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Two Floows in the Subspace Emissary.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Level(s) appears in The Ruined Zoo
The Ruins
The Swamp
The Glacial Peak
Battleship Halberd Interior
The Subspace Bomb Factory II
Entrance to Subspace
The Great Maze
Point worth 800

A Floow (フロウス, Flows) is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode which first appears in the Ruined Zoo level. It looks like a large black cloud with gray rectangles forming a humanoid shape and two small red eyes. Its trophy describes it as "a ghost patched with strips of darkness." A Floow's attack (some sort of scream) is a powerful combo attack that causes high damage and powerful knockback on the last hit. It is also possible for two Floows attacking at alternate times to trap a player. A particular annoyance of the Floow is its ability to steadily regain health, although it cannot move or attack while healing. Floows can be turned into a trophy with the use of a trophy stand, but precise aiming and timing may be required as the Floows float around. Floows are also completely immune to absorbable attacks; such attacks will simply vanish on contact and not do anything.

Name origin[edit]

Its name is a corruption of the word "flow", which describes the way it moves.

Damage taken[edit]

  EffectIcon(Normal).png EffectIcon(Slash).png EffectIcon(Electric).png EffectIcon(Freezing).png EffectIcon(Flame).png EffectIcon(Grass).png EffectIcon(Water).png EffectIcon(Darkness).png EffectIcon(Aura).png Specials: Direct Specials: Indirect
Damage taken ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×2.5 ×1.0

Trophy Description[edit]

The Floow trophy in Brawl

An enemy that might be described as a ghost patched with strips of darkness. A Floow will float in the air and attack nastily from behind. Harboring pent-up resentment, a Floow's cries reveal one part sadness, one part madness. This especially hits home when gazing into its ghastly red eyes. After taking a certain amount of damage, a Floow will disappear.

Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl