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Mr. Game & Watch (PM)

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Mr. Game & Watch
in Project M and Project+
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Universe Game & Watch
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Mr. Game & Watch (SSBM), Mr. Game & Watch (SSBB)

Mr. Game & Watch is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. Because of his rather low standing on the Melee tier list, he has been significantly buffed for his appearance in Project M. He ranks 6th out of 41 on the official tier list, placing him in the A tier and significantly above his placements in Melee and Brawl, where he ranks 19th out of 26 and 16th out of 38, respectively. He ranks much lower on the official Project + tier list, ranking 24th out of 42, near the top of B tier.


Mr. Game & Watch falls under the general lightweight archetype, being nimble and weak, while having few powerful moves (such as his up smash) that possess high KO potential. He has received a lot of buffs from Brawl, and got a slight re-working of his Side-Special, Judge; adding a few small tweaks to the mechanics of the move to make it easier to predict.

Compared to some other characters, Game & Watch is not as easy to combo as them as a result of being light, small, and floaty.

His inability to be combo'd efficiently, however, is exchanged for being heavily susceptible to juggles and KOs as a result of his light weight (tied with Fox as the third lightest) and relatively low falling speed, making him extremely easy to KO both horizontally and vertically.

Changes from Melee to PM[edit]

Mr. Game & Watch was significantly buffed from Melee to PM. Various issues he had in Melee such as his inability to L-cancel all of his aerials and his extremely small shield were fixed. Some (but not all) of the improvements he had in Brawl were retained while various moves in his moveset had various adjustments to make them more effective such as an increase in power or speed. His specials also received various improvements. Chef is much faster, Fire no longer leaves Mr. Game & Watch helpless and Judgment received various changes to make it more effective. Dots now appear above Judgment to show whether the next judge will be an odd or even number and judges 2-8 are significantly more effective. Judge also retains the advanced techniques it gained from Brawl.

Mr. Game & Watch only received a small number of minor nerfs from his Melee counterpart. He also lacks some of the improvements he had in Brawl such as the lower landing lag on his aerials and his parachute after using Fire. As well as this, he also maintains the grab release glitch he received in Brawl.

Overall, Mr. Game & Watch is more effective than he was in both games and his tournament results are stronger than they have ever been in other Smash games.


  • Buff He is significantly heavier weighing the same as he did in Brawl (60 → 75), no longer being as light as Jigglypuff and is now tied with Fox in weight.
  • Buff His Shield is larger now covering his whole body.
  • Nerf Grab release glitch from Brawl has not been removed.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Buff Forward tilt has less startup lag with a longer duration (frames 13-30 → 10-34), can be interrupted as quickly as the hitbox diminishes (frame 42 → 35), and its sweetspot deals more damage (10% → 13%) improving its KO potential.
  • Nerf Forward tilt now has a weaker late hit (10% → 8%).
  • Buff Up tilt deals more damage (9% → 12%) improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Down tilt has its range from Brawl and its knockback from Melee, and its aerial hitbox deals more knockback and damage (9% → 10%).
  • Buff Dash attack deals more knockback (70 (base), 30 (scaling) → 60/50), has less startup lag with a longer duration (frames 6-29 → 3-28) and its clean hit deals more damage (10% → 9%).
  • Buff Dash attack is now cancelable, allowing Mr. Game & Watch to DACUS. Unlike in Brawl where his DACUS covered no distance, his DACUS covers a decently long distance being the third longest DACUS in Project M.
  • Change Mr. Game & Watch uses a previously unused smash attack charge sound from Brawl whenever a smash attack is charged.
  • Buff Forward smash has increased base knockback (44 → 50) and less ending lag (frame 42 → 41).
  • Nerf Forward smash has a slightly shorter duration (frames 13-33 → 13-32).
  • Buff Up smash deals more damage (18% → 21%) and has increased knockback growth (96 → 100) making it the second strongest up smash in Project M.
  • Nerf Up smash has more ending lag (frame 40 → 44).
  • Buff Down smash's sourspot retains its power from Brawl (10% → 13%) (10 (base), 50 (scaling) → 50/66) and the sweetspot deals more damage (16% → 17%) and knockback growth (90 → 132 (grounded), 100 (aerial).

