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Wolf (PM)

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in Project M
Official image of Wolf O'Donnell in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Universe Star Fox
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Wolf (SSBB)
Alternate costume Classic Wolf, Melee Wolf (Project+)

Wolf is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. He has been given better combo options than his Brawl version for his appearance in Project M. He ranks 2nd out of 41 on the official tier list, being the only other character in the S tier, which is a noticeable improvement over his placement on the Brawl tier list, where he ranks 14th out of 38. In the Project+ official tier list, he ranks 3rd in the S tier, a slight drop from his standing in the original Project M.


Like the other space animals, Wolf is a glass cannon. He has among the best movement speed in the game and many offensive tools such as his back aerial and forward aerial sourspot. He also has among the best vertical endurance in Project M due to being the heaviest of the three space animals (albeit still a lightweight) and having the fastest falling speed in Project M. The latter point also grants him a useful SHFFL. Wolf also has many useful KO options such as his down and side smash attacks. His biggest strength, however, is his shine. It allows for deadly juggles like Falco, which, when combined with his aforementioned useful offensive maneuvers, gives him some of the most versatile combos in the game.

However, Wolf has a number of weaknesses. Despite possessing the best recovery of the space animals, it is also arguably the easiest to edgeguard, because not only is his recovery mainly linear, but it also does not protect Wolf as well as Fox and Falco, as Fire Wolf's hitboxes are smaller in size and inflict less knockback. Additionally, his horizontal endurance is very poor due to his light weight and aforementioned falling speed, resulting in his susceptibility to combos.

Overall, Wolf is a character who must play very aggressively using his many offensive tools as he is at significant risk when playing defensively.

Changes from Brawl to PM[edit]

Wolf was notably buffed in his offensive game, with a faster, more versatile movement and more options to combo and juggle opponents, but nerfed in his defensive game, with a slightly worsened endurance and poorer defensive options, turning him into a glass cannon as with the other spacies.


  • Buff The new physics and re-introduction of wavedashing give Wolf many more options to improve overall mobility.
  • Buff Wolf's dashing speed has been drastically improved (1.4 → 2.0); he now runs nearly as fast as Fox.
  • Nerf Wolf's air speed is slower (1.222 → 1.2).
  • Buff Wolf is the character that has benefited the most from the standarized meteor cancel delay of 15 frames; this allows him to act out much faster than with the previous 60 frames he had to wait, leaving him much less vulnerable to meteor smashes and thus enhancing his vertical recovery.
  • Buff Relative to the cast, Wolf falls faster, going from being the 4th fastest faller of 39 characters to the fastest faller of 41 in Project M (1.8 → 3.2); this acts as a massive aid to his vertical survivability, especially considering that falling speed once again has a big impact on vertical knockback like in Melee and unlike in Brawl. It also provides for him an excellent SHFFL, similar to Fox and Falco.
  • Nerf Wolf is significantly lighter (102 → 85), which, along with his weakened defensive maneuvers, causes his already poor survivability to be even worse. Fortunately, he is now light enough to be knocked down by Fox's shine, thus inhibiting the latter's waveshine combos against the former.
  • Nerf Wolf's spot dodge has less intangibility (Frame 2-20 → 2-16).
  • Buff Wolf's traction is higher (0.07 → 0.09). This makes it easier for him to punish out of shield.

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff The first hit of neutral attack deals slightly more damage (3% → 4%). The second and third hits are also faster (Frame 5 → 4)
  • Buff Forward tilt has much less hitlag and has slightly more KO potential.
  • Buff Up tilt has less knockback due to universally increased fall speeds and with Project M's physics make it a better follow-up move that combos into itself at lower percents.
  • Nerf Up tilt sweetspot is harder to hit and has less KO potential.
  • Buff Down tilt does more damage (6% → 8%) and has higher base knockback (25 → 30).
  • Buff Dash attack is now a frontal claw uppercut, which covers a larger area in front of Wolf and conserves forward momentum, while functioning similarly to its Brawl equivalent. It also has a longer duration (frame 11-12 → 11-15).
  • Buff Forward smash is a stronger KO move due to the second hit having higher knockback (30 (base) 106 (scaling) → 45/115). The first hit now has set knockback and the second hit comes out slightly faster (frame 16 → 15) making the move connect more reliably.
  • Nerf Forward smash has more ending lag (FAF 46 → 48).
  • Buff Wolf's up smash is now a single swipe upwards, that is now a much better KO move. It also has a faster start up and more active frames (frame 13-15 (hit 1), frame 20-22 (hit 2) → 11-16/17-19/20-24).
  • Nerf New up smash deals much less damage (6% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2) → (15/12% (clean), 13/11% (late)), and has less range.
  • Change Wolf no longer makes a unique noise when performing up smash.
  • Buff Down smash does slightly more damage (14%/12% (front), 13%/10% (back) → 15/13% (front), 13/11% (back) and knockback (40/50/50 (base) 90/90/60 (scaling) → 25/25/20, 100/100/95).

