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Ivysaur (PM)

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in Project M
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Universe Pokémon
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Ivysaur (SSBB)
Alternate costume Substitute Ivysaur (Project+)

Ivysaur is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. Like Charizard and Squirtle, it has been separated from the Pokémon Trainer and so fights alone. Its down special move, Pokémon change, has been replaced with Seed Bomb and it has also been given significant buffs.

Ivysaur ranks 28th out of 41 on the official tier list, toward the midst of the C tier, roughly the same placement as Pokémon Trainer in Brawl. However, as Ivysaur was considered near-useless as a standalone character in Brawl, this is a significant increase in apparent viability. In the official Project + tier list, it places at an even higher placement of 19th, landing in the bottom of A tier.


In the transition to Project M, Ivysaur was significantly buffed and modified to function as a mid-range zoning and anti-air character. It no longer depends on the Pokémon Trainer, losing its stamina system and crippling weakness to fire moves. It now also fights with self-healing moves and status effects befitting the Grass/Poison typing it has in its home series.

Ivysaur's ground moves have all received buffs. its up-smash remains the most powerful in the game and comes out more quickly, making it a more viable KO option, and its down-smash is a strong semi-spike useful both for relieving pressure and for edgeguarding. All of its other ground moves were reworked for speed and combo potential, and its jab now consists of two strong hits useful for keeping foes at a distance.

In the air, Ivysaur's buffed air speed gives it greater mobility for combos. Combined with its new combo option in neutral-air, its reworked forward-air designed for wall of pain combos, and its back-air – formerly one of the worst moves in the game – which can easily gimp foes offstage, foes approaching from the air are at significant risk of being comboed or simply pushed offstage. Its up-air now shoots it to the ground faster, and its down-air provides enough of a momentum boost to serve as a much more reliable tool for horizontal recovery; when used offensively with Ivysaur's new air speed, they can also serve as a juggling move and an offstage meteor smash, respectively.

Synthesis, its new neutral special, allows Ivysaur to heal itself for as long as the special button is held down, and its slight ending lag can be landing-cancelled. This gives Ivysaur a completely unique camping option, as some characters that rely on projectiles to force an approach can be outplayed if Ivysaur can heal itself quicker than damage can be tacked on. Characters like Falco who have reliable flinching projectiles can still lock down Ivysaur from a distance, but Ivysaur can easily force an approach from slow or non-flinching zoners like Toon Link and Fox, as Synthesis is nearly sufficient to outpace the damage they deal. Even if Ivysaur cannot completely undo damage received while using Synthesis, the move can force an approach anyway because it also charges up Ivysaur's second neutral special.

Once it heals 22 percentage points of damage, Ivysaur's next neutral special will become a one-time SolarBeam, a long-ranged energy beam that travels at a 45º angle from Ivysaur's bulb all the way to the upper blast line on most stages. With a SolarBeam, Ivysaur can deal a powerful finishing blow to opponents otherwise out of reach, and the move's lingering hitbox can stick around if the target airdodges too early. However, a SolarBeam charge can also serve as an effective zoning threat, as the glow of a full charge is easily visible to opponents. As a result, opponents aware of the charge will often try to recover low or approach in ways that don't put them at risk of being hit, enforcing predictable behavior that the player can take advantage of.

Ivysaur can alternatively heal itself and charge SolarBeam through some direct attacks, like its pummel (1%), up-throw (6%), and the sweetspots on its up-smash (9%), up-air (7%), and down-air (7%). The latter four will also flower any opponents they hit, and outside of its up-smash, they can all chain into themselves reliably. Using these moves in quick succession can self-heal Ivysaur at a startling rate while also building the rate of damage the flower deals, often forcing the target to button-mash and remove the flower instead of readying a counterattack.

