List of updates (SSB4)/1.0.8 changelog

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This is the list of known changes in version 1.0.8 of Super Smash Bros. 4. This update became available worldwide on June 14th, 2015.


  • Change Grounded to air ledge transition mechanics altered, affecting run offs and other momentum techniques; characters can no longer run off the edge of a platform while performing a special move.
  • Change The height at which a defender will land on a platform during a throw's animation overlapping a platform has been increased, reducing the ability for this interaction to happen. Notable on Ganondorf's Flame Choke (can no longer force this on Battlefield platforms against any character) and Mewtwo's Confusion.
  • For unknown reasons, Screen KOs no longer occur in training mode.


  • Nerf Up tilt deals 1% less damage: 10% → 9%.
  • Buff Up tilt's start-up and ending lag decreased: 12 frames → 11 (start-up), 51 frames → 41 (ending).

Technical changelist 1.0.8

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Buff Non-angled and up-angled forward smash's knockback growths have been minimally increased, now KOing about 1-2% sooner.

Technical changelist 1.0.8

  • Nerf Down-angled forward smash's knockback growth has been minimally decreased, KOing about 1-2% later.
  • Nerf Up aerial's knockback has been reduced while its sweetspot, sourspot and middle hitboxes all do less damage: 13%/12%/12%/10% → 11%/10%/10%/9%. This makes it a less reliable KOing option.
  • Buff Up aerial's reduced knockback allows it to combo up to higher percents.


  • Buff Neutral attack has been improved. Its hits connect together better and the first hit has increased weight-based knockback.

Technical changelist 1.0.8

  • Buff Forward aerial's hitbox size and duration increased.
  • Buff Up throw's knockback increased, making it both the strongest up throw in the game and a viable KOing option.
  • Buff Down throw's knockback and ending lag decreased: 80 → 72, making it Charizard's best combo starter at low percents. Although it is less reliable as a KOing option, this is completely mitigated due to the same update's aforementioned buff of Charizard's up throw.

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • Buff Jab improved. It transitions through to the second hit 2 frames faster, to the third hit 1 frame faster, and to the infinite portion 7 frames faster. The rapid hits additionally have reduced SDI capacity, and the final hit of the jab has increased reach, increased base knockback, and 4 less frames of ending lag.
    • Nerf The complete jab deals marginally less damage.
  • Change Down tilt's damage was reduced by 0.5%, decreasing it's knockback. This, however, allows him to combo into moves like forward smash later.
  • Nerf Up aerial's hitboxes on frame 3 are removed, causing it to cover less range and have more starting lag, it autocancels 12 frames later, and has less interruptibility (frame 36 → frame 39), lessening its usefulness for spacing attacks and making it harder to combo with. Its knockback growth was also decreased weakening its KO capabilities.
  • Nerf All of Diddy's grabs have 3 more frames of ending lag.
  • Nerf Up throw's damage was reduced (8% → 5%) and its knockback was increased, reducing its follow-up capabilities & making reliable KO followups slightly more difficult.
  • Buff Down throw damage increased: 6% → 7%.
  • Nerf Down throw has increased knockback growth and a very slightly more diagonal knockback trajectory, reducing its follow-up capabilities and removing all guaranteed follow ups around 135%. Despite its higher knockback growth, it still cannot KO at realistic percentages.
  • Buff Up smash's final hit knockback growth: 126 → 129.

Technical changelist

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • Buff Cargo forward throw deals 2% more damage: 8% → 10%.
  • Buff Cargo back throw deals 4% more damage: 8% → 12%.
  • Change Cargo back throw's angle altered.
  • Buff Cargo back throw's knockback growth increased: 38 → 80.
  • Buff Cargo up throw deals 3% more damage: 7% → 10%.
  • Buff Cargo down throw deals 1% more damage: 6% → 7%.
  • Change Cargo down throw's animation has slightly changed. Donkey Kong now hops while performing it.

Technical changelist 1.0.8

Duck Hunt[edit]

  • Buff Neutral aerial's landing lag decreased: 22 → 17.


