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Subspace (Part II)

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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.
Kirby in the second part of the Subspace.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in Brawl
Availability Subspace Emissary only
Preceding SSE stage Subspace (Part I)
Following SSE stage The Great Maze

Subspace (Part II) (亜空間, Subspace) is the 30th and penultimate stage of The Subspace Emissary.


When the fighters enter Subspace, they are turned into trophies by Tabuu. Luckily, King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness are saved by Dedede's brooches and save most of the characters. At the same time, Kirby, who had previously swallowed one of Dedede's brooches, is awoken. During the level, the player must play as Kirby and save the fighters that Luigi, Ness, and King Dedede did not. Once completed, a cutscene occurs where Kirby finds Ganondorf's trophy. He studies Ganondorf carefully until Bowser arrives, bashing the trophy angrily as revenge for being turned into a trophy earlier by Ganondorf. While Kirby stares in confusion at this display, King Dedede leaps in from behind and hugs Kirby. Also, if Link and Zelda are saved, then a cutscene will happen where they rescue Ganondorf. If Wario is rescued, a cutscene plays that shows him knocking down Dedede for stealing his cargo and trophies way earlier. The trio point at the Great Maze and then he races them up the stairs to the Great Maze on his bike.

Playable characters[edit]

Trophy locations[edit]

  • Peach - Head to the first small platform seen.
  • Zelda* - After Peach, continue to the big platform where quark Mines are on the very right.
  • Meta Knight - Continue and the trophy is in a small alcove, guarded by two quark mines.
  • Link* - In the next room where the player must get down with bomb blocks.
  • Yoshi - After Link, break the next bomb block but on the left.
  • Lucario - After Yoshi, in a place with more bomb blocks on the right.
  • R.O.B. - Near the end of the section after two ambushes.
  • Ice Climbers - After R.O.B., go through the door and head right on the upper platforms to find the trophy surrounded by trackblocks.
  • Snake - Continue right after Ice Climbers, the player will be ambushed by a Ticken and the trophy is surrounded by trackblocks.
  • Wario - At the very end of the stage. He will join the player if they rescue him.
  • *If Link and Zelda are obtained, then Ganondorf will join the player's party.

Team Members[edit]

All the characters that Kirby recovered, return the team, now with different members, this team gathers with King Dedede, Ness, Luigi, the other characters that they recovered, and Bowser, Link and Zelda include Ganondorf, showing him the Master Hand's corpse, demonstrating that Tabuu is more powerful than ever, this makes Ganondorf feel a bit angry, and like Bowser, he becomes good, this also happens with Wario, surprised that King Dedede, Ness and Luigi, the characters that King Dedede had stolen to Wario, now are not trophies, he thinkes that all of them are going to the great maze, and goes here with his Wario Bike.

First group

Depending on if they were saved previously:

Plus second group

Characters that will return if they are saved:

Introduced characters:

List of enemies[edit]