Razor Leaf was reworked for consistency and combo ability, giving Ivysaur a more reliable mid-range projectile, while Vine Whip's buffed damage and speed let it function as a great KO option out of a down-throw or even to punish foes on platforms. Ivysaur's new down-special, Seed Bomb, is perhaps its best tool to keep foes in the air; as the projectile rises higher, so does its knockback, which serves the same purpose as its forward-air in steadily walling foes to the blast line. Additionally, Seed Bomb has awkward but effective potential for zoning on the ground, as it will stun any foe it lands near, providing opportunities for punishment.

Despite Ivysaur's numerous buffs, it still has some weaknesses from Brawl that can be exploited. Ivysaur's power and flexibility in mid-range situations do not extend to close-range or long-range fights. Ivysaur's moves all have some startup that close-range combatants can take advantage of, especially out of shield, while Razor Leaf and Seed Bomb aren't enough to reach ranged fighters. While previously a middleweight in Brawl, Ivysaur is now a lightweight, worsening its survivability and forcing it to use its self-healing moves to stick around. Its grab, while still as laggy as before, was shortened, making setups off of its throws much harder to achieve. Despite Project M's improved tether recovery mechanics, Ivysaur can still be knocked out of a Vine Whip mid-animation.

However, if players can consistently keep foes at mid-range or in the air, Ivysaur's plethora of combo and KO options can easily carry it to victory.

Changes from Brawl to PM[edit]

In Brawl, Ivysaur was tied to the Pokémon Trainer and was considered the worst out of the three Pokémon and it was even considered a contender for the worst character in the game when judged as a standalone character. As a result, Ivysaur was buffed greatly from Brawl to PM. Ivysaur is no longer tied to the Pokémon Trainer and its moveset has been heavily revamped. Many of Ivysaur's biggest weaknesses including its abysmal aerial game and recovery have been greatly improved. All of Ivysaur's aerials have seen many improvements in different areas and its air speed has been increased granting it a much stronger aerial game. Vine Whip is stronger, has more range and it can no longer be edgehogged making Ivysaur's recovery much less exploitable especially when combined with its higher air speed and the introduction of directional air dodging. Many of Ivysaur's attacks have seen either improvements to their speed or power and Ivysaur now has a new very powerful tool in its kit with its Solar Beam which has replaced Bullet Seed. Ivysaur can now synthesise to build up charge for its Solar Beam. It can do this by either using its neutral special to slowly build it up or to land attacks which involve its bulb including its up smash, up throw, up and down aerials and pummel. All these attacks now heal Ivysaur and they all have a flower effect to further increase their damage output (although up smash, up aerial and down aerial require landing a sweetspot to perform this). Once the Solar Beam has been fully charge, Ivysaur can release a devastating beam which deals 25%, crosses the entire screen and has very high KO power giving it incredible KO and edgeguarding potential.

Despite these huge buffs, Ivysaur also received a few nerfs. Ivysaur is much lighter greatly hindering its endurance. Its KO moves including the afforementioned up smash and up aerial are far less consistent due to receiving sourspots (although those moves have seen significant buffs in other areas and they still have excellent KO power when sweetspotted) while moves such as forward smash, forward aerial and up throw have reduced KO potential. This is especially poor as killing was already one of Ivysaur's weaknesses although this is compensated with Solar Beam. Ivysaur's zoning is also weaker in some ways as its back aerial is slower and has less range while Razor Leaf is slower and only one leaf can be out at a time. Lastly as it is no longer apart of the Pokémon Trainer, Ivysaur cannot switch out with Charizard or Squirtle to cover up its poor matchups.

Overall, Ivysaur is far superior to its Brawl incarnation and is significantly more viable in competitive play than the Pokémon Trainer despite still being in the lower half of the tier list.


  • Change New on-screen appearance: Ivysaur unplants itself from the ground.
  • Change Pokémon Trainer victory pose has been removed.
  • Change Ivysaur has many new alternate costumes.