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Buff All of Mr. Game & Watch's aerials can now be L-cancelled.
  • Buff Neutral aerial deals more damage (16% → 17%).
  • Nerf Neutral aerial has more landing lag (15 frames → 17).
  • Buff Forward aerial has less staartup lag (frame 10 → 9) and its sweetspot deals more knockback and the sourspot deals more damage (6% → 7%).
  • Buff Back aerial's hitboxes link better into each into other. It also has a longer duration (frames 10-21 → 10-22) and deals more damage due to changes to stale move negation (18% → 20%).
  • Nerf Back aerial has more landing lag (18 frames → 20).
  • Buff Up aerial now only consists of one hit. Because of this, it has drastically less ending lag (frame 40 → 18), and it can be used rapidly for juggling. It also has less startup lag (frame 7 → 3) and it now has a landing hit. It can now auto-cancel in a short hop and be performed twice in a short hop.
  • Change Up aerial uses its sound effects from Brawl.
  • Nerf Up aerial is significantly weaker dealing less damage (7% (hit 1), 9% (hit 2), 15% (total) → 9%).
  • Buff Down aerial has less ending lag (frame 50 → 42) and its meteor hitbox deals 1% more damage (14% → 15%).
  • Buff Down aerial's landing hitbox now spike-bounces.


  • Buff Down throw deals more damage (8% → 10%) and meteor smashes opponents akin to its Brawl counterpart allowing Mr. Game & Watch to tech-chase his opponents with it.

Special moves[edit]

  • Buff Mr. Game & Watch maintains his ability to B-reverse Chef and Judgment. He also retains his edge momentum shift technique (although he can no longer perform it with Chef).
  • Buff Chef has less startup (frame 16 → 8) and ending lag (frame 50 → 39) and it cancels on landing, similar to Falco's lasers.
  • Buff Judgment numbers 2 through 8 are significantly more powerful. Numbers now also show one or two lights above them, indicating whether the next number will be even or odd - one dot means it will be odd, two dots means it will be even.
    • Buff #2 stuns foes and causes flowering.
    • Buff #3 deals significant shield damage.
    • Buff #4 now semi-spikes with high fixed knockback.
    • Buff #5 hits more fluidly and deals higher damage.
    • Buff #6 is a stronger semi-spike.
    • Buff #7 is a significantly stronger KO move with more knockback scaling than his uncharged up smash and has the potential to heal 20% (10% for the move itself, and another 10% for the apple).
    • Buff #8 does more than double the damage and freezes for longer.
  • Buff Fire no longer causes helplessness and allows Mr. Game & Watch to act with any action afterwards (except an air dodge), like in Brawl but without the parachute and ability to air dodge.
  • Change Fire no longer deals consistent damage (6% → 8%/6%/4%).
  • Nerf Fire has a shorter duration (frames 1-37 → 1-29).
  • Buff Oil Panic has less ending lag (frame 50 → 44) after catching a projectile, and will usually OHKO when it is full. It can also now be used as an attack despite the amount of oil in the bucket. A full bucket attack now has intangibility during its first 6 frames.
  • Nerf Oil Panic has more startup lag (frame 5 → 6) and a full bucket attack has a shorter duration (frames 2-37 → 2-26).



