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List of updates (SSB4)/1.1.6 changelog

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This is the list of changes in version 1.1.6 of Super Smash Bros. 4. This update became available on May 20th, 2016.

Bayonetta is the only character to have been changed.


  • Nerf Forward aerial's first two hits deal less damage (3.8%/2.8% → 3%/2.2%), while the third hit has lower knockback scaling (82 → 68). In addition, a frame speed multiplier of 1.2x has been added to frame 29. This makes the move autocancel on frame 35 and be interruptible on frame 40.
  • Nerf Upward After Burner Kick has higher knockback scaling (40/30/100 → 50/38/112), which makes it more difficult to combo at high percentages.
  • Nerf Downward After Burner Kick deals less damage (8% → 6.5%), has a different launch angle (80° → 60°), less range (6.5 → 4.5) and a higher SDI multiplier (1x → 2x). This makes the move much worse at comboing, even if the opponent applies no DI.
  • Nerf Down tilt has less range (3.5 → 2.8) and slightly more ending lag (FAF: 26 → 27).
  • Nerf Down aerial's landing hit has lower knockback scaling (140 → 135).
  • Nerf Witch Twist has a higher SDI multiplier (1x → 2x), allowing opponents to escape her combos and KO confirms. The upper part of the middle hit also deals less knockback (160 fixed/100 scaling → 140/97) and all have less range (Y offset: 24 → 21, radius: 8 → 7).
    • Buff Due to Witch Twist's autolink angle knockback, the change in SDI multiplier allows opponents to be KO'd easily at early percent near close to the upper blast line.
  • Buff Last hit of first Witch Twist deals less knockback (50 base/105 scaling → 55/80), allowing for more follow-ups at higher percentages.
  • Nerf Last hits of first and second Witch Twist has a smaller hitbox (radius: 9 → 8.5) and lower vertical positioning (Y offset: 20 → 19). The last hit of second Witch Twist has increased base knockback (30 → 50).

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