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Yoshi (PM)

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in Project M
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Universe Yoshi
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Yoshi (SSBM), Yoshi (SSB)
Alternate costume Dorrie Yoshi (Project+)

Yoshi is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. For his appearance in Project M, Yoshi was reverted to his Melee version, with a few changes based on his Smash 64 version as well.

Yoshi ranks 33rd out of 41 on the official tier list at the top of the D tier. This is a significant drop from his Melee standing at 10th out of 26, however is less of a drop compared to Brawl, where he placed 27th out of 38.


Yoshi is a heavy, yet very mobile fighter with many great offensive and defensive options, a solid combo game, and a versatile projectile; despite being heavy, however, Yoshi is rather weak for his weight, being among the weakest of the heavyweights, and he does not have as many (if any) finishers compared to other heavyweights (ie Ganondorf). Yoshi has two unique features in his moveset: his shield and his double jump. Yoshi's shield does not function as normal shields do: upon shielding, Yoshi encases himself in an egg. As the shield depletes from damage or time, it does not shrink, changing color instead. This makes Yoshi impossible to shield stab and grants Yoshi the ability to parry, blocking attacks on the frame they hit and being able to counter instantly. Yoshi is also completely immune to shieldstun past the normal hitlag of the move. Yoshi's midair jump is also unique. It is delayed, like Peach's or Ness' second jump, enabling double jump canceling, rising aerials, and enhancing mobility options in the air. It also features subtractive armor, letting Yoshi use it through moves that do not deal enough knockback. This allows Yoshi to double jump cancel counter or use the jump as a defensive option. Many of Yoshi's attacks utilize his long tail, giving them great reach. He also has great aerials, with his forward being a meteor smash, down being a heavy damage dealer, and neutral and up both being able to KO. His Egg Throw has great range and is hard to predict with how widely it can be angled. It serves as a great edge guarding or comboing tool.

However, Yoshi has one huge weakness. Like Jigglypuff, he lacks a recovery up special but unlike other characters, he lacks a recovery special move, making unexpected ventures offstage result in falls very often. While Yoshi's double jump is armored and can travel a long distance, Yoshi does not get it back upon being put into hitstun, differing from normal recoveries and making Yoshi very easy to gimp once his jump is gone. This is especially detrimental due to his heavy reliance on his midair jump for many maneuvers and techniques on stage. If Yoshi is hit out of his jump while on stage or trades while using a double jump canceled aerial, he is almost certain to be KO'd.

Changes from Melee to PM[edit]


  • Change The egg formed via Yoshi's shield and Egg Roll also now matches Yoshi's selected colour, instead of always being green. As of 3.5, the eggs used in Egg Throw change to match Yoshi's current color as well.


  • Buff Midair jump not only has its knockback reduction armor from Melee, but has a slightly higher knockback threshold as well, improving Yoshi's recovery. Double-jump canceling is also optional, like with Ness and Lucas: holding the jump button will make Yoshi perform a rising aerial instead.
  • Buff Shield works just as in Smash 64, as Yoshi can now jump out of shield like all other characters, greatly expanding his defensive options and giving him a better time handling pressure. This also allows him to parry attacks like in Smash 64.
  • Buff Rolling animation has slightly increased in speed.

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Yoshi retains his Brawl forward tilt although it has the power of his Melee forward tilt making it a better spacing move.
  • Buff Up tilt is now a headbutt similar to its Smash 64 counterpart. Compared to his Melee up tilt, it has less startup (frame 8 → 6) and ending lag (frame 30 → 24) and it has more range making it better at juggling and initiating aerial combos at low percentages. It also deals more knockback (72 (base), 40 (scaling) → 36/112) improving its KO potential.
  • Nerf Up tilt deals less damage (10% → 9% (clean), 7% (late)).
  • Buff Dash attack's clean hit deals more damage (9% → 11%).
  • Nerf Dash attack's late hit deals less damage (8% → 7%).
  • Buff Forward smash has its PAL strength dealing more damage (16% → 17%) and having higher knockback scaling (94 → 98).
  • Buff Up smash deals more damage (14% → 16%) improving its KO potential despite its lower knockback scaling (108 → 101).
  • Buff The front hit of down smash has more knockback scaling (75/60 → 80) while the back hit deals more damage (12% → 13%).
  • Nerf The back hit has less knockback scaling (75/80 → 64) hindering its KO potential.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Forward aerial has less startup lag (frame 19 → 16) and it has a longer initial auto-cancel window (frames 1-4 → 1-7).
  • Nerf Forward aerial has less knockback scaling (100 → 80).
  • Buff Back aerial deals more damage due to changes to stale-move negation (20% → 22%) and the final hit has higher base knockback (40 → 50).
  • Nerf Back aerial's second and third hits have more base knockback (10 → 20) making them connect less reliably.
  • Buff Down aerial has less startup (frame 18 → 16) and landing lag (26 frames → 24).
  • Nerf Down aerial deals much less damage (4% → 3% (loop hits), 53% → 38% (total)).

