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Diddy Kong
in Project M
Diddy Kong SSBB.jpg
Universe Donkey Kong
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Diddy Kong (SSBB)

Diddy Kong is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. He is currently ranked 4th out of 41 on the official tier list, a slight improvement where he is ranked 4th out of 38 in Brawl.


Diddy Kong is a quick, unwieldy fighter, able to rack up quick damage, combo well and make use of setups with his bananas. The ability to produce banana peels unlocks many techniques with Diddy Kong. The peels cause opponents hit by them or who walk over them to trip, making them fantastic tools for approaching, heckling, or setting up traps to extend combos. Diddy Kong can use his jab combo to transition into other moves or aerial combos. He is adept at gimping opponents with his refined Monkey Flip, his dash attack, and his down air. Peanut Popgun can now be used more liberally, as the gun shoots further and is stronger. Diddy's aerials are solid for comboing, and the same stands for his tilts and up smash.

However, Diddy Kong lacks ways to quickly and reliably finish off opponents. This can lead to opponents surviving much longer, and makes gimping opponents almost a necessity. In addition, his recovery options are somewhat limited. Rocketbarrel Boost flies in a mostly linear fashion, making it easy to disrupt for some characters.

Regarding item play, Diddy Kong has a ridiculously deep and distinct tool kit with which he can outwit his opponents.

Link to learn about some item tools

Junebug Diddy Kong guide

The vast majority of Diddy Kong discussion takes place on discord. Click here to join the Project M Diddy Kong discord

Changes from Brawl to PM[edit]

Diddy Kong received some nerfs, but mostly gained noticeable buffs from Brawl to PM to fit with the Melee physics.


  • Change His up taunt has been replaced with a juggling animation, possibly as a reference to his idle animation in Donkey Kong Country 2. Diddy will continue to juggle as long as the taunt button is held. His previous up taunt is moved to his down taunt.
  • Change For his side taunt, Diddy now leans his head forward and puts a hand in his mouth with a burly expression, as if trying to contain his laughter from a foe (using the same SFX as the original side taunt).
  • Change Original down taunt is now an idle pose.
  • Change One of Diddy's victory poses now involves him wearing sunglasses while dancing around to the music playing on his beatbox, similar to his victory animation in Donkey Kong Country 2.


  • Buff Diddy Kong now benefits from the addition of aerial glide tossing, both in his approach, combo, and movement options, and in his recovery.
  • Change Relative to the cast, Diddy's falling speed was drastically increased, going from a 15th fastest faller of 39 to the 5th fastest faller of 41. While this dramatically increases his vertical endurance, it makes him more susceptible to combos despite being a small lighter-middleweight.

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Jab combo does more damage and as with Captain Falcon, the third hit of Diddy's neutral attack is now always separated from the rapid hits, so he can either launch foes with the third hit to then jab cancel and follow up, or rack up damage with the rapid hits against enemies at low percentages.
  • Buff Forward tilt has more knockback, especially at its sweetspot, and up tilt does slightly more damage while down tilt has earlier IASA frames and set knockback, leaving foes open against attacks more easily.
  • Buff Forward smash does slightly more damage and is stronger in knockback and has less hitlag.
  • Buff Up smash links much better and is a stronger KO move.
  • Buff Down smash has slightly stronger knockback.
  • Buff Dash attack does more damage, and hits connect more smoothly. Like Donkey Kong's, his dash attack now can move off ledges, setting up offstage KOs. It also has increased speed for longer range, improving his ground game.
  • Nerf Up tilt has its IASA frames later.
  • Nerf Up smash deals slighty lower damage.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Forward air is faster, has more knockback, and has a more semi-spike angle.
  • Buff Back air does more damage.
  • Buff Down aerial has faster start-up, does more damage, and has a stronger meteor smash.
  • Buff Up aerial does slightly more damage and has weaker but horizontal knockback.
  • Buff Neutral aerial is considerably stronger, dealing twice the former damage.
  • Nerf Back aerial has less KO power.
  • Nerf Forward aerial sourspot does less damage.

Grabs and Throws[edit]

  • Buff Back throw has slightly more KO potential.
  • Buff Up throw does more damage and is now a KO move.
  • Buff Pummel does slightly more damage.
  • Nerf Down throw does slightly less damage.
  • Nerf Forward throw has slightly less KO potential.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Buff Monkey Flip had its distance increased. Attacking regularly after grabbing now sends opponents upward, leading into aerials at higher percents and the kick comes out right away when you hold the special button and has more knockback.
  • Buff Bananas when thrown have greater distance and does more damage.
  • Buff The Peanuts from Peanut Popgun now travel in straighter arcs and are much more powerful. A fully charged peanut can travel across the entire distance of Final Destination. Diddy Kong can also air dodge out of his Peanut Popgun, allowing him to waveland between shots.
  • Buff Rocketbarrel Boost has its distance increased. Furthermore, Diddy has more control over both its arc and launch angle allowing for better and trickier recoveries. It can do 21% at full charge and its power is very dramatically increased, making it a viable combo finisher.
  • Nerf Diddy Kong can no longer infinite trip opponents with his Bananas, as tripping can now be teched.
  • Nerf Monkey Flip's attack and kick both do less damage.
  • Nerf Only one banana can be out at a time.