  • Buff Falco's air speed increased: 0.893 → 0.93.
  • Buff Falco's air acceleration increased: 0.07 → 0.09.
  • Buff Neutral attack has been improved. It locks opponents more reliably for all of its hits and all of its hitboxes' sizes have been slightly increased.
  • Buff Neutral aerial has been improved. Its hitboxes' sizes increased, its hits now properly keep opponents in place, and it always produces knockback towards the direction Falco faces, significantly improving its follow-up potential.
  • Nerf Neutral aerial deals 1% less damage: 12% → 11%.
  • Buff Forward aerial deals 1% more damage if all aerial hits connect: 5% → 6%.
  • Buff Forward aerial's start-up and landing lag decreased: 12 frames → 10 (start-up), 32 frames → 25 (landing).
  • Buff Forward aerial overall lag decreased: 58 frames → 50, giving it follow-up potential.
  • Nerf Forward aerial's landing hit deals 2% less damage: 5% → 3%.
  • Buff Up aerial's startup decreased: 10 frames → 7.
  • Buff Up aerial's hitboxes' sizes increased and deal more vertical knockback.
  • Change Up aerial's sourspot has been removed, now leaving it with a single hitbox that deals 1% less damage than the up aerial's previous sweetspot: 11% → 10%. While this means it is much more consistent in utility, it means it no longer has a hitbox that is extra powerful.
  • Buff Sweetspotted down aerial lasts 1 frame longer.
  • Buff Sourspotted down aerial's hitboxes' sizes increased.
  • Change Sweetspotted down aerial no longer meteor smashes grounded opponents. Instead, it now launches opponents at a slightly diagonally vertical trajectory. While this removes its follow-up potential at high percentages, it can no longer be teched by grounded opponents.
  • Nerf Falco Phantasm's start-up increased: frame 18 → 19.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Forward tilt deals 0.75% more damage: 6.5% → 7.25%.
  • Buff Forward tilt's ending lag is moderately decreased: 41 frames → 32.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Neutral attack has been improved. It transitions faster and the last hit now hits above Ike, matching its animation.
  • Nerf Forward tilt deals consistent damage: 14%/12% → 12.5%, though it is less than the average between the previous sweetspot and sourspot's damage, making it weaker overall.
  • Buff Forward tilt's startup decreased: 15 frames → 12.
  • Buff Up tilt's hitbox lasts longer has increased vertical increased.
  • Buff Dash attack improved. It deals 4% more damage: 10% (sweet)/7% (sour)/5% (late) → 14%/11%/9%, its overall range and knockback have been increased, it launches opponents at a more horizontal angle, making it a reliable KOing option, and has 4 frames less of startup: 18 frames → 15.
  • Buff Neutral (16 frames → 14), forward (20 → 18), up (18 → 15), and down aerial (26 → 23) all have less landing lag.
  • Buff Forward aerial has 2 frames less of startup and hits better above and below Ike.
  • Buff All variations of Quick Draw have had their startup decreased by 3 frames: 19 frames → 16.
  • Change Aether's vacuum properties altered.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Change Down tilt deals 1% less damage: 12% → 11%, its knockback decreased and it comes out faster. This lowers its KO power, but improves its combo ability.
  • Buff Up smash's hits connect together better, with all three hits now connecting when the move lands and the first two hits now dragging the opponent toward Link instead of stunning them.
  • Buff Super Smash Bros. for Wii UClawshot now behaves like it does in the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS version. Link's grab range has been doubled in terms of Clawshot length and grab distance. Clawshot also grabs just before it droops back down to the ground, while Link's standing grab has been sped up by two frames.
  • Buff All grabs' ending lag decreased: 66 frames/77 frames/79 frames → 61/65/66.
  • Buff Forward throw's ending lag decreased: 39 frames → 34.
  • Buff Down throw's launching angle altered: 110° → 83°. This allows for better follow-ups and juggling.
  • Change Down throw's second hit deals 1% less damage: 4% → 3%. However, this results in lower knockback, which allows for better follow-ups and juggling.
  • Buff Spin Attack's knockback growth increased: 84 → 85 (stage 1), 80 → 85 (stage 2), 80 → 82 (stage 3).
  • Buff Stage 2 Shocking Spin Attack's knockback growth increased: 80 → 82.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Neutral attack's first hit's knockback growth decreased. This allows it to connect better with its second hit.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Neutral attack has been improved. Both hits connect together better due to the faster transition and the first hit's now vertical knockback. The first hit has also been given follow-up potential outside of transiting to the second hit, which is now stronger.
  • Nerf Due to the angle alteration of neutral attack's first hit, neutral attack can no longer jab lock.
  • Nerf Neutral attack's first hit deals 1.425% less damage: 4.75% → 3.325%.
  • Buff Forward tilt deals 0.95% more damage: 9.975% → 10.925%.
  • Buff All of up tilt's hitboxes now deal vertical knockback with increased base knockback, improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Up tilt's ending lag decreased by 3 frames.
  • Buff Neutral aerial's landing lag decreased by 3 frames.
  • Buff Dolphin Slash's knockback growth increased.
  • Change Dolphin Slash and Crescent Slash's hitlag increased.
  • Change Lucina may say one of two lines when using Counter: "My turn!" or "You're mine!"
  • Change Lucina may grunt when using Dolphin Slash.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Neutral attack has been improved. Both hits link more reliably as the transition is faster and the first hit now produces vertical-based knockback, while the second deals increased knockback. The first hit also now has follow-up potential outside of transitioning to the second hit.
  • Nerf Due to the angle alteration of neutral attack's first hit, neutral attack can no longer jab lock.
  • Nerf All hitboxes of neutral attack's first hit deal 1% less damage (4%/6% → 3%/5%).
  • Buff All hitboxes of up tilt now deal vertical knockback, with improved base knockback, making it a better KO move. It additionally has 3 less frames of ending lag.
  • Buff Neutral aerial has 3 less frames of landing lag.
  • Buff Dolphin Slash has slightly improved knockback growth.
  • Change Dolphin Slash and Crescent Slash deal slightly more hitlag.