Aerial Attacks[edit]

  • Nerf With the exception of forward aerial, all aerials have more landing lag (10 frames → 15 (neutral), 9 frames → 20/22 (back/up), 19 frames → 23 (down)). While this is heavily compensated with L canceling, back and up aerials still have more landing lag even when L cancelled.
  • Buff Neutral aerial no longer has a sweetspot and sourspot which send opponents away making neutral air properly connect all hits in a single use, enabling easier damage racking from it, and has less endlag (FAF 43 → 39), and the animation stays still, and does more damage (8% (clean), 3% (late sweetspot), 1% (late sourspot) → 4% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-5 & landing).
  • Nerf As neutral aerial no longer has a sweetspot, it is now completely incapable of killing opponents as aerial hits have set knockback (40 (base) 80 (scaling) → 0/100). These changes also hinder neutral aerial's edgeguarding potential. The grounded hit which does not have set knockback is also too weak to kill opponents even at 999%.
  • Buff Forward aerial has much less endlag (FAF 52 → 30) and landing lag when not L cancelled (30 frames → 26) and now has a sweetspot which does much more damage (11% → 15%) and knockback (40 (base) 95 (scaling) → 90/100), and the sourspot has weak knockback which allows for follow-ups especially at higher percents. It also has a longer duration (3 frames → 4).
  • Nerf Forward aerial has slower start-up (frame 7 → 11) and the new sweetspot is significantly harder to land. The sourspot has drastically less KO potential compared to his old forward aerial due to its much lower knockback (40/95 → 15/25).
  • Buff Back aerial deals slightly more damage (13%/11%/10%/9% → 14/11%) and has slightly higher KO potential.
  • Nerf Back aerial has less range
  • Change Up aerial sends opponents at a more horizontal angle (80° → 57/50°) which hinders its juggling potential but makes it more effective at edgeguarding. The move now also has an early and late hitbox which send opponents at slightly different angles.
  • Buff Up aerial has a longer duration (frame 7-9 → 7-11). The changes to PM's mechanics also give up aerial a lot more utility.
  • Nerf Up aerial does slightly less damage (12% → 11%). It can also no longer auto cancel in a short hop.
  • Buff Down aerial has a faster start-up and has a longer duration (frame 16-17 → 13-15), and the sourspot does slightly more damage (13% → 14%). The attack is also capable of spiking grounded opponents, allowing Wolf to combo into aerials, but can only meteor smash those in midair.

Grabs and Throws[edit]

  • Nerf Standing grab has slightly more startup lag (frame 6 → 7) and his standing and pivot grabs have slightly more end lag (FAF 30 (standing), FAF 35 (Pivot) → 31/36).
  • Buff Pummel deals higher damage (1% → 3%) making it more effective at racking up damage.
  • Nerf Pummel is slower.
  • Nerf Forward throw deals less damage (7% → 4%) and has altered knockback hindering its chain grabbing potential at lower percents and further weakening its KO potential.
  • Buff His throws are better for comboing due to PM's different physics and mechanics.
  • Buff Wolf has a new back throw where he slams his opponent into the ground. It is faster than his old back throw and overall has a lot more utility.
  • Nerf Back throw deals less damage (7% → 5%).
  • Nerf Down throw deals less damage (12% → 9%), deals much lower knockback and sends opponents at a more diagonal angle no longer making it a semi spike. This hinders its edgeguarding and KO potential.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Buff Blaster's ending lag can be cancelled with an airdodge, which can increase his mobility between shots by wavelanding, and blaster shots are slightly faster (frame 16 → 15). This also makes the blaster shot connect more reliably if the gun hitbox connects first.
  • Nerf Blaster moves slower and does less damage (4% (gun), 5% (close/far laser), 6% (mid laser) → 3/5/4/3%), and the Blaster is no longer transcendent.
  • Buff Wolf Flash has been changed so that if Wolf hits a foe with the end of the animation, he won't fall helpless, allowing him to then use another recovery move to get back on stage, and the sweetspot does more knockback (20 (base), 80 (scaling) → 35/105) and slightly more damage (15% → 16%). The sourspot now deals the same amount of damage as the sweetspot (10% → 16%).
  • Change Holding any taunt button when hitting an opponent with a sweetspotted Wolf Flash causes Wolf to howl (like in his up taunt).
  • Buff Fire Wolf now has a single hit that lasts throughout the move's entire duration, which also causes tumbling at higher percentages, making it more effective at guard breaking, but hindering its offensive utility on land.
  • Buff Wolf can now immediately drift in the air out of Fire Wolf making it much more effective at recovering.
  • Buff Reflector now sends opponents in a diagonally upward trajectory, along with considerably increased damage (3% → 5%) and with considerably decreased startup (frame 8 → 1), and can be jump-canceled like those of Fox and Falco, allowing for potentially deadly juggling combos. It can now be cancelled even after reflecting a projectile, which prevents a shine lock from characters with fast projectiles. This also allows reflected projectiles to be followed up on via a waveshine or other move out of a jump, and Shine can be jumped out of, and can do combos with his shine that other spacies cannot do.
  • Nerf Reflector no longer has intangibility. The hitbox also has less active frames (2 frames → 1).