  • Buff Weight increased from Melee and is now the same as NTSC Melee Kirby's.
  • Buff Rapid Jab IASA is earlier to match the IASA on Jab 1.
  • Buff Up smash damage and knockback increased.
  • Buff Neutral aerial parachute positioning better matched to Melee to have much better coverage on the sides and underneath.
  • Buff Forward aerial knockback growth increased.
  • Buff Forward and back throws have less endlag.
  • Buff Judgment hammers 2-8 adjusted in various ways to reward Mr. Game & Watch a lot more.
  • Buff Fire is able to IASA into all moves at the peak that he can normally do while falling after using Fire rather than aerials only, can do so slightly earlier, and can use air mobility during that time.
  • Buff Oil Panic attack IASA is earlier.
  • Nerf Oil Panic minimum damage is decreased slightly.
  • Nerf Oil Panic absorb collision is decreased in size.
  • Buff Rapid Jab modified to not loop twice (4 hits) easily when trying to only loop once (2 hits).
  • Buff Dash Attack hit duration is slightly increased, base knockback reduced a bit, and growth increased.
  • Change Forward tilt timing of when the chair is out and when it hits corrected to match.
  • Change Forward tilt and up tilt sound effects timing fixed.
  • Bug fix Forward aerial had a misplaced hitbox during the back hit that was fixed, now allowing it to hit much further above and behind him.
  • Buff Up aerial has an added landing hitbox identical to the aerial one except slightly less damage.
  • Buff Down aerial upper and lower hitboxes both meteor on the initial hit instead of only the top.
  • Change Up throw has much less base knockback and more growth.
  • Bug fix Quick edge jump works properly on sloped edges.
  • Bug fix Chef getting stuck in autofire bug has been fixed.
  • Change Aerial Neutral B pan hitbox is lower and matches its position on the ground.
  • Buff Chef pan hitbox does more damage, less base knockback, and much more growth.
  • Buff Judgment maintains more horizontal momentum when used.
  • Buff Judgment hit windows increased to match Melee, and added stronger sound effects to some of them.
  • Buff Judgment adjusted so that the 1st hammer of the match cannot be a 1 or a 2, and the 2nd hammer cannot be a 1.
  • Bug fix Fire falls more naturally and doesn't tug backwards at the peak when angled.
  • Change Fire is stronger early in the attack, weaker near the end, and the knockback is reversible.
  • Buff Oil Panic minimum hold time slightly reduced and is much more consistent, always releasing immediately if it has been held for that amount of time already.
  • Buff Oil Panic initial horizontal momentum slightly increased.
  • Buff Oil Panic attack can be activated by pressing B at any time the bucket is being held out with a charge in it, with more charges resulting in a larger attack area.


  • Buff Teching while rolling and standing are slightly delayed at the start to be harder to read, while keeping its invincibility, distance, and total durations as before.
  • Buff Forward smash is capable of hitting multiple times.
  • Buff Down smash sweetspot on the hammers is now a meteor against grounded opponents with compensated knockback, allowing for combos at low damage.
  • Buff Down throw does slightly more damage.
  • Nerf Chef foods do slightly less damage at normal size.
  • Change Dash attack has a hitbox at the very start of the move that sends enemies forward.
  • Nerf Forward tilt's late hit is weaker, sends more vertically, and is slightly smaller in size.
  • Change Down aerial is interruptible sooner in the air.
  • Change All throws appear identical in animation until the opponent is released.
  • Change All Chef foods are fire element and able to melt ice, instead of only Shrimp.
  • Buff Chef depending on frequency of use has a chance of launching large foods that spin slower, are more damaging, and stun longer than normal. Damage scales a little bit on each with Sausage<Shrimp<Fish<Steak.
  • Buff Chef foods random trajectories can be limited to the upper or lower three by holding up or down.
  • Nerf Chef pan hit window is a bit shorter.
  • Buff Judgment has new graphical effects to indicate whether the next judgment hammer will be an odd or even number.


  • Buff Weight slightly increased.
  • Nerf Chef has 4 frames of landing lag instead of instantly switching to wait upon landing.
  • Nerf Judgement #3's shield damage reduced.
  • Buff Dash lengthened.
  • Change Forward smash loop hitboxes removed, now possesses a weaker late flub hitbox.
  • Change Super food is removed.


