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List of updates (SSB4)/1.0.6 changelog

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This is the list of known changes in version 1.0.6 of Super Smash Bros. 4. This update became available on April 15th, 2015.


  • Change Pressing A + B together produces smash attacks. This can be disabled in the Controls menu.
  • Change Tilting the analog stick + smash stick together produces smash attacks instead of tilt attacks.
  • Change It is no longer possible to perform tilt attacks or smash attacks while holding a throwing item.
  • SSB4-U Icon.pngChange The player's selected name now persists between modes.
  • SSB4-U Icon.pngBug fix Fixed glitch where feeding an amiibo would affect CPU characters in Master Orders.
  • SSB4-3 Icon.pngChange In Team Battles, CPUs use Share Stock a couple seconds after they lose their stocks, rather than instantly.


Top: Lylat Cruise on the game's release. Bottom: Lylat Cruise after update 1.0.6.
  • SSB4-U Icon.pngChange The underside of Lylat Cruise has been completely redesigned, losing its visual accuracy in exchange for allowing characters to recover up the sides without hitting a ceiling.
  • SSB4-U Icon.pngBug fix The Nabbit glitch has been removed.
  • SSB4-U Icon.pngBug fix Fixed glitch where Ness's down throw could send opponents through the boat on Wuhu Island for an instant KO.


  • Buff Bowser has more control over Flying Slam's trajectory.

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • Buff Forward smash can hit at a closer range.
  • Change Neutral infinite has less visual whiffs.

Technical changelist 1.0.6

Change Old value New value
Forward smash (repeating hit) hitboxes 1 2
Forward smash initial hitbox Y-offset 18 17
Forward smash final hitbox size 6 7
Forward smash final hitbox X/Y-offsets 20,10 18,8
Forward smash final hitbox (angled up) Y-offset 13 11
Forward smash final hitbox (angled down) X-offset 20 17

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Nerf Down-angled forward smash's knockback has been noticeably reduced.
  • Change Neutral infinite has less visual whiffs.


  • Buff Up throw's damage increased: 6% (hit 1), 2% (throw) → 8% (hit 1), 3% (throw).
  • Nerf Flare Blitz deals 1% more recoil damage: 4% (no collision), 9% (collision) → 5% (no collision), 10% (collision).
  • Change Forward aerial's sourspots deal less knockback (45 base/100 scaling → 35/92), but the sweetspot deals more knockback (25 base/80 scaling → 32/97).
  • Buff Fly's knockback increased.
  • Buff Down tilt's start-up and ending lag decreased.

Dark Pit[edit]

  • Bug fix No longer clips through sloped terrain while using ledge attack as someone else grabs the ledge.

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • Nerf Forward smash has more ending lag (FAF 48 → 51).
  • Nerf Forward smash's sweetspot launches opponents at a higher angle (40° → 46°).
  • Nerf Up aerial deals less damage (8% → 6%) without compensation on its knockback, significantly hindering its KO potential.
    • Buff However, this also improves its combo potential at higher percents.
  • Nerf Forward aerial deals less damage (12% (clean)/10% (late) → 10%/8%).
  • Change Up throw deals less damage (6% (throw)/10% (total) → 4%/8%) without compensation on its knockback. This hinders its KO potential but improves its followup potential at higher percents.
  • Nerf Down throw deals less damage (7% → 6%) and it has increased kncokback scaling (40 → 50). This gives the throw more knockback overall, hindering its combo potential at higher percents.
  • Buff Monkey Flip's kick now has an extra hitbox that deals 10% damage near the end of the kick.
  • Nerf Monkey Flip's grab deals less damage (12% → 10%).
  • Nerf Monkey Flip's jump deals less damage (10% → 8%).

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • Buff Giant Punch charges significantly faster: 172 frames → 144.
  • Nerf Headbutt no longer stalls Donkey Kong in midair.
  • Change Neutral attack's first hit no longer launches opponents at the Sakurai angle.

Dr. Mario[edit]

  • Change Up smash's angle has been altered (110º →130º)
  • Buff Up smash knockback growth increased (105 →117)
  • Buff Sweetspotted forward aerial deals 1.12% more damage: 15.68% → 16.8%.


  • Buff Neutral attack deals 1% more damage on the arm and hand hitboxes respectively: 6%/9% → 7%/10%.
  • Change Up, forward and down throws have less hitlag.


  • Bug fix Fixed a glitch where Aether Drive behaved erratically while performed in slow motion.
  • Buff Counter's knockback growth increased: 74 → 100.


