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Sonic (PM)

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in Project M and Project+
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Universe Sonic the Hedgehog
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Sonic (SSBB)
Alternate costume Jet Set Radio, Racing Suit Sonic (Project+), Sega Kid Sonic (Project+)

Sonic is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. He has been buffed for his Project M showing. Sonic is currently ranked 10th out of 41 characters on the official tier list, near the top of A tier, and a considerable improvement over his placement in Brawl, where he was 22nd out of 38. In the official Project+ tier list, he is ranked 4th at the top of the A+ tier, another considerable improvement over his placement in Project M.


True to his series, Sonic is the fastest character in the game, having the fastest dash speed and a fast air speed. These traits make him able to rack up damage very easily and execute combos across the stage. His strengths include extremely fast and tricky movement, a great combo game, good edgeguards, and one of the best recoveries in the game. He has been given the option to moonwalk as a result of the game's return to Melee physics, which can help mix up his approach. He also now has the ability to dash jump, which almost doubles his already fast air speed. Sonic also sports a plethora of recovery options, as all four of his special moves can help him recover in some capacity.

While Sonic was known in Brawl for his high speed and movement, he was held back by his poor KO potential due to his extremely weak attacks and few finishers, all of which were unreliable and ineffective. This has been addressed in Project M, as he has been given more KO power in his moveset, making him stronger than before.

Sonic's flaws include having poor range on most of his moves (in addition to a lack of projectiles), poor hitbox placements, and weak horizontal and vertical endurance due to being light with only an average falling speed (even floatier characters like Samus take less vertical knockback due to her extra weight), while also being very susceptible to juggles despite generally not being easy to combo. As such, while Sonic can combo easily due to his maneuverability, he himself is very easy to K.O. at lower percents, as attacks with high power can send him flying off the stage for good despite his multitude of recovery options, and his low range and lack of projectiles compel him to come close to his opponents rather than harass them from afar. As such, Sonic must make use of his speed and movement options in order to open up opponents and compensate for his weaknesses.

Changes from Brawl to PM[edit]

Sonic was buffed in transition to PM. His already impressive mobilty has been improved, he has more KO power and many of his moves have been altered to be more reliable and have more utility. While he has seen some nerfs mainly to his endurance and recovery, he overall has much better tools and the new mechanics of Project M benefit him more than they hinder him.

Sonic's new up taunt in Project M.
Sonic's new forward aerial.


  • Change Up taunt now features a horizontal spin and finger wag. Additionally, all of Sonic's taunts can be held indefinitely by holding down the taunt button.
  • Buff Sonic can now taunt cancel all three of his taunts.
  • Change Sonic has all new alternate costumes with one of his costumes being based on Beat, the main protagonist from fellow Sega franchise Jet Set Radio.


  • Buff Sonic's already impressive Dashing speed was further increased (3.5 → 4).
  • Buff Sonic's air speed was negligibly increased (1.1092 → 1.11).
  • Buff Sonic's jumpsquat is faster (5 frames → 3).
  • Change Sonic's falling speed was increased (1.45 → 1.9) although it is lower relative to the cast.
  • Change Sonic's gravity was increased (0.085 → 0.111).
  • Change Sonic's traction is higher (0.07 → 0.085) although it is lower relative to the cast. While this makes it easier for him to punish out of shield, it also means that his new wavedash covers below average distance.
  • Nerf Sonic's already low air acceleration was decreased (0.05 → 0.045).
  • Nerf Sonic is significantly lighter (95 → 82). When combined with the removal of momentum canceling, this drastically worsens his horizontal endurance although his vertical endurance is similar due to his higher fall speed.
    • Buff This weight change however allows him to be knocked down by Fox's shine.
  • Nerf Grab release glitch from Brawl has not been removed.
  • Nerf Sonic's glide toss covers less distance.