  • Buff Rapid jab has increased range.
  • Buff Up tilt's hitbox comes out earlier.
  • Nerf Up smash causes less damage, does less knockback, and has more endlag.
  • Buff Forward aerial's flub hit damage increased and has increased knockback growth.
  • Change Up aerial's knockback value has been altered.
  • Buff All throw speeds have increased.
  • Buff Meat from Chef causes more damage.
    • Nerf However, continuous use causes the pieces of meat to be smaller and weaker.
  • Buff Judgement #2 now stuns opponents along with giving them a flower effect.
  • Buff Judgement #3 is more powerful and deals more knockback.
    • Change It now deals darkness damage.
  • Buff Judgement #4 deals more damage.
  • Nerf Judgement #9 deals less Knockback.
  • Nerf Using Oil Panic now stalls Mr. Game & Watch only once per time he's is in the air.
  • Nerf Energy projectiles absorbed by Oil Panic now cause a flat 12% damage, instead of it being based on the projectile absorbed.


  • Nerf Up smash endlag increased.
  • Nerf Fire's hitbox comes out on frame 3 rather than frame 1.
  • Buff Oil Panic's damage is back to being based on the projectile(s) absorbed.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 3% Pulls out an insecticide pump and presses on it, shooting a puff of insecticide out. If the attack button is pressed rapidly, Mr. Game & Watch will fire the insecticide repeatedly, at which point the attack button may be held down to continue firing. This move can be hard to DI out of.
3% (loop)
Forward tilt Lion 13% (clean), 8% (late) Holds out a chair forward. This move has long range, but significant starting lag. Deals light horizontal knockback.
Up tilt Flagman 12% Waves a number one flag overhead. A good move for juggling.
Down tilt Manhole 12% (grounded), 10% (aerial) Flips a manhole cover in front of him. Has great range and good vertical knockback.
Dash attack Helmet 10% (clean), 9% (late) Slides his head along the ground while wearing a helmet. This move is slow and easy to punish.
Forward smash Fire Attack Clean: 18% (torch), 14% (handle)
Late: 10% (flame), 8% (handle)
Pulls out a torch and swings it forwards. Great base knockback and even greater knockback scaling with a hitbox that lasts longer than expected, making it hard to punish, being capable of KOing lightweights at 65% and heavyweights at 75%. Delivers flame element damage when sweetspotted.
Up smash Octopus 21% With a diving helmet on, Mr. Game & Watch leans back and then swings his head forwards. This move has some start-up lag, but deals high damage and knockback. This move can KO as early as 60%. Mr. Game & Watch's head is intangible while the hitboxes are active.
Down smash Vermin 17% (hammers), 13% (handles) Takes out two hammers and slams them down simultaneously on both sides. Hitting at the sourspot deals less damage, but is a powerful semi-spike and can KO early when used on the edge against recovering opponents. Hitting at the sweetspot deals very powerful vertical knockback, being capable of KOing as early as 90%.
Neutral aerial Parachute 17% Mr. Game & Watch opens up a parachute. This move has good horizontal knockback and can KO as early as 100% on lightweights.
Forward aerial Mario Bros. 16% (clean), 7% (late) Mr. Game & Watch swings a box forwards. If hit when it first comes out, it deals high damage and can KO as early as 125%, but if late, the deals minor damage with extremely low knockback. The box can also hit slightly above and behind Mr. Game & Watch during its windup due to its hitbox's interpolation.
Back aerial Turtle Bridge 4% (hits 1-5 & landing) Mr. Game & Watch thrusts a turtle backwards, which bites multiple times.
Up aerial Spitball Sparky 9%, 6% (landing) Mr. Game & Watch blows upwards once. This move can be acted out of extremely quickly.
Down aerial Donkey Kong Jr. 15% (clean), 14% (late), 6% (landing) Mr. Game & Watch pulls out a key and plunges downwards. If the opponent is under Mr. Game & Watch and gets hit right when the move comes out, it is a meteor smash. When it meteors an opponent into the ground at low percents, the landing hitbox can hit them again for additional damage.
Pummel Alarm 3% Bashes the enemy with an alarm bell. Somewhat slow for a pummel.
Forward throw Ball 8% Juggles the enemy as a ball, then launches them forward. Looks exactly the same as his other throws, making it difficult to DI correctly.
Back throw Ball 8% Juggles the enemy as a ball, then launches them backwards. Looks exactly the same as his other throws, making it difficult to DI correctly.
Up throw Ball 8% Juggles the enemy as a ball, then launches them upwards. Looks exactly the same as his other throws, making it difficult to DI correctly.
Down throw Ball 10% Juggles the enemy as a ball, then launches them onto the ground. Looks exactly the same as his other throws, making it difficult to DI correctly. Can be followed up with a smash, tilt, jab, Judge, or Fire, but only if the opponent fails to tech.