  • Buff Ivysaur's air speed is higher (0.752 → 0.88) improving its recovery and aerial approach.
  • Nerf Ivysaur is significantly lighter (100 → 85), drastically worsening its horizontal endurance.
    • Buff This also makes Ivysaur invulnerable to Fox's waveshine combos.
  • Change Ivysaur's fall speed is higher (1.35 → 1.7) though it is lower relative to the cast.
  • Change Ivysaur's gravity is slightly higher (0.07 → 0.075).
  • Change Ivysaur's traction is higher (0.0532 → 0.06). This makes it easier for Ivysaur to punish out of shield but reduces the distance its new wavedash covers.
  • Buff Ivysaur is no longer tied to the Pokémon Trainer. Because of this, Ivysaur is no longer affected by stamina or type effectiveness meaning that Ivysaur no longer takes additional knockback from fire attacks nor does its attacks get weaker over time.
    • Nerf However, this also removes Ivysaur's ability to adapt to different matchups by switching to Charizard or Squirtle. It also means Ivysaur doesn't resist Squirtle's Water moves.

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Jab combo has more range, the second hit deals more damage (2% → 4%) and both hits have less startup lag (frame 7 → 2 (hit 1), frame 8 → 6 (hit 2)) and deal more knockback. The first hit also has less ending lag (frame 28 → 16).
  • Nerf Ivysaur no longer has a rapid jab hindering jab's damage racking potential. The first hit also has a shorter duration (frames 7-10 → 2-4).
  • Buff Dash attack has a new animation where Ivysaur break dances. This gives it less ending lag (frame 44 → 35) which when combined with the removal of hitstun canceling, improves its combo potential.
  • Buff Forward tilt links much better and has less startup (frame 6 → 5) and ending lag (frame 42 → 36).
  • Nerf Forward tilt deals slightly less damage (14% → 13%).
  • Buff Up tilt has a slightly longer duration (frame 9-14 → 9-15) and deals more damage (7% → 9%/8%).
  • Nerf Up tilt has more ending lag (frame 35 → 36).
  • Buff Down tilt has more range and does slightly more damage at the tip (2% → 3%) It also has less ending lag (frame 38 → 32) and both hits have a longer duration (1 frame → 2 (frames (hit 1), 4 frames (hit 2)). It also has more range and the second hit launches opponents vertically granting it combo potential.
  • Nerf Down tilt has more startup lag (frame 4 (hit 1), frame 9 (hit 2) → 8 (hit 1), 12 (hit 2)).
  • Buff Forward smash has less startup lag (frame 17 → 15) and can now be angled.
  • Nerf Forward smash deals slightly less damage (16% → 15%) hindering its KO potential.
  • Buff Up smash has dramatically faster startup (frame 26 → 13) and ending lag (frame 60 → 47), and has a sweetspot which has a flower effect increasing its maximum damage output (17% → 24%) and heals Ivysaur.
  • Nerf Up smash's clean hit deals less base damage (17% → 9%) and while its knockback growth was compensated (90 → 150), the universally increased falling speeds hinder its KO potential. It also now has a sourspot with a grass effect which deals less damage (17% → 12%) and knockback (80 (base), 90 (scaling) → 50/100) and sends opponents at a less vertical angle.
  • Buff Down smash has less startup (frame 16 → 10) and ending lag (frame 64 → 48), does much more damage (8% → 14%/12%) and knockback, and has a semi-spike angle.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Neutral aerial has a bigger hitbox that connects much better and deals more damage (14% → 16%) and has higher knockback.
  • Nerf Neutral aerial has more ending (frame 41 → 42) and landing lag (11 frames → 14).
  • Buff Forward aerial's sweetspot deals slightly more damage (12% → 13%) and forward aerial has less ending lag (frame 51 → 35) which when combined with the removal of hitstun canceling greatly improves its follow-up potential. It also has less landing lag (28 frames → 19).
  • Change Forward aerial's sourspot and sweetspot have been swapped around. This makes forward aerial a stronger spacing tool but makes the sweetspot harder to land.
  • Nerf Forward aerial deals less knockback especially the sourspot which deals less damage (10% → 9%).
  • Buff Back aerial deals significantly more damage (2% → 4% (hit 1), 2%/3% → 5%/7%/8% (hit 2)) and has much more knockback giving it stronger gimping potential. It also has less ending lag (frame 46 → 41).
  • Nerf Back aerial has more startup lag (frame 4 (hit 1), 13 (hit 2) → 7/17), landing lag (10 frames → 17) and has less range.
  • Buff Up aerial has less startup (frame 12 → 9), ending (frame 53 → 36) and landing lag (22 frames → 21). It also shoots Ivysaur to the ground faster, has a sweetspot with a flower effect making it deal more total damage (16% → 18%), deals slightly more knockback and heals Ivysaur. It now has a hitbox during Ivysaur's descent which can lightly meteor smash, greatly increasing its safety and making it a strong landing option.
  • Nerf Up aerial now has a sourspot which deals much less damage (16% → 10%) and knockback and the sweetspot deals less base damage (16% → 7%).
  • Buff Down aerial has less startup lag with a longer duration (frame 11 → 8-10) and has less ending (frame 64 → 48) and landing lag (28 frames → 24) and it now auto-cancels in a short hop. It also gives Ivysaur a momentum boost rather than halting all of Ivysaur's momentum allowing it to aid Ivysaur's recovery, and both the sourspot and sweetspot are much stronger and the sweetspot now has a flower effect greatly increasing its damage output (8% → 20%) and it also heals Ivysaur.