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Jab combo does more damage (7% → 10%) and the second and third hits have longer durations (frame 2 → 2-3 (hit 2), frame 3 → 4-6 (hit 3)).
  • Nerf The third hit of jab has more startup lag (frame 3 → 4) and the removal of jab locking hinders jab's damage racking potential if the opponent misses a tech.
  • Buff Forward tilt is now a single hit, while still dealing 11% if the sweetspot connects, and it has slightly more KO potential despite its decreased knockback scaling (115 → 90). It also has less ending lag (frame 35 → 32).
  • Nerf Forward tilt has more startup lag (frame 6 → 7).
  • Buff Up tilt is now a flash kick with a single hitbox instead of a double high kick based off of Sonic Up Draft from Sonic Battle. It acts better as a launcher, with less startup (frame 7 → 6) and ending lag (frame 50 → 30) and it has a lot more utility than the old up tilt.
  • Nerf New up tilt deals less damage (14% → 11%).
  • Buff Down tilt has a longer duration (frames 6-9 → 6-10) and has more combo potential due to the removal of hitstun canceling.
  • Nerf Down tilt's IASA frames are later (frame 28 → 29). It can also no longer be used as a pseudo crawl.
  • Buff Dash attack has less startup lag with a longer duration (frames 5-23 → 2-22), has less ending lag (frame 43 → 40), the clean hit deals more damage (6% → 8%) and deals higher knockback.
  • Buff Forward smash has less startup lag with a longer duration (frames 18-22 → 16-22), has less ending lag (frame 45 → 42), deals more damage (14% → 16%) and has increased knockback scaling (98 → 100) improving its KO potential.
  • Nerf Forward smash now has a late hit which deals less damage (14% → 12%) and knockback (30 (base), 98 (scaling) → 10/85).
  • Buff Up smash has less startup (frame 19 → 18) and much less ending lag (frame 66 → 50) and it is no longer a multi hit only having two hitboxes. The first is weak, while the second is much stronger and deals more damage (5% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-7), 3% (hit 8), 14% (total) → 2% (early), 16% (clean)) and produces more knockback (70 (base), 153 (scaling) → 37/102) making the move much more reliable and improving its KO potential dramatically.
  • Change Sweetspots of neutral aerial and up smash now have a slash effect, and the former has a new look inspired by Sonic 3.
  • Nerf Sonic's DACUS covers less distance and he gains less distance when performing up smash out of a dash greatly hindering up smash's approach potential. It also has a shorter overall duration (frames 19-32 → 18/20-24).
  • Buff Down smash changed to a multi-hitting "break-dance" move reminiscent of his Heavy Attack, the Sonic Flare, from Sonic Battle. It acts similar to the original, but has less startup (frame 17 → 10) and ending lag (frame 58 → 51) and and deals higher damage (12% (early), 9% (clean), 7% (mid), 5% (late) → 15% (front), 12% (back)) improving its KO potential despite its decreased knockback (40 (base), 100 (scaling) → 25 (front), 20 (back)/91) and can punish shielding or crouch canceling foes more effectively.
  • Nerf New down smash has less range and a shorter duration (frames 17-37 → 10-19 (front), 24-30 (back)).