Floor attack (front) 6% Gets out a hammer and quickly slams it in front of him, then behind him.
Floor attack (back) 6% Identical to frontal floor attack, except the back hit comes out slightly faster.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Identical to frontal floor attack, but is slightly faster.
Edge attack (fast) 6% (body), 8% (bell) Climbs onto the ledge, and hits forwards with a bell.
Edge attack (slow) 8% (body), 9% (bell) Identical to his fast edge attack, but is slower.
Neutral special Chef 9% (pan), 5% (large pieces), 3% (small pieces) Flips a pan upward while a piece of meat flies out in a random direction out of 5 possible trajectories, dealing fire element damage on contact. The first two meats to appear on the stage are large and possess a very small amount of knockback. If one Mr. Game & Watch already has 2 of his own meats present on stage when using the move again he will only fling small pieces of meat that carry no hitstun, and will continue to fling "Mini-Meat™" until he has less than two meats of any size present. The pan has a hitbox at start up that does fire based damage and is a semi-spike. The threshold of random flight paths can be limited to the either the first 3 or last 3 of the 5 possible trajectories by holding the control stick up or down (respectively) during the brief period before the meat actually exits the pan.
Side special Judge 1-32% (Varies) Swings a hammer in front of him and holds up a digital display, with a random number from 1-9. The number displayed reflects the unique effect that the hammer strike will have. Above the digital display will be either 1 or 2 dots: 1 dot means that the next use of Judge will produce only odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), and 2 dots means that the next Judge will be an even number (2, 4, 6, 8). Additionally, Judge cannot produce a number that was already displayed within the past two uses of the move, and a match begins with Judge acting as if the two past uses were a 2, then a 1 (meaning the first use will be neither a 2 nor a 1, and the second hit will be neither a 1 nor the number produced on the first use). This lets players know what to expect from the next Judge with up to 33% certainty and plan accordingly for it. Notably, every even number produces a devastating gimping effect, and every odd number produces a wide variety of mix-up options.
Up special Fire 8% (clean), 6% (mid), 4% (late) Jumps upwards off a trampoline held by two firemen. He will damage whatever he hits on the way up, but not on the way down. This move can be followed up with aerial attacks, but he will no longer be able to air dodge.
Down special Oil Panic 10-60% (Based on absorbed attacks) Mr. Game & Watch holds out a bucket that absorbs any incoming energy-based projectiles. The bucket can absorb up to three projectiles, after which the move turns into a powerful attack that can one-hit KO opponents depending on the strength of the projectiles absorbed. Taking out the bucket immediately halts all of Mr. Game & Watch's momentum once per air state, so the move can also be used to air-stall and recover, a technique known as Bucket Braking. However, the move will not cancel any momentum if the bucket is full.
Final Smash Octopus 16% Transforms into the large octopus that appears in its eponymous game, Octopus. Damage is dealt on contact and range can be increased by pressing the attack buttons. The move lasts about 17 seconds and grants Mr. Game & Watch infinite swimming time if he happens to enter a body of water.
Judge Damage Values
Number Damage Description
#1 1% A weak hit with deals no hitstun. This move causes 10% recoil damage—regardless of whether the attack hits or not.
#2 8% Another weak attack that plants a flower on the opponent's head when it connects. Connecting this move on a grounded opponent stuns them, while connecting on an airborne opponent weakly spikes them.
#3 15% A darkness attack that delivers decent knockback and sends the enemy behind Mr. Game & Watch. Also deals significant shield damage.
#4 10% A slashing attack that semi-spikes enemies at the same angle as Fox's shine.
#5 6% (hits 1-5) An electric attack that hits multiple times.
#6 14% A flame attack that delivers surprising high knockback and semi-spikes the opponent.
#7 16% An attack that deals moderate knockback and produces an apple if it hits a foe. The apple heals 10% damage, which can be consumed by anyone. This move also heals Mr. Game & Watch 10% damage—regardless of whether the attack hits or not.
#8 20% A freezing attack that deals low set knockback.
#9 32% A very powerful attack that was designed to be similar to the Home-Run Bat. Deals strong knockback, but severely reduced compared to Melee.