Grabs and Throws[edit]

  • Nerf Grab range has been reduced, now just being of a slightly-above-standard range rather than acting as an extended grab. Ivysaur's standing grab also has more startup lag (frame 13 → 14).
  • Buff Dash grab has less startup lag (frame 13 → 12).
  • Buff Pummel now heals Ivysaur.
  • Nerf Pummel deals less damage (3% → 1%) and has more ending lag (frame 25 → 28).
  • Buff Forward throw deals more damage (8% → 10%).
  • Buff Back throw deals more damage (10% → 11%).
  • Buff The universally decreased falling speeds and the removal of hitstun canceling grant up throw and down throw combo potential.
  • Buff Up throw now has a flower effect increasing its overall damage output (10% → 17%) as well as healing Ivysaur.
  • Nerf Up throw deals less base damage (10% → 6%) hindering its KO potential.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Buff Ivysaur has a new neutral special: Synthesis and Solar Beam. Synthesis has a weak hitbox with set knockback on startup and holding the special button slowly heals Ivysaur and builds up charge. Charge is shown as a glowing light in Ivysaur’s bulb that grows bigger and fills the bulb when fully charged. Once the charge is full, using the move fires a powerful energy beam diagonally upwards. It can also be charged by connecting with Ivysaur's bulb attack sweetspots (including up smash, up throw, up and down aerials and pummel). Compared to Bullet Seed, Solar Beam is a much more powerful KO move/edge-guarding tool and has much more range. Solar Beam also has intangibility.
  • Nerf Compared to Bullet Seed, Solar Beam has more startup lag (frame 4 (initial hit), frame 16 (seeds) → 20) and it cannot be held greatly reducing its maximum damage output (60% → 25%) and duration (6 seconds → frames 20-41). It is also worse for catching landings if the opponent is directly above Ivysaur and Solar Beam leaves Ivysaur helpless if used in the air.
  • Buff Razor Leaf has a longer duration (frames 22-69 → 22-74), and it can now hit multiple targets and deal damage consecutively. It additionally flies in the same straight path instead of randomly angling, making the move more consistently usable.
  • Nerf Razor Leaf travels much slower covering a significantly shorter distance and it now deals consistent damage (8% (near), 6% (mid), 4% (far) → 3%). It also vanishes upon making contact with a surface, worsening its overall durability, and only one Razor Leaf can be out at a time.
  • Buff Vine Whip's sweetspot is stronger, dealing higher damage (13% → 15%) and knockback. Vine Whip also has more range and can no longer be edgehogged due to Project M's new tether mechanics.
  • Change Vine Whip now plays the ping SFX if the sweetspot connects.
  • Buff Ivysaur has a new down special: Seed Bomb, which sends a powerful projectile vertically similar to Snake's up smash. It releases Stun Spores upon hitting the ground, which stun opponents in range. The move can also be angled left or right slightly. It's great for both punishing aerial approaching foes and catching grounded enemies off-guard. Compared to Pokémon Change, it has much less ending lag (>frame 120 → 58) making it far less punishable.
  • Nerf Unlike Pokémon Change, Seed Bomb does not grant Ivysaur intangibility nor does it reset stale move negation.
  • Change Ivysaur has a new Final Smash Sunny Day. Ivysaur synthesises, heals 66% damage and gains access to three fully charged Solar Beams.