Aerial Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Neutral aerial has a new initial hit which deals more damage (11% → 15%) and has stronger knockback and has a larger hitbox. It also has less startup (frame 6 → 4) and ending lag (frame 47 → 31) and auto-cancels earlier now doing so in a short hop.
  • Nerf Neutral aerial has more landing lag (12 frames → 15).
  • Buff Forward aerial is now a front-flip kick, based on the Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle. It has much more utility, covering a wider area in front of Sonic and meteor smashing at the heel of his foot, which when combined with his enhanced air speed gives Sonic a deadly Ken Combo. It also has less landing lag (30 frames → 22), and is much more reliable due to no longer being a multihit.
  • Nerf New forward air deals less damage (14% → 11%). It also has more startup (frame 5 → 8) and ending lag (frame 36 → 38).
  • Buff Back aerial now has a sweetspot on Sonic's foot which deals more damage (13% → 16%) improving its KO potential. It also has a longer duration (frames 13-16 → 13-21) and less ending lag (frame 37 → 34).
  • Nerf Both the early and late hits of back aerial now have a sourspot which deals less damage (13% (clean), 9% (late) → 12%/6%) and the sweetspot has reduced knockback scaling (94 → 90). Back aerial also has more landing lag (9 frames → 18 (although it's landing lag is identical when L-canceled)) and it auto-cancels later (frame 29 → 33).
  • Buff Up aerial's second hit has less startup lag (frame 14 → 10), both hits link better as the first hit has reduced set knockback (90 → 30) and hitlag and the second hit comes out faster, deals much more damage (3% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2) → 4%/13%), the hitbox at the tips of his shoes has stronger knockback (63 (base), 90 (scaling) → 25/100), and the initial hitbox is a spike.
  • Nerf Up aerial no longer auto-cancels as soon as the hitbox ends (frame 19 → 32) greatly hindering its use as a landing option.
  • Buff Down aerial deals more damage (8% (clean), 7% (late) → 10%/9%) and has more knockback on its sweetspot, has significantly faster startup (frame 16 → 9), and is now better at starting aerial combos due to the removal of hitstun canceling and its lower landing lag (30 frames → 28) which can be further reduced with L-canceling. It also now has a meteor smash hitbox and it auto-cancels earlier (frame 39 → 36).
  • Nerf Down aerial has a much shorter duration (frames 16-37 → 9-24) now giving it a fair amount of ending lag after the hitbox has deceased.

Grabs and Throws[edit]

  • Nerf Standing grab has more startup lag (frame 6 → 7) and standing and pivot grabs have more ending lag (frame 29 → 31 (standing), frame 35 → 36 (pivot)).
  • Change Forward throw sends opponents at a more horizontal angle. This hinders its follow up potential but gives it tech chasing potential.
  • Buff Up throw sends opponents at a slightly different angle (100° → 95°) and the removal of hitstun canceling and the increased falling speeds improve its follow-up potential.
  • Nerf Up throw deals less damage (12% → 8%) with altered knockback (65 (base), 70 (scaling) → 95/60) hindering its combo potential.
  • Buff Down throw is faster, giving the opponent less time to DI.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Buff Homing Attack can hit even when facing the other way and has much faster startup and fires straight at the opponent, now homing on them much more consistently in addition to juggling them at medium percentages.
  • Nerf Homing Attack has a slightly decreased detection radius, and gives less distance when there is no opponent in range, and has less KO potential. Additionally, if Sonic does not hit a wall or at least target anybody, he will go into helpless state and if he does hit a wall with it, it has a lot more ending lag no longer giving him an infinite stalling option.
  • Buff Pressing the attack button during the startup of Homing Attack lets Sonic use the Blast Attack, which is a faster Homing Attack with less ending lag, though it has less range and doesn't track the opponent. Sonic now strikes a pose after successfully hitting with a Homing Attack.
  • Buff Side special is now Somersault: a fast-starting spin attack with a variable height jump depending on how long is the special button held. Pressing the attack button turns the attack into a sliding kick similar to that of the Sonic Advance games. Both attacks cancel upon falling off a ledge. This gives Sonic a new multi-hitting quick attack to efficiently rack up damage and then launch foes, rather than a move almost identical to his down special. It also sweetspots ledges when used in midair, improving Sonic's horizontal recovery.
  • Nerf Spring Jump gives slightly less vertical distance, and Sonic can no longer air dodge after performing the move; also, using it causes Sonic to lose all of his momentum as a result of the move resetting. He can also no longer re-use it if he is hit out of it with Mario's Cape.
  • Change Falling animation after using Spring Jump is now identical to his helpless animation, though without the black overlay. Sonic now additionally spins horizontally during the rising portion of the move in a manner similar to Sonic CD.
  • Buff Down special is still his Spin Charge, but has gained most of the nuances the original Spin Dash had while retaining all of its own properties. It can additionally damage opponents when being charged.
  • Nerf Spin Charge can no longer be held indefinitely.
  • Nerf Super Sonic is considerably weaker as he can no longer deal damage when idling and his ram deals less damage (18% → 16%). The increased falling speeds also further hinder his KO ability.