In competitive play[edit]

Notable players[edit]

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Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Mr. Game & Watch's alternate costumes are brighter than they were in Brawl. Additionally, he now has three new alternate costumes.

Mr. Game & Watch's alternate costumes in PM
MrGame&WatchHeadSSBB.png MrGame&WatchHeadRedSSBB.png MrGame&WatchHeadYellowSSBB.png MrGame&WatchHeadBlueSSBB.png MrGame&WatchHeadGreenSSBB.png
MrGame&WatchHeadCyanSSBB.png MrGame&WatchHeadWhitePM.png MrGame&WatchHeadPinkPM.png MrGame&WatchHeadPurplePM.png


Mr. Game & Watch's alternate costumes in P+

As of version 2.5.2, Mr. Game & Watch is the only character in Project+ to only get recolors rather then at least one alternate costume that changes the character's model.

Black (default): Resembles the characters from the Game & Watch games Fire and Parachute. He has the general color of the LCD frames in most of the Game & Watch handhelds.

Red (Red Team #1): Resembles his Red Team color in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is the reminiscent of characters and objects as depicted on the Virtual Boy, though this color palette has become much brighter to match with the original Virtual Boy object-depicted screen colors since Project M.


Blue (Blue Team #1): Resembles his Blue Team color in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though this color palette has become much brighter since Project M.

Green (Green Team #1): Resembles his Green Team color in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though this color palette has become much brighter since Project M.

Cyan (Blue Team #2): Resembles one of his colors in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is the reminiscent of the backlit display of the Game Boy Light, though the outline has been changed into the Teal color since Project M.

Gray: This color palette is based on one of the Game & Watch console color schemes.

Orange (Red Team #2)

Olive (Green Team #2): Resembles one of his colors in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is the reminiscent of characters and objects as depicted on the original Game Boy, though this color palette has been more green-ish and with a darker olive-green outline, to match with the original Game Boy screen color since Project+.

Maroon: Resembles his Red Team color in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is the reminiscent of characters and objects as depicted on the Virtual Boy, though this color palette has become slightly more pink-ish since Super Smash Bros. 4.


White: Reminiscent of the monochromatic LCD screen of the Game & Watch games, also appeared in Project M and Super Smash Bros. 4.

Pink (Red Team #3)

Lavender (Blue Team #3)

Teal (Green Team #3): Resembles one of his colors in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is the reminiscent of the backlit display of the Game Boy Light, though this color palette has become much darker and more saturated since Super Smash Bros. 4.

Z-Secret Costume: Rainbow Mr. Game & Watch

R-Secret Costume: Color-Inverted Mr. Game & Watch - Meant to be the opposite color palette of Mr. Game & Watch's default colors.

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