Changes from PM to P+[edit]



  • Buff Forward tilt links more reliably and has slightly less range behind it.
  • Buff Up smash sweetspot's shield damage is increased.
  • Buff Down smash start-up is faster.
  • Buff Neutral air hitbox size increased, landing hitbox better for comboing.
  • Buff Standing grab and pivot grab have slightly increased vertical range.
  • Buff Up tilt horizontal range increased; animation is faster; knockback growth decreased,which is great for comboing into itself
  • Buff Down tilt second hit sends at an upward angle,which can lead to many follow-ups.
  • Buff Fastfall speed slightly increased.
  • Nerf Grab pummel deals slightly less damage.
  • Nerf Razor Leaf (projectile) does less damage per hit.
  • Nerf Down tilt range reduced.
  • Change Jab range is better overall while Jab 1 IASA is worse.
  • Nerf Dash Attack animation is faster, strong hit duration is shorter.
  • Nerf Forward air downward range decreased; animation slightly faster overall; all hits send opponents vertically.
  • Nerf Back air damage/knockback decreased on ranged hits; angles generally higher; animation faster overall.
  • Buff Up air falling hitbox is a spike for the first four frames while shield damage is added to bulb sweetspot and can no longer fastfall during up air to slow decent.
  • Change Down air has a faster start-up but greater endlag, shield damage added to sweetspot and can skip to a 3rd+ "float" effect by holding down during start-up.
  • Change Dash grab has significantly reduced horizontal range, significantly less endlag (like the average jump cancel grab), and has noticeably increased vertical range.
  • Buff Synthesis/Solar Beam when uncharged now has a landing cancel, healing starts later in the animation, and holding B to full charge allows you to continue healing until you let go of B.
  • Nerf Solarbeam now takes 22% to fully charge.
  • Buff Charged Synthesis/Solar Beam transition to Special Fall can now grab ledges backward.
  • Change Razor Leaf animation is faster all around, Razor Leaf stays out longer, no longer decelerates over time, but is limited to one leaf on-screen at a time and can now be fastfalled.
  • Change Vine Whip's sweetspot hitbox size decreased, grounded Vine Whip now matches aerial Vine Whip (has an extra active frame).
  • Bug fix Fixed a glitch where the Vine Whip's "hop" wouldn't happen immediately after hitstun.
  • Buff Seed Bomb can be angled to the left or right (less so while in the air), aerial Seed Bomb no longer pushes Ivysaur downward.


