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Quark Mine

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A single Quark Mine.
A single Quark Mine.

A Quark Mine is a trap in the Subspace Emissary. Quark Mines are round, black spheres with neon green markings and several spines protruding from its surface. They are similar to Jyks because they either remain stationary or move in a continuous, predictable pattern.

If a character touches, shields, or attacks a Quark, it sets off an unstable, electrical explosion. This explosion has a high KO ratio, even on the lower difficulty level. Unlike Jyks, a Quark Mine can be defeated. If a character approaches a Quark, its green markings turn magenta, it makes a beeping signifying self-destruction, and it explodes. Quark Mines often appear in large groups, which makes them difficult obstacles to avoid. If one Quark Mine explodes, nearby ones may also explode if they are in close enough proximity. Quark Mines are not affected by non-damaging attacks such as F.L.U.D.D. or Water Gun.

Quark Mines act as obstacles in the Subspace Emissary.

One group of Quark Mines in The Subspace Bomb Factory operate differently from the others. If a character happens to approach a certain area (e.g. a platform), Quark Mines are quickly dispatched and attempt to ram themselves into the character.

Most Quark Mines are found on the Isle of Ancients, in the Research Facility, and in the Subspace Bomb Factory. Others can be found in The Wilds, on the Halberd, and throughout The Great Maze.

A specific Quark Mine in the Halberd reveals an Orange Cube if it detonates close enough to the cracked ceiling.