Grab and Throws[edit]

  • Buff Grab has slightly faster startup (frame 18 → 17) and both standing and dash grab have less ending lag (frame 79 (standing), frame 70 (dash) → frame 63 (both)). Yoshi also retains his pivot grab from Brawl although it has more ending lag due to its ending lag animation playing at 0.75x its normal speed (frame 36 → 41).
  • Buff All throws except for up throw deal more damage (6% → 7% (forward/back), 4% → 6% (down)). Forward and back throws also launch opponents at a lower angle (45° → 40°).
  • Buff Down throw has slightly less ending lag and has less knockback (120 (base), 20 (scaling) → 90/25), allowing Yoshi to followup into aerial attacks quicker and more easily.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Buff Egg Roll starts earlier and has significantly less ending lag. It also no longer enforces helplessness, instead making Yoshi just lose his midair jump.
  • Nerf Egg Roll grants less horizontal distance when used in midair.
  • Buff The Eggs from Egg Throw now last until they either hit something or go off screen.
  • Buff Yoshi Bomb retains its jumping hitbox from Brawl, leading more easily into the fall, allowing more consistent damage racking from the move. The stars produced upon landing are also much stronger in knockback and damage. The grounded version has more knockback scaling (98 → 100) while the aerial version deals more damage (14% → 16%).

Changes from PM to P+[edit]



  • Buff Egg Throw is a frame earlier.
  • Nerf Removed a rotating hitbox on Egg Roll that was left in error.


  • Change Up tilts collisions shrunk slightly to better match head.
  • Change Down aerials landing collisions now sends opponents at a horizontal angle.
  • Nerf Up aerial has a smaller collision at the tail.
  • Nerf No longer gains momentum after first use of Egg Roll in the air.
  • Buff Can now grab ledges behind him when using Yoshi Bomb.
  • Buff Goes into helpless animation after 112 of falling during Yoshi Bomb.


  • Nerf Weight reduced from 111 to 108, making him lighter than Ganondorf, Charizard, and Samus, characters Yoshi outweighed prior to the update.
  • Buff Knockback growth for up aerial has been slightly increased.
  • Nerf Down aerial deals less damage (38% instead of 43%).
  • Nerf Pivot grab IASA increased to 40 frames from 35.
  • Nerf All of Yoshi's grab cannot grab aerial opponents unless grabbed by the inner mouth hitbox which only lasts for 2 frames.
  • Buff Yoshi can no longer be footstooled during his double jump animation.
  • Change Egg Throw's velocity has been changed to better match Melee.[1]
    • Buff The move now has slightly less ending lag.[1]
  • Change Egg Roll gains less horizontal and vertical momentum after first use.
    • Nerf Usage count does not reset whenever Yoshi grabs a ledge.
    • Bug fix Usage count now properly resets whenever Yoshi lands or gets grabbed.
  • Buff Yoshi Bomb has faster startup when used on the ground.
    • Nerf The move lasts for a shorter duration and the hitbox size has been decreased.
    • Nerf Both the collision and the stars can now be SDI'd out of.
    • Change The knockback of the move has been altered and the landing stars hitbox now comes out 3 frames later to avoid overriding with Yoshi Bomb's knockback.[1]
  1. ^ a b c Not featured in the beta version