  • Buff Down throw deals 3.6% more damage: 6.6% → 10.2%.
  • Nerf Sourspotted upward angled forward smash deals 1% less damage: 13% → 12%.
  • Nerf Upward angled forward smash also KOs 11% later.
  • Buff Up smash KOs 7% earlier.
  • Buff Down smash KOs 4% earlier.
  • Buff Inhale can be canceled earlier.
  • Change Inhale's animation slightly changed. Fiery effects emit from Kirby after he Inhales explosive items.
  • Buff Hammer Flip's ending lag decreased.
  • Buff Kirby moves faster on the ground while charging Hammer Flip.
  • Change Final Cutter has improved visual effects.


  • Buff Uncharged Spin Attack deals 2% more damage: 12% → 14% and KOs 17% earlier.
  • Nerf Spin Attack's back half KOs 19% later.
  • Buff Spin Attack comes out 3 frames faster and ends 4 frames sooner.
  • Change Spin Attack and Shocking Spin Attack's second hitboxes' Z-offsets increased: 6.6 → 7.
  • Nerf Neutral attack's first hit ends sooner: 27 frames → 19. It also no longer has any interruptibility frames, removing Link's "jab cancel death combo".[1]
  • Nerf Non-tippered dash attack deals 1% less damage: 13% → 12%.
  • Nerf Nop-tippered dash attack's knockback growth decreased: 78 → 72.
  • Buff Dash attack's hitbox comes out 1 frame faster: frame 21 → 20.
  • Nerf Down tilt's knockback growth decreased.
  • Nerf Down tilt no longer meteor smashes characters hanging on a ledge except for Charizard.
  • Change Forward smash's sourspot's position has been altered.
  • Buff Parts of forward smash have been made irreversible.
  • Buff Down aerial's reach increased by 50%.

Little Mac[edit]

  • Buff Jolt Haymaker's knockback increased.



  • Buff Forward aerial deals 0.5% more damage: 8.075% → 8.575%.
  • Buff Down tilt deals 0.5% more damage: 8.075% → 8.575%.
  • Buff Forward smash deals 0.55% more damage: 14.725% → 15.275%.
  • Buff Down smash's second hit deals 0.5% more damage: 13.775% → 14.275%.
  • Buff Uncharged Shield Breaker deals 0.5% more damage: 8.075% → 8.575%.
  • Buff Fully charged Shield Breaker deals 1% more damage: 21.85% → 22.85%.
  • Buff The first hit of neutral attack has less ending lag (FAF 30 → 27).
  • Buff Forward tilt has less ending lag (FAF 40 → 36).
  • Buff The first hit of Dancing Blade has less ending lag on the ground (FAF 47 → 43).
  • Buff The third hit of Dancing Blade launches opponents at a lower angle (60°/70°/35° → 50°/55°/40°) and has more base knockback (30 → 40) allowing it to connect into the fourth hit more reliably.


  • Nerf Fireball deals 1% less damage the farther it goes: 6% → 5% (late).


  • Buff Forward smash's sourspot covers more of Mario's arm, reducing its point-blank blind spot.
  • Change Forward smash's sourspot can no longer send opponents behind Mario.

Technical changelist 1.0.6

Change Old value New value
Forward smash hitbox 0 position Position: [-1.0, 0.0, 0.0] Position: [-1.0, 0.7, 0.0]
Stretch: [-3.0, 1.0, 0.0]
Forward smash hitbox 0 angle flipper Standard (0, default) Forwards only (3)


  • Buff The first hit of neutral attack has less ending lag (FAF 30 → 27).
  • Buff Forward tilt has less ending lag (FAF 40 → 36).
  • Buff The first hit of Dancing Blade has less ending lag on the ground (FAF 47 → 43).
  • Buff The third hit of Dancing Blade launches opponents at a lower angle (60°/70°/35° → 50°/55°/40°) and has more base knockback (30 → 40) allowing it to connect into the fourth hit more reliably.

Mega Man[edit]

  • Buff Leaf Shield starts moving sooner when thrown (though the animation length is unchanged).
  • Bug fix Landing lag glitch has been fixed.

Meta Knight[edit]

Mii Brawler[edit]

  • Nerf Both hits of forward aerial deal 1% less damage: 4%/6% → 3%/5%.
  • Nerf Back aerial deals 2% less damage: 12% → 10%.
  • Nerf Piston Punch's first hit can no longer OHKO the lightest characters.

Mii Swordfighter[edit]

  • Buff Down tilt damage increased by 2%: 6% → 8%
  • Buff Neutral aerial damage increased by 3%: 5% → 8%
  • Buff Hero's Spin (grounded) damage increased: 12-16% → 14-19%

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

  • Buff Forward tilt base knockback increased: 20 → 30.
  • Buff Chef (all variations) pan size increased: 5.76 → 6.76.


