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Years active 2013-2017
Region Global
Game(s) supported Super Smash Bros. Melee
Producer(s) Melee It On Me

The SSBMRank, sometimes called the MIOMRank, is a power ranking that rates the top professional players in the international tournament scene for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Compiled by the community platform Melee It On Me, SSBMRank was first created at the end of 2013, partially as a response to the discontinuation of other projects that ranked the world's top players, such as the SSBPD. An updated version was later created at the end of 2014, and SSBMRank later became an annual feature of Melee It On Me.

SSBMRank is compiled from the analysis of tournament data and playstyles for smashers that took part in at least one American tournament; from there, a group of panelists, consisting of top professional smashers, commentators, and tournament organizers, gave smashers a ranking of 1 to 10. The highest and lowest scores were dropped, and an average of all of the remaining votes is calculated to give a final score. The top 100 is then compiled from this data, with 10 being the highest possible score; when the list itself is published, panelists also give their thoughts on the smashers, as well as information relating to their mains.

SSBMRank used to only include players that had taken part in at least one American tournament, as many of the panelists resided in the United States. As a result, some notable, international players that rarely traveled to the United States did not appear in the rankings, such as Amsah and Dark; some smashers featured on the 2013 list, like Unknown522, Overtriforce, and Gucci, also later failed to reappear in the 2014 listing for similar reasons. The 2015 list, however, started including players who had taken part in major European tournaments, and a larger number of European smashers have started appearing on the SSBMRank.

SSBMRank was superseded in 2018 by the Melee Panda Global Rankings, compiled by PG Stats and Melee It On Me. Despite the name change, the methodology behind the rankings remains mostly identical. The SSBMRank branding was reinstated starting with the 2022 rankings following controversy related to the Panda Cup boycott.

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