Changes from PM to P+[edit]



  • Buff Down tilt IASA is slightly earlier.
  • Buff Neutral air landing hit's knockback growth slightly increased.
  • Change Forward tilt cleaned up to match graphical effects and hitbox timings.
  • Change Forward tilt hitlag slightly reduced on 1st hit.
  • Change Down air ground and aerial hitboxes adjusted in knockback to be more similar, and both cause knockdown a bit later.
  • Change Aerial Wolf Flash matched in startup timing to grounded Wolf Flash, and there are now 4 cancel lengths from previous 3.
  • Change Wolf Flash hitbox size reduced, and the trajectory can now be altered slightly higher or lower with the control stick.


  • Buff Shine can be released during the reflect lag to go into the end animation afterwards, preventing rapid hitting projectiles like Fox's standing laser that can re-hit before the reflect lag ends from being able to trap him in it.
  • Buff Back aerial has a little less startup.
  • Nerf Shine invincibility removed.
  • Nerf Dash attack is interruptible slightly later.
  • Change Up tilt hitboxes adjusted to match the animation, and can be interrupted sooner.
  • Nerf Grounded Wolf Flash ending, such as when Wolf Flash is used into an upward slope, is capable of sliding off of edges.
  • Buff Grounded Wolf Flash ending is able to hit with the sweetspot hit when shortened.
  • Change Grounded Wolf Flash ending no longer goes into the aerial on-hit animation if the sweetspot connects and then re-landing.
  • Bug fix Wolf Flash being able to pass through Final Destination's and Yoshi's Island's walls near the edge and fall through the stage has been fixed.



