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Not to be confused with Mr. Game & Watch's neutral attack.
Isai performing the Greenhouse combo.

The Greenhouse is a well-known Pikachu combo in Smash 64 that can be performed in the "tent" area on Hyrule Castle. It was created by the top professional player Isai. The combo can start off with multiple forward and back throws to knock the opponent into the walls and back to Pikachu, racking up damage, but if the opponent already has high enough damage, this part can be skipped. A neutral aerial can also be used to knock the opponent into the wall. It is followed by using an up tilt to knock the opponent up, then a back throw so they bounce off the left wall then the right, a back aerial which causes them to bounce towards the right wall again and rebound off it, being knocked towards Pikachu while still in hitstun. Pikachu can end with an up smash, followed by a Thunderspike.