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Koopa Troop

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The Koopa Troop, also referred to as the Turtle Tribe in Mario's character profile, is a group of enemies in Super Smash Bros. Melee's Adventure Mode in the Mushroom Kingdom stage, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode that are found exclusively in Midair Stadium, The Jungle, The Lake, The Cave, The Swamp and The Great Maze.

In Melee's Adventure Mode, the Koopa Troop served as standard enemies which could hinder the player's progress, and featured Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas.

In the Subspace Emissary, the Koopa Troop was led by Bowser, in an effort to take out the heroes and aid Tabuu with his master plan, but their efforts were foiled. The first time a member is seen is when Petey Piranha appears as the first boss at the end of Midair Stadium. The rest debuted by stealing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's bananas.

There are six different members of the Koopa Troop, each with their own unique design and attacks, as well as Petey Piranha as a boss, and Bowser as the leader. The trophies of the units below Bowser are collected by use of a Trophy Stand.

Koopa Troopa[edit]

A Green Koopa Troopa.
Main article: Koopa Troopa

The Koopa Troopa is the signature member of the troop, attacking with headbutts. They come in green and red variations, and when attacked enough or jumped on, they will withdraw into their shells, which can be thrown or kicked for the character's offense.

Koopa Paratroopa[edit]

A red Koopa Paratroopa.
Main article: Koopa Paratroopa

The Koopa Paratroopa is considered an upgraded version of a Koopa Troopa, as they are armed with wings. Koopa Paratroopas can use these wings to fly forwards, or directly upwards and downwards. If a Koopa Paratroopa is attacked or jumped on, they will lose their wings and revert to being a standard Koopa Troopa. Just like Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas use headbutts to attack.


The Goomba trophy in Brawl.
Main article: Goomba

Goombas are often considered the weakest member of the Koopa Troop, as they can be eliminated with a single jump, and cannot withstand many conventional attacks. They attack with charges.

Giant Goomba[edit]

The Giant Goomba trophy in Brawl.

Giant Goombas serve as a more powerful version of the Goomba, as while they use the same methods of attack, these attacks inflict more damage, and have a higher chance of KO'ing. Giant Goombas will only be defeated after they have been jumped on three times, or taken more conventional attacks than a standard Goomba.

Hammer Bro[edit]

Main article: Hammer Bro
Official artwork of the Hammer Bro in Brawl.

The Hammer Bro is a relative species of the Koopa Troopa that is armed with an array of hammers, which a Hammer Bro can throw. Unlike a Koopa Troopa, a Hammer Bro cannot be jumped on in Brawl, and must be defeated using regular attack methods. The Hammer Bro also appears as an Assist Trophy where it is completely invincible.

Bullet Bill[edit]

Main article: Bullet Bill
The Bullet Bill trophy in Brawl.

The Bullet Bill, while a living species, could be considered the machinery of the Koopa Troop, as they heavily resemble bullets, and they can be fired at any desired target to damage. While Bullet Bills can be defeated by attacks, they typically fly off of the screen boundaries by themselves without the need to manually destroy them.

Petey Piranha[edit]

Main article: Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha's render in Brawl.

Petey Piranha is the only boss of the Koopa Troop included in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Excluding Bowser). He appears as the first boss, holding the cages of both Peach and Zelda at the end of the Midair Stadium. Once a cage's health is depleted, it will break and free the princess inside while Petey catches on fire, collapses, and explodes. The unsaved princess will be turned into a trophy by Wario. At the last level, Tabuu resurrects Petey, along with the other bosses, and sends him after the heroes in The Great Maze.


Main article: Bowser
Official artwork of Bowser in Brawl.

Bowser is the ultimate leader of the Koopa Troop, albeit a lower rank than Tabuu. Bowser is fought by King Dedede late on in the Subspace Emissary, but after he is defeated, he will join the protagonists' team, and can serve as a playable character. However, the remainders of the Koopa Troop stay as antagonists.