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Melee It On Me
Melee It On Me logo.png
Location Southern California, United States USA
Player manager Bobby Scarnewman (Scar)

Melee It On Me (MIOM) is a podcast series, sponsor and community platform that discusses news and headlines within the Melee community. The podcast was originally created by Scar in November 2012 in the aftermath of Revival of Melee 5, where controversial events sparked a debate that resulted in the inception of a national Melee Facebook group. Along with Scar himself, the podcast currently features a panel of notable players, commentators, and tournament organizers such as Juggleguy and Dr. Z, who talk about a variety of topics around the Melee world including recaps of recent tournaments, discussion on the latest community headlines, and previews of upcoming tournaments. MIOM expanded in 2013 with the additions of Toph, Tafokints, SFAT, and PewPewU to the team, as well as the launching of an official website, Twitter, and YouTube channel; at the end of 2013, Melee It On Me also created the SSBMRank, a power ranking for the top 100 Melee players in the world. Since 2014, Melee It On Me has continued at a biweekly pace. From 2013 to 2016, MIOM sponsored some of the best players from California, including Mango, PewPewU, SFAT and S2J.

Curent Smashers[edit]

Former Smashers[edit]

Pro Smashers[edit]

ID Name Game Main(s) Join Date Leave Date
United States Cactuar Charles Meighen Super Smash Bros. Melee FoxHeadSSBM.png MarthHeadSSBM.png 2012-11-?? 201?-??-??
United States Mango Joseph Marquez Super Smash Bros. Melee FalcoHeadSSBM.png FoxHeadSSBM.png 2013-??-?? 2014-05-06
United States PewPewU Kevin Toy Super Smash Bros. Melee MarthHeadSSBM.png 2014-01-?? 2015-02-03
United States SFAT Zach Cordoni Super Smash Bros. Melee FoxHeadSSBM.png 2014-01-?? 2015-07-16
United States S2J Johnny Kim Super Smash Bros. Melee CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png 2015-11-18 2016-07-13
United States Duck James Ma Super Smash Bros. Melee SamusHeadSSBM.png SheikHeadSSBM.png 2016-07-29 2016-08-15

Other Smashers[edit]

  • USA Prog CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png (Co-Host of the MIOM podcast, commentator)



Despite having been "revived" and continuing to grow in large numbers, the Melee community still lacked a significant social media presence and organization for several years in the post-Brawl era. That changed in November 2012, when Scar created a Facebook group titled Melee It On Me in an effort to complement the Skype meeting broadcast that had been called for in the aftermath of Revival of Melee 5. The Skype meeting panelists, Scar, Prog, Dr. Z (known by that time as Hyuga), and Cactuar, used the broadcast to discuss what went wrong at ROM 5 and inform the community how things could improve moving forward. Thanks to the help of VGBootCamp's outreach and the quickly-growing Facebook group, the broadcast was considered a success in both viewership and influence, and Scar decided to make Melee It On Me a regular podcast that could be assembled at any moment of need for the betterment of the Melee community.


EVO 2013 Donation Drive[edit]

Main article: EVO 2013

On January 8th, 2013, the Evolution Championship Series announced its lineup of games for EVO 2013 in the upcoming summer season. Although the lineup did not include Melee as Smashers had hoped for in the aftermath of a dominating Facebook straw poll, the EVO staff announced an 8th game donation drive for breast cancer research, wherein the community that donated the most money to charity would earn their game an official spot at EVO 2013.[1][2] Facing stiff competition from the Skullgirls community, a massive push from Scar and Prog (popularly dubbed the "Spirit Bomb" donation drive) resulted in the Smash community raising more than USD 94,000 and winning Melee the final spot at EVO 2013.[3] The campaign and its results immortalized the Melee It On Me podcast as a highly influential community platform and provided incredible momentum for the Smash community going into the rest of 2013.