Technical changelist 1.0.8

Meta Knight[edit]

  • Buff Neutral attack has been improved. It deals 0.2% more damage: 1% → 1.2%, its ending lag decreased by 12 frames, its hitboxes split to cover more space, it is harder to SDI out of, its knockback growth decreased and its hitbox size increased. This makes it much more reliable as a damage racker, even at high percents.
  • Buff Forward tilt's last hit deals 1% more damage: 3% → 4%.
  • Buff Forward tilt's last hit's ending lag decreased by 10 frames.
  • Change Forward tilt's last hit's angle altered. While this slightly improves it KO potential at the edge around 150%, it weakens its combo potential.
  • Buff Neutral aerial's landing lag decreased by 4 frames.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Neutral aerial's landing lag decreased: 19 frames → 16.
  • Nerf Up smash's initial hitbox size decreased.

Technical changelist 1.0.8

Mii Brawler[edit]

  • Change Onslaught windbox 1: angle → 50°
  • Change Onslaught windbox 1 knockback growth: 100 → 0
  • Change Onslaught windbox 1 weight-based knockback: 80 → 0
  • Change Onslaught windbox 1 element: Hit → Push

Mii Gunner[edit]

Mii Swordfighter[edit]

  • Buff Jab improved. It has 2 less frames of startup, transitions faster, and link all hits more reliably. It additionally has less ending lag.
  • Buff Forward tilt has less ending lag.
  • Buff Dash attack's hitboxes are larger.
  • Buff Down smash has less ending lag.
  • Buff Neutral aerial has 2 less frames of ending lag.
  • Buff Forward aerial has larger hitboxes, in addition to reduced landing lag.
  • Buff Back aerial deals 2% more damage: 12% → 14%, with the increased knockback making it a more reliable KO move.
  • Change Airborne Assault launches at a lower trajectory.

Technical changelist 1.0.8

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

  • Buff Down tilt knockback increased (10 base/120 growth → 40 base/125 growth).
  • Buff Down tilt size increased: 9.0 → 10.5.
  • Buff Back aerial landing lag decreased: 24 frames → 19 frames.

Technical changelist 1.0.8



  • Bug fix Fixed a glitch where Pikmin Order no longer reverses from ledge grabs.


  • Buff Up tilt's loop hits deal 0.2% more damage: 1% → 1.2%.
  • Buff Up tilt's hitboxes moved: bone 1000 → 0. This means the hitboxes are now centered around herself rather than her staff, and thus its loop hits connect together better.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Both hits of neutral attack have bigger hitboxes.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Change Neutral infinite slightly pushes Robin backward upon completion. While this can potentially push him off a stage, the push effect can also enable him to space better.

Rosalina & Luma[edit]

  • Buff Luma's health points increased: 47 HP → 50.
  • Nerf Neutral infinite's finisher's knockback growth decreased: 170 → 150.


    • Buff Up smash's hitbox sizes increased by 0.5.
  • Buff Up smash's last hit's hitbox size increased: 7u/3.5u → 7.3u/4u.
  • Buff Up smash's last hit's knockback growth increased: 135 → 150.
  • Change Certain hitboxes in up smash have been split.
  • Buff Standing and pivot grabs' ending lag decreased by 4 frames: 79/92 → 75/88.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Nerf Up smash's knockback growth decreased: 177 → 165.
  • Buff Down aerial's ending lag decreased: frame 50 → 46. This makes it harder to self-destruct with.

Toon Link[edit]

  • Buff Neutral attack has been improved. The second hit keeps the opponent in place better for the last hit, while the last hit's hitbox size increased: 3.5u → 4.2u.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff All grabs have less ending lag: 57/71/65 → 55/69/64.
  • Buff Down throw damage: 4.5% → 6%.
  • Buff Down throw's knockback growth is decreased: 105 → 80, making it better for follow-ups.
  • Buff Forward throw base knockback: 100 → 102
  • Buff Back throw base knockback: 15 → 18
  • Nerf Consecutive uses of Balloon Trip now result in less distance.


  • Buff Jab links more reliably, and the second hit has bigger hitbox sizes and an additional hitbox.

Technical changelist 1.0.8


  • Buff Up smash's knockback increased, KOing about 20% earlier.
  • Buff Up smash's SDI multipliers decreased, enabling opponents to be kept in place better.
  • Buff Up smash's multiple hits' hitbox sizes increased: 3 → 3.5.
  • Buff Neutral, up, and down aerials' landing lag decreased by 3 frames: 22/22/21 → 19/19/18.
  • Change Neutral aerial's front hits and back hits have had their damage outputs reversed: 1% → 2% (front), 2% → 1% (back).

Technical changelist 1.0.8