Changes from PM to P+[edit]


  • Homing Attack will no longer go into special fall landing during trick animations.
  • Somersault no longer refreshes on ledge grab
  • The ledge grab box on Somersault has been lowered and shrunk
  • Spin Charge is now only usable once per airtime



  • Buff Forward tilt is now one hit, has less endlag, and much more knockback growth.
  • Buff Forward smash hit duration extended and has a weak hit added during that time.
  • Buff Neutral air is slightly faster, stronger, and has larger hitboxes.
  • Buff Back air adjusted in knockback, and is stronger at lower %s.
  • Buff Up air 2nd hit comes out slightly faster, sweetspot does a little more damage, and knockback slightly adjusted.
  • Buff Up air autocancels much earlier and IASA is a bit earlier.
  • Buff Homing Attack IASA is earlier.
  • Buff Aerial Somersault can grab ledges.
  • Buff Spin Charge can be B-reversed.
  • Buff Spin Charge startup is faster.
  • Buff Up smash is two hits instead of many multi-hits, and the knockback on the last hit is stronger.
  • Buff Jump startup is slightly faster.
  • Buff Gets more horizontal momentum from grounded jumps.
  • Buff Down air initial hitbox spikes on both grounded and airborne opponents.
  • Nerf Somersault can no longer be jump canceled immediately, and the invincibility is completely gone.
  • Nerf Aerial mobility is slightly lower.
  • Bug fix C-Stick up while shielding now correctly jumps instead of up smashing.
  • Change Up tilt has a new animation.
  • Change Down tilt moves forward and back, and the hitboxes and animation were adjusted.
  • Change Down tilt sends foes up and behind him.
  • Buff Forward air has slightly faster startup with endlag and knockback adjusted.
  • Change Down air no longer has disabled air mobility, and can be fastfalled to change the dive speed.
  • Change Homing Attack on-hit cancel is removed.
  • Buff Homing Attack can be shortened by pressing Attack before he homes-in, this is called Blast Attack.
  • Change Homing Attack hit animation is now reversible.
  • Change Somersault initial hitbox sends outward, and halfway through aerial Side B it will send upwards.
  • Nerf Somersault can only be used once per recovery, he must land on the stage or grab the edge to regain Side B usage in the air.
  • Change Grounded Somersault goes into a multi-hit somersault instead of a spindash.
  • Buff Grounded Somersault somersault is jump cancelable, and if you press Attack Sonic will perform a slide kick.
  • Buff Grounded Somersaults somersault and slide kick are both edge cancelable.
  • Buff Spin Charge releases into spindash sooner.