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 4% Yoshi quickly kicks with his left leg, then with his right leg. Both kicks can combo into themselves. The feet Yoshi strikes with are invulnerable.
Forward tilt 13% Yoshi spins and swipes enemies with his tail. This move can be angled up or down.
Up tilt 9% (clean), 7% (late) Yoshi does a quick headbutt upward. This move can easily combo into itself at low percents.
Down tilt 10% Yoshi performs a low sweep with his tail. This move deals strong horizontal knockback, but has zero knockback scaling—meaning that this move has set knockback.
Dash attack 11% (clean), 7% (late) Yoshi performs a running headbutt.
Forward smash 17% Yoshi reels his head back, then slams it forward as a powerful headbutt. This move has decent knockback and can be aimed up or down. Yoshi's head is intangible while the hitboxes are active.
Up smash 16% Yoshi headbutts upwards. Just like his forward smash, Yoshi's head is intangible while the hitboxes are active.
Down smash 14% (front), 13% (back) Yoshi leans down and flicks his tail front and back. A very useful edgeguarding move.
Neutral aerial 14% (clean), 10% (late) A sex kick. Gets weaker the longer it is out.
Forward aerial Noggin Dunk 17% Yoshi brings his head back and forcefully swings it down. This move has slow start-up, but is a powerful meteor smash, being one of the most effective meteor smashes in the game.
Back aerial 7% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2), 5% (hit 3), 4% (hit 4) Yoshi wags his tail behind him four times.
Up aerial 13% Yoshi flips his body and flicks his tail upward. A good move for getting Star KOs.
Down aerial Flutter Kick 3% (hits 1-6), 2-3% (hits 7-14) Yoshi kicks his feet downwards very fast and continuously, weakly meteor smashing enemies. A great move for racking up damage at early percents.
Grab Yoshi flicks his tongue out in order to pull the enemy into his mouth. Moves Yoshi forward a ways when used after a dash and has slight ending lag if it misses.
Pummel 3% Chews on the enemy.
Forward throw 7% Yoshi spits the enemy out forwards.
Back throw 7% Yoshi turns around and spits the enemy out backwards.
Up throw 5% Yoshi spits the enemy out upwards.
Down throw 6% Yoshi spits the enemy into the ground.
Floor attack (front) 6% Yoshi gets up and headbutts both sides of himself.
Floor attack (back) 6% Yoshi gets up and spin kicks both sides of himself.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Yoshi performs two small tail whips both sides.
Edge attack (fast) 7% Yoshi picks himself up and whips his tail in front.
Edge attack (slow) 11% Yoshi slowly gets up and slams his head forward with short range.
Neutral special Egg Lay 7% Yoshi swallows an enemy and turns them into an egg. When encased in an egg, the victim receives less damage and can repeatedly tap buttons to break free, but is completely immobile and vulnerable to Yoshi's attacks while trapped.
Side special Egg Roll 4-12% Yoshi turns into an egg and starts rolling around. The damage done is based on how fast he's moving. When this move is started in the air, Yoshi won't do any damage until he hits the ground.
Up special Egg Throw 1% (contact), 8% (explosion) Yoshi throws an egg in a controllable parabolic arc. The strength and angle of the egg that is thrown can be controlled by holding the special button and tilting the control stick respectively during Yoshi's windup.
Down special Yoshi Bomb 4% (hop), 16% (drop), 4% (stars) Yoshi Jumps and plummets downwards, producing stars when he lands. If used in the air, Yoshi will fall straight down. This move can sweetspot a ledge only if Yoshi is facing towards one.
Final Smash Super Dragon 8% (contact), 6% (small flames), 17% (fireball) Yoshi sprouts a pair of angelic wings and gains the ability to fly. While transformed, Yoshi is completely invincible and can either ram into other foes or shoot fireballs. Pressing the attack buttons makes Yoshi shoot a large fireball that deals high knockback and inputting no attack buttons for three seconds makes him breathe a continuous stream of flames that can deals continuous damage to nearby foes.

In competitive play[edit]

Notable tech[edit]

Labbing Discord Tech Post

Notable players[edit]

  • USA Burntsocks-The best Yoshi player in SoCal and one of the best in the world. Ranked 12th on the SoCal Project M Power Rankings.
  • USA TomboCombo-Ranked 9th on the Florida Project M Power Rankings.
  • USA Shiny Zubat-Dual mains Yoshi along with Luigi. Ranked 50th on the PMRank 2016.

Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Yoshi has been given four new recolors: Black, White, Purple, and Orange.

Yoshi's alternate costumes in PM
YoshiHeadSSBB.png YoshiHeadRedSSBB.png YoshiHeadBlueSSBB.png YoshiHeadYellowSSBB.png YoshiHeadPinkSSBB.png
YoshiHeadCyanSSBB.png YoshiHeadBlackPM.png YoshiHeadWhitePM.png YoshiHeadPurplePM.png YoshiHeadOrangePM.png


Yoshi gets two new recolors for his default costume. One is a Brown recolor and the other is a Lime Green one based on his sprite in Yoshi's Cookie. Project + also adds a costume for Yoshi based on Dorrie's appearance in Super Mario Odyssey.

Yoshi's costumes in P+

Z-Secret Costume: Boshi: Based on Boshi, a character exclusive to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and its Nintendo Switch remake whose Japanese name has connections to Wario and similar characters. Extra details include sunglasses, visible fangs coming from his mouth, a red collar with spikes around his neck, two spines instead of three on the back of his head, and his torn red shoes that expose his clawed feet.

R-Secret Costume: Pirate Yoshi: Based on Yoshi's costume when playing on the Pirate Land board from Mario Party 2, which is also used for his official render for the game.


  • Yoshi has ten alternate costumes, consisting of various colour changes; this gives Yoshi the highest number of alternate costumes in the game that do not directly modify his model.
    • Two of the four new costumes, the purple and black costumes, would later be used in SSB4.
  • The Red Team color for the Dorrie costume seems to be based on Plessie, a character who debuted in Super Mario 3D World.

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