  • Buff Forward tilt back hitbox and the innermost front hitbox have increased SDI multipliers.
  • Buff Forward air damage increased by 1%.
  • Buff Back air send off hits have increased base knockback, and the inner trajectory has been lowered.
  • Buff Back air outer hitbox damage increased to 5%.
  • Buff Down air damage increased and homogenized against grounded and aerial targets to 7%.
  • Buff Back throw knockback growth increased.
  • Buff Down throw knockback growth increased.
  • Buff Vine Whip's sweetspot hitbox size slightly increased.
  • Buff Vine Whip's sweetspot damage increased to 18%.
  • Buff Up throw knockback growth decreased,so it makes it easier to go for a back aerial at higher percents.
  • Buff Up throw angle increased to send slightly behind Ivysaur,which perfectly sets up a back aerial gimp.
  • Buff Neutral air final hit knockback growth decreased,which makes it more reliable for repeated hits,or follow-ups.
  • Buff Fall speed slightly increased, and fastfall speed increased.
  • Nerf Forward tilt endlag increased.
  • Nerf Forward tilt's back final hitbox damage decreased to match earlier weak hits.
  • Nerf Down air ending lag increased.
  • Nerf Down air sweetspot size decreased, with the sweetspot deeper inside Ivysaur.
  • Nerf Forward throw knockback lowered to match v2.6 back throw.
  • Nerf Seed Bomb seeds rise slower, do not go as high, and fall more slowly as well.
  • Nerf Forward air startup increased.
  • Change Increased aerial drift strength and decreased aerial friction.
  • Change Slightly decreased grounded friction.
  • Nerf Down tilt's 2nd hit now only pops up at the outer 2 hitboxes instead of outer 3 hitboxes.
  • Change Forward air hitbox angles have been noticeably lowered to send further horizontally.
  • Change Forward air base knockback increased, knockback growth decreased.
  • Change Back air closer endlag mostly reverted to v2.5. Still allows a small window to short-hop Back Air autocancel.
  • Change Up air sweetspot knockback growth and damage increased. Hitbox size decreased, with the sweetspot deeper inside Ivysaur. Sourspot angle decreased.
  • Change Up air no longer halts horizontal momentum on fall.
  • Change Up air meteor hitboxes redone - now two side-by-side hitboxes that maintain horizontal coverage with negative disjoint on the bottom.
  • Bug fix Grabs - outer 2 of 5 boxes on standing and pivot grab + outer 1 box of 3 on dash grab are ground-only to alleviate chain grab issues.
  • Change Synthesis/Solar Beam startup hit is now a relatively weak wind box.
  • Buff Synthesis/Solar Beam max charge lowered from 22% to 18%.
  • Change Aerial Synthesis/Solar Beam land-cancels only if the Special Button is not held.
  • Change Razor Leaf checks if existing leaf is out on frame 1 instead of 15.
  • Change Razor Leaf hit refresh rate is slower, damage per hit is increased by 1, and hit angle is increased to send further vertical.
  • Change Razor Leaf is slowed down to v2.5 timings while float physics are also reverted to v2.5, but the move lasts 5 frames longer.


  • Buff Up air non-L-canceled landing lag value decreased slightly.
  • Nerf Jab 1 and jab 2 had a chance to cause a trip, this has been removed.


  • Buff Ivysaur has a new final smash.
  • Nerf Second hit of back aerial deals more damage at the center rather than at the tip.
  • Buff Back throw does more damage.
    • Nerf However, it deals less base knockback.
  • Buff Up throw now heals 3%.
    • Nerf It now causes less damage.
  • Nerf Forward throw does less damage.
    • Buff However, its knockback has increased.
  • Nerf Vine Whip deals less damage.
  • Nerf Solar Beam takes longer to fully charge.
  • Change Ivysaur receives a new black palette swap.



  • Buff Forward tilt now angle-able, better multihit linking and damage, better IASA
    • Nerf However, it has 4 hits instead of 7
  • Buff Forward Smash has a better knockback
  • Buff Neutral Air tweaked to have hitboxes open longer
    • Nerf Removed uppermost hitbox on landing hit
    • Buff Removed the useless, fully overlapped hitbox in the middle of the last air hit
  • Buff Grab Pummel Heals/Charges 2 points instead of 1
  • Buff Up Throw has better knockback growth (120 to 135), Charges 5 points instead of 3
    • Nerf Does less damage (6 points reduced to 5)
    • Change Graphic for charge updates during move rather than after
  • Buff Invincibility starts 3 frames earlier when using Synthesis/Solar Beam
    • Change Moved the Graphic forward 1 frame so the hitboxes appear on the frame the beam has fully expanded
  • Nerf Vine Whip's base knockback from bast to tip changed from 40/40/40/60/80 to 40/40/40/40/80
    • Nerf As well the damage from base to tip changed from 11/11/11/13/14 to 11/11/11/11/15
    • Buff Fixed a bug that caused Vine Whip tether to fail if used near the end of its tether range
    • Change Fixed a visual bug that made two vines appear on Vine Whip if Ivy had tethered to a ledge at least once.
  • Nerf Back air angles reduced by 15% on the first swing and 5% on the second
  • Change Amount charged/healed now accounts for stale moves
  • Change Dash Attack has been given a new animation to differentiate it from running and dashing, in which Ivysaur does a full-bodied lunge. Hitbox and distance properties function the same.
  • Change Added vine motion trails to jab, d-tilt, d-smash, f-air, and b-air.
  • Bug fix Fixed a bug where attempting to heal an amount greater than Ivysaur's current percent wouldn't heal it at all
  • Bug fix Fixed a bug allowing gaining or losing an unrelated amount of charge/health when hitting projectiles