  • Buff Up aerial's first hit has increased knockback, matching Brawl Sonic's values. The tipper sweetspot on the second hit is now easier to land.
  • Nerf Forward smash's knockback was decreased.
  • Nerf Forward smash's weaker lingering hit has notably decreased hitbox sizing and knockback.
  • Nerf Forward aerial's damage and knockback were notably decreased, but no longer degrade at the end of the kick.
  • Nerf Somersault's hitboxes can no longer clank other moves and have increased hitlag.
  • Nerf Somersault's jump-cancel window starts later.
  • Nerf Sonic can no longer airdodge after performing Spring Jump, even if he performs an aerial in between.
  • Nerf Spring Jump can no longer be canceled with a walljump, or wall jump after using Spring Jump.
  • Nerf Spin Charge's hitboxes can no longer clank other moves and have increased hitlag.
  • Nerf Spin Charge's spin jump can no longer be canceled with any special or airdodged from, and has a five frame-lock on performing aerials.
  • Buff Sonic's jump squat animation carries over more momentum, allowing for more range during his jump cancel grab.
  • Change Forward tilt tipper hit angle raised and homogenized amongst angled variants.
  • Change Forward tilt damage is now based on angle like other forward tilts (12 hi, 11 med, 10 low), and knockback was compensated to match 2.1 Sonic.
  • Change Neutral aerial's hitbox sizing and placements reverted to match 2.1 Sonic, but no longer shrink during the move's duration>
  • Buff Neutral aerial's active duration is faster.
  • Change Neutral aerial's initial damage was matched to Brawl Sonic's values, and the knockback compensated to match the last hit of Brawl Sonic's forward aerial.
  • Change Forward aerial starts up faster and now hits while Sonic's leg is further above him. Cooldown was increased slightly.
  • Change Forward aerial's shoe sweetspot now sends at a diagonal angle during the first two active frames.
  • Change Back aerial's initial damage and knockback stats weakened slightly, and his torso hitbox was made into a flub with notably less damage. The lingering hit was strengthened to match Brawl Sonic's values.
  • Change Down aerial's lingering hit angle was raised to match other diagonal sending moves>
  • Change Down aerial's dive no longer slows down when fast-fell.
  • Change Homing Attack has a longer window to acquire a homing target, and a slightly longer start-up.
  • Nerf Homing Attack's hit rebound animation has a later interrupt window.
  • Change Homing Attack's hit angle is notably higher.
  • Change Somersault's hits earlier with a new graphical cue before the move goes into the hop or tumble. This can allow it to hit twice with the hop. Somersault's initial damage and knockback were reduced to compensate.
  • Change Somersault's previous momentum now has a large effect on the hop's height, making when you use the move more important.
  • Change Somersault's grounded tumble hitboxes have less time between hits, but end faster.
  • Change Spring Jump no longer has invincibility, but can be interrupted with an aerial earlier.
  • Nerf Spring Jump's turnaround window is slightly longer.
  • Change Spring's hitbox comes out slightly later, and has a more diagonal hit angle with lower base knockback but increased knockback growth.
  • Bug fix Spin Charge's jump inputs now properly recognize the tap-jump setting.
  • Change Spin Charge's charging hitboxes no longer deal additional shield damage, but now drag targets in whatever direction Sonic is moving.
  • Nerf Spin Charge's charge now sends Sonic into spindash if you fail to mash quickly enough, and the mash requirement increases the longer you stay in charge. A quick white flash indicates that the mashing requirement has gotten harder.
  • Nerf Spin Charge's charge can no longer be canceled in any manner but by releasing into spindash, or holding shield to enter the spin stop cancel.
  • Nerf Spin Charge's spindash can no longer be shield canceled at any point in the move. Pressing shield will now cause Sonic to skid to a stop.
  • Nerf Spin Charge's spin jump and spin turn now have a fifteen frame delay on their hitboxes if Sonic has hit with spindash or spin turn in the last nine frames.
  • Change Spin Charge's spin jump and spin turn have reduced damage with compensated knockback, but can now hit multiple times.


  • Buff Sonic’s aerial mobility was slightly increased.
  • Buff Neutral air hits one frame sooner and stays strong slightly longer. The initial hitboxes were slightly increased in size, and knockback on all hits tweaked to aid in comboing and late-percent kills.
  • Buff Neutral air now has a small initial sweetspot that deals 15% damage with strong knockback and has neutral frame advantage on block.
  • Buff Back air has increased start up reminiscent of Brawl’s, and increased damage and knockback on all hitboxes. IASA window starts two frames earlier.
  • Buff Up air's knockback trajectory slightly raised to be straight vertical. Both sweet and sour spots have increased knockback growth.
  • Buff Spin Dash knockback stats and trajectory tweaked to aid in comboing.
  • Buff Spring Jump use is now reset if Sonic is grabbed.
  • Nerf Forward air’s early sweetspot has reduced knockback growth.
  • Nerf Homing attack lock-on range reduced by about 1/3.
  • Change Neutral air animation tweaked for polish.
  • Change When Homing or Blast attack collides with a floor, Sonic rebounds instead of flattening to the stage.
  • Change Spin Maneuver’s Jump-cancel frame-lock no longer resets upon landing mid-move. Sonic also flashes when the frame-lock ends>


