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64 League Rankings

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64 League Rankings
Years active 2016-2018
Region Global
Game(s) supported Super Smash Bros.
Producer(s) SSB64 League

The SSB64 League Rankings was a list compiled annually by the SSB64 League and pre-selected panelists ranking the world's top 64 professional Super Smash Bros. players.

The rankings were compiled from results at notable tournaments and from the votes of a group of pre-selected panelists. The group of pre-selected panelists features notable community members from active regions across the world.

The first iteration of the rankings was released in 2016, with the second releasing in 2017. Following the second iteration, the rankings as a whole went on an unannounced hiatus. The third iteration was compiled and published by JAMJAR in response to the inactivity of SSB64 League and was recognized as the de facto continuation of the rankings. The 64 League Rankings were replaced by the SSB64UPR beginning in 2022.