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The Adventure Map depicting the World of Trophies

The World of Trophies (トロフィーの世界, World of Trophies) (called This World on the Smash Bros. DOJO!! website and on the trophies) is the world in which the Subspace Emissary takes place. The area is quite diverse in terrain, ranging from forests to deserts. There is a Floating Island of the Ancients above a large ocean, where the Subspace Army holds its base of operations. All the characters of Smash Bros. live in different areas in this world. The Ancient Minister's trophy description states he was once the ruler of 'this world' who lived on The Floating Island of the Ancients with the R.O.B.s. Tabuu wanted the R.O.B.s to construct Subspace Bombs, and forced the Ancient Minister to order them to detonate the bombs and lead the Subspace Army.

In the World of Trophies, trophies that depict various Nintendo characters hold fights. Fighting is their sole existence. When defeated, instead of dying, the character is turned into a trophy. When a character returns to trophy state, he or she must be revived by another character or a Dedede Brooch, a badge that revives a character after a certain amount of time. Bosses, such as Petey Piranha or Master Hand, actually die when defeated.

Some characters from the same game series are friends or enemies in this world as well, such as Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong, and Link & Zelda. In addition, some characters that appeared in different games became friends, such as Pokémon Trainer & Lucas, Captain Falcon and Olimar,and Kirby & either Peach or Zelda (depending on what princess was saved). Thus, it is unclear whether the trophies are the true characters, or simply animated statuettes of them.


  • Luigi's and Zelda's pose for their trophies seen in the Subspace Emissary are for some reason different than those collected in Classic Mode.
  • The World of Trophies is not a canonical location to any game series' overall storyline.

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