  • Buff All of Sonic's forward tilt hitboxes last longer.
  • Nerf Sonic's forward tilt, up tilt, forward aerial, and down smash no longer increase Sonic's foot size, limiting range.
  • Nerf Forward tilt, up aerial, and down aerial has more endlag.
  • Nerf Up aerial's second hit now lingers for less time.
  • Nerf Spin Charge no longer has a hitbox when turning (and for a second afterwards).
  • Nerf Spin Charge now has longer startup.
  • Buff Spring Jump has faster startup.
  • Nerf Glitch fixed where Sonic could airdodge out of Spring Jump.
  • Buff Homing Attack can now grab ledges faster, and has 25% larger detection size.
  • Nerf Homing Attacking in the air without it finding a target now puts Sonic into special fall.
  • Nerf Somersault can no longer be edge cancelled immediately, cannot be cancelled for a longer amount of time, and the held version can't be jumped out of until it hits the ground.
  • Nerf Spinshot distance reduced by about half.
  • Nerf Super Sonic damage and knockback weakened, and now leaves Sonic helpless.
  • Change Homing Attack's ending animation is now affected by gravity.
  • Buff The first hit of his up aerial weakened to link better.
  • Change Down aerial's falling speed was reduced by 10%.
  • Nerf Somersault now has one less hit.


  • Buff Opening hitbox of dash attack significantly increased in size to match Sonic's model.
  • Buff Lingering hitbox of dash attack increased to match the size of the old opening hitbox.
  • Change Down tilt hitbox active one frame earlier (7->6) and terminates one frame earlier (11->10)
  • Buff Range increased to cover more of the animation which was also slightly tweaked.
  • Buff Neutral aerial opening sourspot increased in size.
  • Change Neutral aerial hitboxes redone and centered within his body instead of spinning around the sides of his model, to function consistently.
  • Change Animations for Sonic's Down Smash, forward aerial, homing attack, side special, and crouch have been redone.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 3% The Punch + Punch + Kick Combo from Sonic The Fighters.
Forward tilt Horse Kick 12% (feet), 10% (legs) The Horse Kick from Sonic The Fighters where Sonic stands on both hands and kicks out both legs at the opponent. This move can be angled up or down.
11% (feet), 9% (legs)
10% (feet), 8% (legs)
Up tilt Sonic Up-Draft 11% (foot), 9% (leg) Sonic performs a bicycle kick. Based on the Sonic Up-Draft move from Sonic Battle.
Down tilt 6% Sonic throws his leg out and does a sweep kick. Originates from Sonic The Fighters (Leg Throw) and Sonic 06 (Foot Sweep)
Dash attack 8% (clean), 4% (late) Sonic curls into a ball to rush at any opponent in his path. Based on the Spin Attack from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.
Forward smash Wind-Up Punch 16% (clean), 12% (late) Sonic winds up his fist, then throws a punch forwards. This move can be aimed up or down. Based on the move of the same name from Sonic the Fighters.
Up smash 2% (hit 1), 14% (hit 2) Sonic jumps up and curls up into a spiky ball. This move hits twice, with the first hit linking onto the second hit. Sonic himself is intangible while the first hitbox is active. Based on when he jumps to attack enemies in the original Sonic the Hedgehog.
Down smash Sonic Flare 15% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2) Sonic does a double-hitting "break-dance" kick. Based on the Sonic Flare move from Sonic Battle.
Neutral aerial 15% (clean center), 11% (clean sides), 8% (mid), 5% (late) Sonic curls up in a ball and spins around to generate a sharp "shield" around him, similar to the "Insta-Shield" seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. A useful move to send opponents flying and is a good combo finisher.
Forward aerial Sonic Eagle 11% (foot), 9% (leg) Sonic flips forward and sends his heel downward in an axe-kick fashion. Acts as a meteor smash upon impact on Sonic's foot. Based on the Sonic Eagle move from Sonic Battle.
Back aerial 16% (clean leg), 12% (clean body), 9% (late leg), 6% (late body) Sonic performs a backwards roundhouse kick that deals fairly strong knockback.
Up aerial 4% (hit 1), 13% (hit 2) Sonic flips upside down and performs an upwards scissors kick. One of his stronger aerial attacks.
Down aerial 10% (early hit), 9% (fall) Sonic stalls for a brief moment, then shoots downwards foot first, via a stall-then-fall move. The move's initial hitbox can spike opponents. Based on the Stomp Dive from Sonic the Fighters and the Sonic Rocket move from Sonic Battle.
Pummel 3% Knees the opponent.
Forward throw 3% (hit 1), 6% (throw) Sonic kicks the opponent forward. Based on the Top Kick move from Sonic Battle.
Back throw 8% Sonic performs a high speed multi-flip version of the tomoe nage, a Judo throw. Deals decent knockback.
Up throw 3% (hit 1), 5% (throw) Sonic throws the opponent up and sharpens his quills to stab the opponent. An excellent combo starter.
Down throw 1% (hits 1-3), 5% (throw) Sonic pins the opponent on the ground to spin-grind on top of them. Based on the Double Spin move from Sonic the Fighters.
Floor attack (front) 6% Does a quick spinball sweep.
Floor attack (back) 6% Does a quick foot sweep.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Does a spin kick while getting up.
Edge attack (fast) 8% Gets up onto the stage with a spinball attack.
Edge attack (slow) 4% (hit 1), 8% (hit 2) Sonic slowly climbs up and kicks forward twice. This is the only edge attack move that can hit twice.
Neutral special Homing Attack / Blast Attack 8% Sonic curls up into a spiky ball while ascending, aims for the nearest target, then crashes into them. He'll perform a pose if he hits. If he fails to aquire a target and doesn't hit a wall or some other obstruction, Sonic will become helpless. Based on the move of the same name from Sonic Adventure.
Side special Somersault 4% (startup), 8% (jump), 1% (rolling hits)
Slide kick: 9% (clean), 6% (late)
Sonic leaps a small distance in the air while in ball form, then performs a couple of somersault when he lands. This move can be linked into a sliding kick or canceled by jumping, making it a powerful mix-up option. Based on the move of the same name from Sonic Adventure 2.
Up special Spring Jump 4% Summons out a spring from the Sonic the Hedgehog games and uses it to leap into the air. The spring acts as a projectile when used in mid-air. Useful for both recovery and edge-guarding. All of Sonic's momentum is reset when the using the spring. He can't use special moves again until returning to the ground, getting hit, or getting grabbed.
Down special Spin Charge 1% (charging hits), 6-11% (dash), 4% (jump) Sonic curls himself into a spiky ball and dashes forward. This move can be charged by rapidly pressing the special button while holding down, making it both faster and stronger. Unlike in Brawl, this move cannot be charged infinitely. Based on the iconic Spin Dash that first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
Final smash Super Sonic 18% (startup), 16% (ram) Transforms into Super Sonic, from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. The player can use the control stick or other movement buttons to make him fly in any direction they choose and ram into other foes. The transformation lasts for about 15 seconds. Ending the transformation while airborne will cause Sonic to become helpless.