  • Buff Down tilt deals a bit more overall knockback
  • Buff Up smash's hits link into each other more reliably
  • Buff Forward aerial's initial hit damage and knockback adjusted so that it doesn't send very far at low percents but scales more rapidly with higher percent
  • Buff Back aerial sends farther at low percents
  • Buff Down aerial's upper (sourspot) hitbox deals slightly more damage
  • Buff Dash grab box has an extra active frame and its total duration is increased slightly
  • Buff Turn grab range increased, and grabs slightly later to match other Turn Grab speeds
  • Buff Up throw clank bug from Brawl that caused him to freeze up fixed
  • Buff Neutral B can be airdodged out of a couple frames earlier
  • Buff Side B kick timing window now exists during the beginning portion of the move (startup + first 7 frames of grab). Once this window passes Diddy is unable to kick and continues the grab
  • Buff Up B initial hit deals increased knockback
  • Buff Grounded glide-toss moves Diddy significantly farther
  • Buff Side B Jump Throw angle slightly forward. Diddy leaps a bit shorter lower in height but now has an air dodge window as he goes airborne
  • Nerf Footstool height reduced
  • Nerf Forward tilt's hip hitbox removed. Arm (sourspot) hitbox damage matches the fist (sweetspot) but still retains a higher angle and less knockback
  • Nerf Forward aerial's lingering hit knockback reduced overall
  • Nerf Side B's tilt/smash distances reduced and more noticeably vary in length. The tilt input sends Diddy at a much shorter distance than the smash input
  • Nerf Side B kick hitbox deals less damage and its knockback scales higher with percent
  • Nerf Side B Attack Throw ("A" or "B" Input from grab) knockback lowered.
  • Nerf Up B landing lag increased
  • Nerf Diddy falls a bit faster while charging Up B in the air
  • Nerf Up B's grounded startup now matches the aerial startup (7 frames) and no longer has invincibility
  • Nerf Up B damage decreases throughout the boost's duration
  • Nerf Up B's loose barrel moves 20% slower and deals slightly less damage
  • Nerf Thrown Banana hitboxes are now clankable
  • Change Dash Attack now has multiple hits and sends at a lower angle. No interrupt window when done on the ground but still retains the no-lag feature when landing from the aerial version.
  • Change Neutral aerial's initial hit angle is slightly higher
  • Change Up aerial sends at a lower angle and damage no longer depends on leg hitbox positioning
  • Change Banana knockback (air and grounded) is now weight dependent. Opponents are knocked away at different lengths depending on their individual weight properties (lighter characters are knocked farther than heavier characters, essentially)
  • Change Throwing a banana downward (while grounded) near an opponent's feet will cause them to trip instead of being hit


  • Buff Shield size increased
  • Buff Jab angles and damage adjusted to better link into each other. Final jab (the kick) knockback increased
  • Buff Dash attack's hitboxes link more reliably and have had their sizes increased slightly. Grounded version can be interrupted earlier
  • Buff Forward tilt's hitbox sizes increased slightly. Forward and high versions have their damages increased slightly
  • Buff Up smash's hits link more reliably
  • Buff Diddy steps more forward on the second hit of forward smash. The first hit's knockback and timing changed to better link into the farther-reaching second hit
  • Buff Forward air's base knockback increased slightly
  • Buff Down air's active frames activate slightly earlier
  • Buff Neutral B (Peanut Popgun): Air Dodge window activates slightly earlier
  • Buff Up B (RocketBarrel Boost): Grounded startup reduced. Increase in damage from charging made slightly faster. Meteor hitbox more accurately reflects the blast graphic effects
  • Buff Down B (Banana Toss): Grounded banana hits induce the trip effect and retain weight-dependent knockback. Aerial banana hit knockback slightly increased
  • Change Down throw base knockback lowered but has higher knockback growth. Damage redone to be a two-hit move
  • Change Up throw sends up and slightly forward
  • Change Side B (Monkey Flip): Tilt version now sends the same distance as the Smash version. You can now however hold back while jumping to shorten your overall distance. Attack ("A") Throw's trajectory moved inward slightly. Jump-throw knockback growth and damage increased significantly, and Diddy's jump height has been reduced