Nintendo Stream Crisis[edit]

On July 9th, 2013, the directors of EVO 2013 announced that they had received a cease-and-desist letter from Nintendo of America prohibiting EVO 2013 from streaming Melee on its worldwide broadcast, putting the Melee community into adversity again.[4][5] Prog led the charge for a decision reversal with a well-organized social media campaign, whose rallying point centered around the MIOM Facebook group. With the aid of frontpage Reddit exposure, vilifying coverage by more than 30 gaming-related news outlets, and a legion of Twitter voices, Nintendo shockingly reversed its decision just hours after the initial announcement, prompting a renewed celebration by the Melee community about its spot at EVO 2013 and a huge sigh of relief for all Smashers following the news.[6][7]


E3 Smash 4 Invitational[edit]

On June 10th, 2014, Nintendo hosted an invitational tournament during E3 2014 in Los Angeles, California, to commemorate the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. 4. The host of the event was Geoff Keighley, while Reggie Fils-Aime also made an appearance to present the winner's trophy. Although most were skeptical of Nintendo's ability to select 16 worthy invitees to the event when it was first announced in early May, the eventual roster mostly consisted of prominent community figures, including several members of the Melee It On Me team. Prog and Scar manned the commentary along with D1, announcing live to the packed NOKIA Theatre as well as to a record-breaking livestream audience on the Nintendo Twitch channel. Toph and PewPewU were also selected as participants in the event. The event was well-received for its exhibition quality and increasing diplomacy between Nintendo and the competitive Smash community.

EVO 2014[edit]

Main article: EVO 2014

Melee It On Me continued to produce a great presence during the summer of Smash in 2014. After being invited by Tony Cannon, the team did a panel on Day 2 of EVO 2014, speaking about The Platinum Age of Melee: "Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the oldest and most celebrated Nintendo titles still played by fighting game players across the world. The Melee It On Me team provides a retrospective on the meteoric comeback of the Melee community over the past year; from the game’s return at EVO 2013 to the highly-acclaimed Smash Brothers documentary, from Nintendo’s historic recognition of the scene to the new found teams and sponsors of today." Video footage of the panel was recorded by Arturo Sanchez, but it is undetermined if the panel will be uploaded.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014[edit]

On July 25th, 2014, Nintendo hosted another Super Smash Bros. 4 tournament in its pre-release phase, this time opening sign-ups to the general public at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Scar and Toph were chosen as the commentators for the special event alongside Nintendo representatives Bill Trinen and JC Rodrigo. Team members such as Tafokints also competed in the tournament, which was eventually won by SoCal Smasher DEHF.

Moving Forward[edit]

Melee It On Me has taken huge strides in both outreach and production value. An official website, Twitter, and YouTube channel were launched in June 2013 thanks in large part to the efforts of Juggleguy. The podcast gained a new producer, CosmoNaught, in August 2013 to improve podcast production quality and ease Scar's workload. Toph and Tafokints joined the team in November 2013 to promote the team's outreach in commentary and content creation, respectively. The "SSBMRank" Top 100 gained significant influence within the Melee community thanks to Tafokints in December 2013. SFAT and PewPewU joined the team in January 2014 as sponsored players and a world-class Melee team. MattDotZeb joined the team in October 2014, giving his intercollegiate circuit "The Melee Games" a nationwide platform to work with. Furthermore, Scar and Toph have recently launched a spin-off podcast ("The Scar and Toph Show") on Monday evenings to complement the Thursday podcasts, which remain a biweekly endeavor in 2014. Tafokints has also been instrumental in launching MIOM 2.0, the new team website that centers around blog content and character guides.


Season 1

# Title Date Summary
1 RoMKnee 2012 November 21, 2012
2 Pain in the NECk December 5, 2012
3 Reaching our Apex January 2, 2013
4 Genesis vs Evolution January 16, 2013
5 Apex After the High Wears Off January 23, 2013
6 Part 1 Six Hours to Midnight January 31, 2013
6 Part 2 THE SPIRIT BOMB January 31, 2013
7 The Next Step February 13, 2013
8 Untitled February 27, 2013
9 Don't Stop Me Now March 20, 2013
10 To Sweden and Back April 17, 2013
11 The Melee Experience May 1, 2013
12 Worst Episode Ever May 13, 2013

Season 2

# Title Date Summary
1 Winter is Coming June 5, 2013
2 M2K vs Sakurai June 19, 2013
3 Welcome Home June 26, 2013
4 Live from Sunnyvale July 7, 2013
5 Live from EVO 2013 July 11, 2013
6 EVO Reaction July 17, 2013
7 Where’s Prog?!? July 31, 2013
8 Fall Preview Aug 14, 2013
9 When Puffs Collide Aug 29, 2013
10 Shorthanded Edition!!! Sep 12, 2013
11 FGC vs Grassroots Smash Sep 26, 2013
12 Live from The Big House 3 Oct 11, 2013