  • Nerf Dash attack has a smaller hitbox and more endlag.
  • Nerf Forward and up smash now have more endlag.
  • Buff Neutral aerial deals slightly more damage.
    • Nerf The landing hitbox deals slightly less damage.
  • Nerf Up aerial tail hitbox has been removed.
  • Buff Blaster fire speed increased from 1.0 to 1.8.
  • Nerf Blaster life decreased from 63 frames to 43 frames.
  • Nerf Wolf Flash now consumes double jump when used.
  • Nerf Fire Wolf's startup time increased by 5 frames.
  • Nerf Ending Landmaster in the air now puts Wolf in a helpless state.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 4% Wolf slashes with one arm, then the other, and bites on the third hit. Very low start up and ending lag and decent knockback, while being good for starting up combos. The third hit moves Wolf a great distance forward.
Forward tilt 5% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2) Wolf leans forward with both arms together and swipes, separating his claws on impact. It is a two-hitting move with relatively low startup and endlag, decent range and knockback. This move can KO opponents at higher percentages and is good for setting up edgeguards.
Up tilt 10% (foot), 9% (leg), 8% (body) Wolf performs a jumping overhead splits kick. This move has great vertical range, but poor horizontal range. Has decent knockback and can lead into combos.
Down tilt 8% Wolf sticks his foot out while crouching low. Has decent horizontal range, but poor vertical range. This move overall deals small knockback, but is good for setting up combos and edgeguarding opponents.
Dash attack 9% Wolf takes a step forward and performs an upwards slash with his left claw. Has moderate knockback and is good for setting up combos.
Forward smash 5% (hit 1), 10% (hit 2) Wolf stretches his arms in front of his body and thrusts forward, then twists his claws. The first hit has set knockback, making it easier to link onto the second hit, which has greater knockback and is good for setting up combos.
Up smash 15%/12% (clean), 13%/11% (late) Wolf performs an upwards half-moon slash. This move overall has great knockback, being able to KO opponents at moderate percentages. At low percentages, it can lead into combos.
Down smash 15%/13% (front), 13%/11% (back) Wolf crouches low and swipes his claw across the floor, first in front then in back. This move has low low range, but immense knockback that can KO at lower to more moderate percentages.
Neutral aerial 4% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-5 & landing) Wolf curls up and spins several times in the air, dealing multiple hits. The first hit will link into the other 4, all hits dealing set knockback. Has low startup lag with high ending lag, but is great move for setting up combos.
Forward aerial 15% (sweetspot), 11% (sourspot) Wolf swipes forward in a downwards arc with his left claw. Can be used setup combos or even KO an opponent.
Back aerial 14% (sweetspot), 11% (sourspot) Wolf jams his leg backwards with deceiving range. This move is mainly used as a combo finisher or a finishing attack, depending on the situation.
Up aerial 11% Wolf swipes in an arc above his head with his right arm. This move has great vertical range and can set up combos quite easily.
Down aerial 15% (grounded), 14% (aerial) Wolf plunges both his hands below himself. This move has great knockback and meteor smashes airborne opponent. Oddly, this attack spikes grounded opponents (300°).
Pummel 3% Strikes the opponent with his right knee.
Forward throw 2% (hit 1), 2% (throw) Slash the opponent forward. This throw can be used to pseudo chain throw some characters, such as Fox, at very low percentages by buffering a dash forward.
Back throw 5% Slams the opponent down behind him. The opponent gets launched diagonally upwards, allowing it to combo into a forward smash.
Up throw 5% (hit 1), 2% (throw) Throws the opponent upward and slashes them with both claws.
Down throw 6% (hit 1), 3% (throw) Throws the opponent on the ground, does a small jump and claws them. It sends the opponent diagonally upward. At very low percentages, it be followed up by a f-tilt, or d-smash. At low to mid percentages, it can also be followed up by a f-smash, or a Blaster.
Floor attack (front) 6% Wolf gets up and does a kick in the front and in the back.
Floor attack (back) 6% Wolf gets up and punches forwards and kicks backwards.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Wolf spins around, kicking foes with who are close.
Edge attack (fast) 8% (legs), 6% (head) Quickly lunges at the opponent with a kick.
Edge attack (slow) 10% Slowly gets up and hammers the ground with a kick.
Neutral special Blaster 3% (gun), 3-5% (laser) Wolf fires a single shot from his blaster. The gun portion of Wolf's blaster causes low knockback, while the laser causes no knockback. A great attack for halting airborne opponents and gimping their recoveries.
Side special Wolf Flash 16% (sourspot), 16% (sweetspot) Wolf quickly propels himself diagonally upwards at a 35° angle. The sourspot of the move causes low knockback and sends opponents upwards, but the sweetspot deals strong knockback and does not cause Wolf to become helpless, allowing him to use another recovery move to get back on stage.
Up special Fire Wolf 2% (startup), 8% (dash) Wolf propels himself and kicks forward depending on which direction is held on the control stick. The move now deals only one hit, does not contain a finishing kick, and now has more horizontal movement whenever the move ends, making it a better recovery move. The kick deals great knockback, has good range, and can send opponents flying. It is also good for linking up into or finishing combos.
Down special Reflector 5% (startup), 1.5x damage for reflected projectiles Wolf activates his reflector around himself. Has very low start up and ending lag, and has decent knockback, sending the opponents diagonally upwards. It is great move for starting up combos, as Wolf can immediately jump after activation. It also slows down Wolf's air speed and can act as another recovery tool.
Final Smash Landmaster Varies Wolf summons his Landmaster. It's the most powerful and fastest out of all three Landmasters in the game. However, it lasts a shorter duration compared to Fox and Falco's Landmasters.

In competitive play[edit]

Notable tech[edit]

Labbing Discord Tech Post

Most historically significant players[edit]

See also: Category:Wolf players (PM)

Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Wolf's Red, Green and White costumes were edited to be more distinct and better serve as team colors.

Additionally, Wolf has an alternate costume based on his appearance in Star Fox 2, with some features (eyepatch and base head) having inspiration from his appearance in Star Fox 64 and Brawl. This costume has four variations so that it can be used in Team Battles.

Wolf's alternate costumes in PM
WolfHeadSSBB.png WolfHeadRedPM.png WolfHeadBlackSSBB.png WolfHeadGreenSSBB.png WolfHeadBlueSSBB.png WolfHeadWhiteSSBB.png
WolfHeadClassicPM.png WolfHeadClassicRedPM.png WolfHeadClassicGreenPM.png WolfHeadClassicBluePM.png


Wolf's SNES alternate costume obtains an additional color with gold fur. He also gains a costume that is similar to Fox's standard outfit called Pilot Wolf.

Wolf's alternate costumes in P+

Z-Secret Costume: Melee Wolf

R-Secret Costume: Assault Styled Wolf


  • Wolf is one of two characters who has a spike that only works on grounded opponents, the other being Mario with his late up smash.
  • The fourth Pilot Wolf costume uses a color scheme similar to his appearance in Ultimate.