  • Nerf Forward smash deals less knockback (30 (base)/92/101/90 (scaling red/(yellow/blue/white)/purple) → 33/(86/94/84).
  • Nerf Up smash has less knockback scaling (86/79/82 (red clean near/clean far/late)/94/86/90 (yellow/blue/white clean near/clean far/late)/84/77/81(purple clean near/clean far/late) → 83/74/78 (R)/91/81/85 (YBW)/81/72/76 (P)).
  • Nerf Down smash deals less knockback (30/22/0 (base/late (red/yellow/blue/white/late (purple))/89/97/78 (scaling red/(yellow/blue/white)/purple) → (32/25 (RBYW)/32/0 (P)/(81/89/72).
  • Change Pummel now has transcendent priority.
  • Change Pikmin can no longer be seen immediately when plucked out of the ground (frame 1 → 2).
  • Change Order tackle can no longer be reflected when the Pikmin return to Olimar.
    • Bug fix As a result, this fixed a glitch where reflecting Order Tackle would give the Pikmin a permanent power boost.
      • Nerf This hinders Order Tackle's utility in doubles, as Olimar can no longer attach Pikmin to a Fox holding out a Reflector, return the Pikmin and have the Pikmin deal over 999% damage and OHKO opponents when used as an attack.



  • Change Due to concerns raised by CERO, Palutena's shorts and skirt were darkened and lengthened to be less revealing in the Japanese version.
  • Bug fix Fixed a glitch where Super Speed's momentum could be maintained after jump-canceled attacks.


  • Nerf Ledge grab animation's length has been standardized, becoming slower as a result.


  • Bug fix No longer clips through sloped terrain while using ledge attack as someone else grabs the ledge.


  • Nerf Up throw's knockback decreased.


  • Buff Neutral infinite's knockback decreased and its hits connect together better.
  • Buff Forward tilt's "deadspot" has been partially fixed.
  • Change Tomes no longer disappear when landing on platforms.
  • Bug fix Fixed a glitch where female Robin's Levin Sword would not repeatedly flash to indicate that it was about to break.

Rosalina & Luma[edit]

  • Nerf Luma's health points decreased: 52 HP → 47.


  • Buff Sweetspotted forward tilt deals 1% more damage: 7%/8% → 8%/9% and its knockback increased. This makes it capable of KOing middleweight characters around 180% at the edge.
  • Nerf Forward tilt has received a sourspot on the middle part of Samus' leg. This results in it dealing little to no hitstun and 1% less damage: 6%/7% → 5%/6%.
  • Nerf Forward tilt can no longer lead into Charge Shot tech-chases due to the aforementioned sweetspot's increased knockback and added sourspot.
  • Buff Super Missile's speed increased (however, the increase is rather negligible).


  • Nerf Back aerial's damage and knockback significantly decreased: 11/10% → 8/7%
  • Nerf Down tilt damage: 7.5% → 5%


  • Nerf Back throw's knockback growth decreased: 90 → 79. This noticeably weakens one of Sonic's most potent KOing options.
  • Nerf Spin Dash's rolling and jumping hitboxes deal 3% less damage: 10% → 7% (rolling), 6% → 3% (jumping). This results in a full Spin Dash combo dealing 6% less damage overall.
  • Nerf Burning Spin Dash's invincibility decreased.
  • Buff Spring Jump can no longer be Pocketed.
  • Change Homing Attack will only target characters. Previously, it could target Luma or the can used in Duck Hunt's Trick Shot.

Toon Link[edit]

  • Buff Hero's Shield now reliably blocks the lasers from Fox and Falco's Blasters.
  • Change Down smash's first hit's knockback decreased. While this removes its KO potential against aerial opponents, it allows it to connect together better with the second hit.


  • Buff Ledge attack's ending lag decreased.
  • Buff Part of forward smash has been made irreversible.
  • Nerf Forward smash's range decreased.
  • Buff Upward angled forward tilt's start-up lag decreased.


  • Buff Forward smash's SDI multipliers decreased, enabling opponents to be kept in place better.
  • Buff Forward smash's loop hits' angles altered, enabling the move's hits to connect better.
  • Buff Phantom Slash's ending lag decreased.
  • Buff Phantom stays out for roughly a quarter of a second longer.
  • Nerf Phantom's respawn time increased: 6 seconds → 9.
  • Change Back Lightning Kick has improved visual effects.


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