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Pit dashing towards a Greap.

Universe Super Smash Bros.
Level(s) appears in Skyworld
Sea of Clouds
Battlefield Fortress
The Lake Shore
The Wilds II
Battleship Halberd Exterior
Entrance to Subspace
The Great Maze
Point worth 1500

The Greap (ギラーン, Gyraan) is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode. Greaps make their first appearance in the Skyworld (SSE).

Enemy description[edit]

The Greap appears to be a pot with wheels on the bottom with two large, scythe-like arms, which it uses for its attacks. Its weak spot is its small, red head. It has two attacks. The first one hits both of its blades into the ground (high upwards knockback). However, its scythes will get stuck into the ground. If the player tries jumping, it will spin both scythes in the air (low knockback but the last hit). If the player rolls behind it as it attacks, they can use this as an opportunity to hit it with a powerful attack.

Name origin[edit]

The name "Greap" is likely a shortened form of "Grim Reaper". It may also be a combination of the words grape, describing the orbicular, purple being controlling the "pot" vehicle, and reap, which describes what it does with its scythes (it actually uses them to attack the player).

The fact that Greap does so much damage in one attack may be another reference to the Grim Reaper, the symbol of death.

Damage taken[edit]

  EffectIcon(Normal).png EffectIcon(Slash).png EffectIcon(Electric).png EffectIcon(Freezing).png EffectIcon(Flame).png The icon for the grass effect. EffectIcon(Water).png EffectIcon(Darkness).png EffectIcon(Aura).png Specials: Direct Specials: Indirect
Damage taken ×0.1 ×0.05 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.05 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.1 ×0.2
Head ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2 ×1.2


Screenshot by Dany36
Greap's trophy in Brawl
A terrifying enemy with two giant sickles. It uses these well-sharpened, slice-'em-and-dice-'em sickles for a fearsome attack. With a handle on its back, it almost looks like a baby carriage. Combining horrific qualities with this precious imagery gives the Greap a somewhat conflicted disposition, exuding both creepiness and cuteness.
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ギラーン, Gyraan
UK English Greap
France French Fauserpe
Germany German Schnätzel
Spain Spanish Guadolla
Italy Italian Greap
South Korea Korean 기론, Gyraan


  • Oddly, the second Greap in the Battleship Halberd Exterior only uses the second attack, even if the player is not above it. On intense difficulty, the player can get up to high 400%'s before defeating it.
  • Greaps are the only enemies to have energy attacks as the most effective attack type against them. However, if the head is attacked, all attacks deal the same damage.
  • There is a bug where if it takes slightly longer than usual for the player to respawn, Greap will keep rolling forwards, eventually self-destructing when it rolls offscreen.
  • Bowser Jr. (playable in Smash 4 and Ultimate) operates with similar damage mechanics to Greap; his exposed body takes 1.15x more damage, while the Koopa Clown Car (which parallels Greap's cauldron) takes 0.88x less.