  • Bug fix Fixed a bug where the sound effect for Diddy's shades breaking would play whenever he was hit after the shades were already broken


  • Buff Rocketbarrel Boost charges much faster.
    • Buff Its damage has also been increased.
    • Nerf However, Diddy's falling speed is higher when using the move.
    • Nerf It also has more endlag.
  • Buff Forward tilt deals more damage when angled upwards.
    • Buff It now has a hitbox on Diddy's body that deals slightly less damage.
  • Buff Forward aerial deals more damage.
  • Nerf The base knockback of Diddy's up smash has been lowered.
    • Nerf It also has more endlag.
  • Nerf Diddy's neutral aerial has been weakened overall.
    • Buff It deals slightly more damage.
  • Nerf Down aerial has a slightly smaller hitbox.
  • Nerf Up throw deals less damage.
    • Nerf It also has more endlag.
  • Nerf Monkey Flip has more endlag.
    • Nerf It also has more endlag landing or kicking.
  • Nerf The number of Banana Peels that can be on the stage at once has been reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Change The damage from the first two hits of Diddy's up smash has been lessened, but the last hit gives more damage to compensate.
  • Change The rocketbarrels no longer explode whenever it hits a character/stage. Instead, it will explode after 3 seconds of being detached.

v3.6 Beta[edit]

  • Buff Frame moved from between hits of forward smash to before the attack to prevent opponents from escaping second hit.
    • Nerf First hit of forward smash deals less damage.
  • Change Up special barrel movement reverted to Brawl's iteration of the move.
    • Buff The hitboxes have been modified to protect Diddy Kong's recovery somewhat.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 3% Diddy Kong slaps forward twice, turns around to quickly kick the foe, then proceeds to repeatedly whip them with his tail. The first hit can set up a grab if jab-canceled, or even a buffered down smash.
1-2% (loop)
Forward tilt 13% (arms), 10% (body) Diddy Kong leans to the side and thrusts both of his arms forward in a double punch. This attack can be angled up or down.
12% (arms), 9% (body)
11% (arms), 8% (body)
Up tilt 8% Diddy Kong swats in the air above him with a slap. Quick and can combine with other attacks. This move can be used to juggle an opponent at low percentages.
Down tilt 8% Diddy Kong claps forward while crouching. Extremely useful for racking up damage at low percentages.
Dash attack 9% (clean), 5% (late) Diddy Kong performs a cartwheel spin, resembling the one from the Donkey Kong Country games. A great move due to having almost absolutely no ending lag and combines well with his up smash or up tilt. This attack can also go off edges and platforms.
Forward smash 4% (hit 1), 14% (hit 2) Diddy Kong spins and punches forward, followed by a second punch. The first hit deals no knockback, which makes it easier to land the second hit. When fully charged and both hits connect, it can KO at 85% on lightweights and 92% on heavyweights.
Up smash 2% (hits 1-2), 11% (hit 3) Diddy Kong sops a little and does a sort of cartwheel, hitting three times with extremely low knockback that doesn't KO until 115%. Fills in combos and can rack up damage easily.
Down smash Front: 14% (body) 16% (leg)
Back: 12% (body), 13% (leg)
Diddy Kong performs a sweeping kick. It has less knockback than his forward smash and sends enemies at a more horizontal angle.
Neutral aerial 13% (clean), 9% (late) Diddy Kong does an aerial cartwheel similar to his dash attack. Has decent knockback.
Forward aerial 15% (clean), 11% (late) Diddy Kong kicks both feet forward while spinning. Diddy Kong's strongest aerial, a great edge-guarding option, and a good move to use in a short hop (though a bair is quicker and better for spacing). On the edge at above 100%, edge drop -> jump -> fair is considered one of the best options available.
Back aerial 12% (foot), 11% (body) Diddy Kong thrusts one leg backward and performs a single spin. His fastest aerial, being a great option for spacing whether a short hop is used or not.
Up aerial 12% (clean), 8% (late) Diddy Kong does an overhead flip kick. Decent knockback, fairly fast.
Down aerial 15% (fists), 14% (arms) Diddy Kong swings both his arms downward in a double axe-handle punch. A powerful meteor smash.
Pummel 3% Diddy Kong headbutts his target, angled from the side of his body. Hits almost instantly.
Forward throw 11% Diddy Kong tosses the opponent forward. Based on how Diddy Kong would throw barrels in Donkey Kong Country. Best used to get opponents offstage to set up an edgeguard. This throw can also combo into a f-air.
Back throw 10% Diddy Kong tosses the opponent backward, very similar to his forward throw in that it is useful for getting opponents offstage.
Up throw 3% (hit 1), 7% (throw) Diddy Kong throws the opponent up and kicks them. This throw is a decent option for getting opponents into the air.
Down throw 5% (hit 1), 3% (throw) Diddy Kong throws the opponent onto the ground and hops over them. Deals fair backwards knockback. This throw can be followed up by multiple moves and is a great combo starter.
Floor attack (front) 6% Diddy Kong gets up and slaps on both sides.
Floor attack (back) 6% Diddy Kong gets up and kicks on both sides.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Diddy Kong gets up and kicks on both sides.
Edge attack (fast) 6% (tail far), 8% (tail close) Diddy Kong quickly climbs up and does a spinning tail slap.
Edge attack (slow) 10% Diddy Kong slowly climbs up and sticks his left foot out.
Neutral special Peanut Popgun 5-18% (peanuts), 20% (explosion) Diddy Kong pulls out his peanut popgun and fires a peanut. This move can be charged, but charging it too long will cause the popgun will explode, dealing 5% recoil damage, and will stun Diddy Kong for a second.
Side special Monkey Flip 12% (midair kick clean), 7% (midair kick late), 5% (grab & jump attack hit 1), 7% (grab & jump attack hit 2), 5% (release) Diddy Kong performs a sideways hop that can latch him onto an enemy's face if timed correctly. If the attack button is pressed once Diddy Kong has grabbed onto an enemy, he will perform a double chop attack that deals vertical knockback, which can lead into aerials at higher percents. If the jump button is pressed, he will instead jump on the enemy's head and push them downwards, which is a footstool jump. Finally, pressing the attack button before the jump will cause Diddy to attack with a flying kick that deals strong knockback. This move can be used to gain some extra recovery distance horizontally.
Up special Rocketbarrel Boost 11-20% (launch), 10% (flight early), 8% (flight late), 1-3% (explosion) Diddy Kong charges up his Rocketbarrel Pack and launches himself upwards. While charging, it's possible to change the direction Diddy will be launched by holding the control stick/pad left or right. This method can also be used to control the arc Diddy flies in once he starts flying, making it a great recovery move, especially when fully charged. If someone attacks Diddy Kong when he's wearing his Rocketbarrel Pack, it'll break free and fly around aimlessly.
Down special Banana Peel 3% (hand) Diddy Kong tosses a Banana Peel into the air to have it fall onto the ground. Opponents who come in contact with the peel will slip and trip. Only one banana peel can be thrown at a time.
Final Smash Rocketbarrel Barrage 8% (peanuts), 15% (peanuts explosion), 18% (contact), 20% (ending explosion) Diddy Kong flies around on his Rocketbarrel Pack, shooting explosive peanuts everywhere. Puts Diddy Kong into a helpless state when ended in the air.

