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The LumiRank is an algorithmic power ranking run by Barnard's Loop that ranks the year's top 100 smashers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with a mid-year check-up that ranks the top 50 players in the world. It is the successor to the Panda Global Rankings Ultimate and also incorporates several elements from the OrionRank, which Barnard's Loop previously ran.

The power rankings were created in December 2022 under the brand UltRank, weeks before the release of its first rankings, following the collapse of Panda, as the team's PGStats division rank the PGRU. The rankings changed their name to LumiRank after they announced their partnership with Luminosity Gaming on August 4th, 2023, days before the release of their first mid-year ranking; the UltRank team remains independent from Luminosity while having access to Luminosity's resources.

General methodology[edit]

Score calculation[edit]

A tournament's score is calculated by adding the attendance at a tournament to the number of each attendee's player point value if the player has a value, all after factoring in DQs.

There are three different ways players are assigned point values; the highest of the three values is what's assigned:

  • A player's placement on the most recent global ranking. Point values do not carry over to the following season, so if a player was ranked lower in the subsequent season, then their point value decreases as well.
  • A player's placement in their region's power ranking. The top five players of a ranking are given points (50/40/30/20/10 points distribution). Stronger regions are considered "region seats" and grant 50 points to all of its top five players. Point adjustments are applied with each new power ranking released, however these adjustments have no effect on past tournament values.
  • The "Hidden Boss" value, which is split into "Hidden Boss 1" and "Hidden Boss 2":
    • Hidden Boss 1 values are assigned to players who would have made the top 150 in the prior season but were unranked due to low activity. Hidden Boss 1 values were also applied to players who had historical notability, but this was discontinued after the LumiRank Mid-Year 2023.
    • Hidden Boss 2 values are assigned to players who placed highly at a tournament ranked C-tier and above, and past tournaments are retiered in accordance with the new value. The number of points given depends on a player's placements, and the number of players who are given points depend on the tournament's tier. These points are reset at the end of the subsequent season.

Additionally, some regions have either a x2 multiplier or a x3 multiplier: regions gain a x2 multiplier if they did not hold an A-tier event within the past two years or a x3 multiplier if they did not hold a B-tier event within the past two years. If a tournament held an event that crossed one of the thresholds even without the multiplier, then the multiplier would be removed or decreased; a few exceptions are granted to regions that have held large events in the past but otherwise seldom reached C-tier without the multiplier.

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