Season 3

# Title Date Summary
1 The Smash Brothers Era Oct 24, 2013
2 Pound V.5 and ROM 6 Preview Nov 7, 2013
3 One Year Anniversary Nov 21, 2013
4 Game of Thrones Dec 12, 2013
5 Good Tidings Dec 19, 2013
6 2013 in Review Jan 2, 2014
7 Live from Apex 2014 Jan 18, 2014
8 Future Foe Scenarios Jan 30, 2014
9 Stuck in the Air Feb 20, 2014
10 When's Melee Mar 6, 2014
11 MLG vs EVO Mar 13, 2014
12 Melee It On MeSports Mar 27, 2014

Season 4

# Title Date Summary
1 The Platinum Age Apr 10, 2014
2 297 Days Later May 3, 2014
3 On Cloud 9 May 16, 2014
4 One 4 All Jun 1, 2014
5 The Big Leagues Jun 19, 2014
6 Summer of Smash Jul 7, 2014
7 Live from EVO 2014 Jul 18, 2014
8 Highly Evolved Jul 18, 2014
9 Direction Jul 31, 2014
10 Community Week Aug 15, 2014
11 The REAL MIOM 2.0 Sep 4, 2014
12 Happy Birthday Dr. Z! Sep 19, 2014

Season 5

# Title Date Summary
1 Live from The Big House 4! Oct 16, 2014
2 Big Housekeeping Oct 23, 2014
3 HBD MDZ Nov 10, 2014
4 Smash 4 Eve Nov 21, 2014
5 Alan G$ MattDotZeb Animal Diakonos Dec 5, 2014
6 SSBMRank2014 Dec 19, 2014
7 BEAST Paragon Apex Jan 16, 2015
8 EVO 2015 Lineup Reveal Jan 21, 2015
9 Live from Apex 2015 Feb 10, 2015
10 Coming Down the Mountain Feb 10, 2015
11 Twitchy Decisions Feb 20, 2015
12 TEE ESS EM! Mar 22, 2015

Season 6

# Title Date Summary
1 20XX Toph Edition Apr 14, 2015
2 Live From IM NOT YELLING! Apr 14, 2015
3 Circuits Act May 1, 2015
4 Pressing Matters May 14, 2015
5 The One After The Episode That Failed Jun 6, 2015
6 Legen-DAir-y Jun 20, 2015
7 Live from CEO 2015! Jul 6, 2015
8 No items, Juggleguy and Dr. Z only, Final Destination Jul 12, 2015
9 Live From Evo 2015! Jul 21, 2015
10 Beware of EVOLA! Jul 24, 2015
11 G3nerating Hype! Aug 14, 2015
12 LATE NIGHT EDITION! Sep 4, 2015
12.5 SheriDaniel Sep 4, 2015

Season 7

# Title Date Summary
1 Live From The Big House 5! Oct 7, 2015
2 Politics as Usual Oct 16, 2015
3 Cloudy Statistics Nov 26, 2015
4 Happy Birthday Melee! Dec 7, 2015
5 EVO2016 Lineup Reveal! Jan 27, 2016
6 Took a while, huh? Feb 12, 2016
7 Five Gods Cometh Mar 11, 2016
8 Pound 2016 Apr 2, 2016
9 Too Legit To Quit May 28, 2016
10 Live from Evo 2016! Jul 25, 2016
11 Currently Nameless! Aug 19, 2016
12 Magical Controllers and Where to Find Them Dec 15, 2016

Season 8

# Title Date Summary
1 The More Things Change... Jun 29, 2017 Ruleset discussion (Coaching, Ledge Grab Limits, Player Bans, Controller mods)[8]
2 Meet the Competition Committee! Aug 2, 2017 Discussing the current ruleset[9]

Season 9

# Title Date Summary
1 It's Been a Good Week Apr 25, 2019 Pound 2019; PPMD's return; Project Slippi; The Book of Melee[10]
2 Falcon Won a Major Aug 2, 2019 SNS5 recap; The Book of Melee; Smash Summit 8 preview [11]

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