In competitive play[edit]

Notable players[edit]

  • USA Aero - Formerly ranked as high as 5th on the SoCal Project M Power Rankings. Ranked 27th on the PMRank 2016.
  • USA BaconPancakes - The best Diddy Kong player in the world; ranked 16th on the PMRank 2017.
  • USA Bladewise - Uses Diddy Kong as a secondary. Ranked 1st on the Washington Project M Power Rankings.
  • USA Boss
  • USA Envy - Plays Diddy Kong often along with Ike. Ranked 14th on the PMRank 2016 and 8th on the NY/NJ Project M Power Rankings.
  • USA Junebug - One of the two best Diddy Kong players in the world and was widely considered to be the best Diddy Kong player in the world from 2014-2016. Ranked 3rd on the MD/VA Project M Power Rankings and 27th on the PMRank 2017.
  • USA Luck - Ranked 40th on the PMRank 2016 and 2nd on the DFW Project M Power Rankings.
  • USA NinjaLink
  • USA Seagull Joe - Placed 7th at The Flex Zone, 7th at EVO 2015, 13th at Paragon Los Angeles 2015, and 17th at SuperNova.

Alternate costumes[edit]

Diddy Kong's alternate costumes remain unchanged from Brawl, except for a new orange costume that makes him look like Funky Kong in the Donkey Kong Country TV series.

Diddy Kong's alternate costumes in PM
DiddyKongHeadSSBB.png DiddyKongHeadYellowSSBB.png DiddyKongHeadPinkSSBB.png DiddyKongHeadPurpleSSBB.png DiddyKongHeadGreenSSBB.png DiddyKongHeadBlueSSBB.png DiddyKongHeadOrangePM.png


  • Diddy Kong was the only character in Project M that didn't have an alternate costume or any new recolorings prior to the 3.6 Beta.
    • This still applies to Wario, but it's impossible to give him a new costume as he has 12 different ones.
  • Diddy Kong's peanuts have 1 hp and thus can be broken by Fox lasers

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