In competitive play[edit]

Most historically significant players[edit]

See also: Category:Sonic players (PM)

Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Sonic's colours have been changed to be significantly more obvious, improving his readbility in team battles. The non-default colours are all references to other Sonic characters, while his alternate costume is based on Beat, a character from another series that was created by SEGA, Jet Set Radio.

Sonic's alternate costumes in PM
SonicHeadSSBB.png SonicHeadRedPM.png SonicHeadPurplePM.png SonicHeadGreenPM.png SonicHeadShadowPM.png SonicHeadTailsPM.png SonicHeadSilverPM.png SonicHeadBeatPM.png


In Project+, his Jet Set Radio costume receives a set of recolors for Team Battles, which are based on Gum, Cube, and Mew. He also receives a new alternate costume based on his Racing Suit from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. His third costume set Sega Kid Sonic is based on artwork from Yuji Uekawa that imagined Sonic as a human boy. The green alt for the Sega Kid costume bears resemblance to Scourge the Hedgehog, a character exclusive to the Archie comics' canon, as well as Surge the Tenrec from the IDW comic series.

Sonic's alternate costumes in P+

Secret costumes:

Sonic Z P+.png

Z-Secret Costume: Sonic Adventure design

R-Secret Costume: Sonic the Werehog from Sonic Unleashed


  • One of the poses Sonic performs when using the Homing Attack shows a strong resemblance to his pose in the box art of Sonic Adventure.
  • Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma has expressed approval of Sonic's Beat Costume.

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