) instantly by performing the traditional Hadoken input.
Samus Kirby samus ssb.jpg Kirbysamus.png Ksamus.jpg KirbySamus3DS.jpeg
Kirby Samus Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Samus Kirby.jpg Charge Shot Originally a flat texture, the visor was made translucent from Melee to Smash 4, before being given an opaque glow in Ultimate that makes it more closely resembly Samus's own visor.
Sheik Sheik Kirby.png Ksheik.jpg KirbySheik3DS.jpeg
Kirby Sheik Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Sheik Kirby.jpg Needle Storm
Shulk KirbyHatShulk.jpg
Kirby Shulk Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Shulk Kirby.jpg Monado Arts The Jump Art does not cause Final Cutter to go any higher than usual.
Simon SSBU Simon Kirby.jpg Axe
Snake SnakeCopyAbilitySSBB.jpg SSBU Snirby.jpg Hand Grenade Kirby covers where his ears would be if a grenade explodes near him, mimicking Snake's behavior. He also walks differently while carrying a grenade that has not been thrown, again imitating Snake. He wears a headband similar to the ones worn by Fighter Kirby, Suplex Kirby, and Backdrop Kirby.
Sonic Ksonic.jpg KirbySonicHat.jpg
Kirby Sonic Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Sonic Kirby.jpg Homing Attack Kirby jumps higher when rebounding after connecting the attack, due to his lower gravity. This makes the move safer to use offstage, but also effectively increases the ending lag onstage.
Squirtle Ksquirtle.jpg SSBU Squirtle Kirby.jpg Water Gun
Terry SSBU Terry Kirby.jpg Power Wave Kirby imitates Terry's "Power Wave!" and "Rock you!", and may also use a generic attack grunt when performing the move.

Kirby cannot perform Power Geyser or Buster Wolf.

Toon Link Ktoonlink.jpg KirbyToonLink3DS.jpeg
Kirby Toon Link Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Toon Link Kirby.jpg Hero's Bow Resembles Sword Kirby.
Villager KirbyVillager3DS.jpeg
Kirby Villager Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Villager Kirby.jpg Pocket
Wario Fatmankirby.jpg KirbyWario3DS.jpeg
Kirby Wario Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Wario Kirby.jpg Chomp Kirby can use this to perform the obscure "Kirbiocide".
Wii Fit Trainer KirbyWiiFitTrainer3DS.jpeg
Kirby Wii Fit Trainer Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Wii Fit Trainer Kirby.jpg Sun Salutation Resembles Snow Kirby's coloration from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad.
Wolf Kwolf.jpg SSBU Wolf Kirby.jpg Blaster In Ultimate, the thrusting sound effect is out of sync, playing when Kirby takes out his Blaster rather then during the thrust.
Yoshi Kirby yoshi ssb.jpg Kirbyyoshi.png Yoshikirby.jpg KirbyYoshi3DS.jpeg
Kirby Yoshi Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Yoshi Kirby.jpg Egg Lay Starting in Brawl, Kirby mimics the vocalization that Yoshi does when unleashing his tongue. Starting in SSB4, the egg that Kirby lays matches the color of the copied Yoshi.
Young Link Young Link Kirby.png SSBU Young Link Kirby.jpg Fire Bow Resembles Sword Kirby.
Zelda Kirbyzelda.png Kzelda.jpg KirbyZeldaHat.jpg
Kirby Zelda Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Zelda Kirby.jpg Nayru's Love In Melee, Brawl, and SSB4, Kirby wears the same hat as the younger version of Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, despite the latter two games featuring Zelda in her Twilight Princess design. In Ultimate, this was changed to her hair and tiara from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.
Zero Suit Samus Kirbyzss.jpg KirbyZeroHat.jpg
Kirby Zero Suit Samus Wii U.jpeg
SSBU Zero Suit Samus Kirby.jpg Paralyzer


  • The Smash copy ability from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Planet Robobot allows Kirby to use his standard moveset from the Super Smash Bros. series in the mainline Kirby games.
  • Link is the only character whose copy ability hat is based solely on an alternate costume, as in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kirby uses Link's cap from his "Hero of the Wild" armor set in spite of Link's default costume no longer including a cap.
  • Zelda, Falco, and Hero are the only characters whose copy ability hats are not solely based on the character's concurrent appearance in Smash. Zelda's is based on young Zelda's hat from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in all games prior to Ultimate, despite Zelda not wearing this hat in any of her playable appearances. Falco's is based on his head design in Star Fox 64, despite this only being accurate to his depiction in Melee, as his design is changed in later Smash games. The Hero's incorporates a piece of equipment that the Luminary can wear in his original game, despite him not doing so in Smash.
    • Zelda is the only character whose copy ability hat has been based on a different version of the character copied, as Brawl and SSB4 use the Twilight Princess incarnation of Zelda.
  • Hero is the only character whose weapon Kirby can copy, but not use.
    • While he doesn't use the Monado as a weapon, Kirby can still use it to apply Monado Arts to himself.
  • Yoshi, Little Mac, and Inkling are the only characters whose alternate costume affects Kirby's copy ability aesthetically.
    • Additionally, while their alternate costumes do not affect Kirby's copy ability, Jigglypuff and Mewtwo's copy ability hats will change color based on Kirby's costume.
  • Terry is the first, and so far the only, character to add a cosmetic to the tips of Kirby's hands when copied, being Terry's gloves. He gains "sleeves" when copying Donkey Kong, but they do not fully cover his arms.
  • According to Kirby's voice actress—Makiko Ohmoto—she is usually not given any context when recording Copy Ability voice clips, in order to maintain confidentiality. However, when recording the voice clips for copying Terry, she immediately figured out who it was solely based on the two lines she had to record, as she was familiar with Terry's dialogue through playing Fatal Fury with her brother.[1]
  • Although Bowser has historically lacked his traditional voice from the Super Mario series, Kirby's imitation of Bowser in Smash 4 is somewhat more similar to his canon voice.