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PMRank 2024

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PMRank 2024
Period active January 20th, 2024 - TBD
Region Global
Game(s) supported Project+
Producer(s) PMRank staff

PMRank 2024 is an upcoming list that ranks the top 50 Project+ players of the 2024 season.


In order for events to be eligible for the rankings, they must consist of two or more players that have either been ranked on any PMRank between 2018 and 2023 or have beaten 2 or more PMRank players at other qualifying events. Of those entrants, 3 or more US regions/Canadian provinces must be represented.

Events must also have 20 or more entrants and an entry fee. Locals are not counted unless they are advertised as a bigger event (such as Tripoint Smash 200). Pre- and post-major locals are excluded from the rankings altogether.

Unlike previous years, separate rankings will be made for Australia, Europe, and Japan. These rankings will be a joint collaboration between the PMRank staff and community members of their respective regions.

Tournaments evaluated[edit]

Tournament Date Attendance
Game 5 In The D (January) January 20th 44
Frosty Faustings XVI 2024 January 28th 44
Smashing Grounds 10th Anniversary Celebration February 10th 34
Full Bloom 2024 February 24-25th 84
The Bigger Mile High Club! April 20th-21st TBD

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