  • Buff Forward tilt now has 5 hits instead of 4 and pulls inward.
    • Nerf Removed final hitbox behind Ivysaur.
  • Buff Up throw now Charges/heals 6 points instead of 3.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 3% Ivysaur strikes with one vine, followed by another vine that deals stronger horizontal knockback.
Forward tilt 2% (hits 1-4), 5% (hit 5) Ivysaur leans forward and spins the leaves around its main bulb like a helicopter blade, hitting multiple times. This move can be aimed up or down.
Up tilt 9% (center), 8% (sides) Ivysaur plants its vines on the ground and pushes itself into the air. Has good range, with the central hit dealing straight vertical knockback.
Down tilt 2%-3% (hit 1) , 5% (hit 2) Ivysaur whips two vines quickly along the ground, hitting twice with good range. The first hit has set knockback when hitting at the tip. The second hit has either horizontal knockback if it hits at the center, or drags foes towards Ivysaur if hitting at the tip.
Dash attack 12% (clean), 10% (late) Ivysaur lunges and tackles the foe. Connecting during the early part of the animation deals powerful base knockback.
Forward smash 15% Ivysaur plants its vines on the ground and launches its body forward. Decent knockback (30 base, 100 growth); can be used for edgeguarding onstage. Can be angled up or down.
Up smash 9% (body), 12% (explosion) Ivysaur launches a burst of spores from its bulb. The lateral hitboxes deals strong vertical knockback, while the explosion deals more damage, less knockback, flowers the enemy, and heals 9% to Ivysaur. The percentage healed also increases with the attack's charge, for a maximum of 12.3039% when fully charged).
Down smash 14% (center), 12% (tip) Ivysaur quickly whips out vines across the ground simultaneously on both sides. Has a semi-spike trajectory akin to Jigglypuff's down smash.
Neutral aerial 2% (hits 1-6), 4% (hit 7), 3% (landing) Ivysaur spins while facing diagonally downwards. Hits multiple times with the last hit dealing minor knockback.
Forward aerial 9% (center), 13% (tip) Ivysaur slaps forward with both vines. Has some start-up, but the tip is powerful, while the center can set up combos at low percentages.
Back aerial 4% (hit 1), 5% (hit 2 near), 7% (hit 2 mid), 8% (hit 2 far) Ivysaur spins vertically and hits backwards with its two respective vines. The second hit has a semi-spike angle that can easily gimp recoveries.
Up aerial 7% (bulb interior), 10% (explosion), 6% (descent) Ivysaur shoots a burst of spores out of its bulb and propels itself downward. The bulb interior flowers the opponent and heals 7% to Ivysaur. The descent weakly meteor smashes enemies and can be quickly L-canceled for follow-ups. Ivysaur starts fast falling as soon as the move is executed.
Down aerial 7% (bulb interior), 10% (explosion) Ivysaur turns upside-down and shoots a burst of spores out of its bulb. Similar to its up aerial, but deals slightly less knockback. The regular hit has a more horizontal trajectory for gimps, while the bulb interior powerfully meteor smashes the opponent in addition to flowering them and healing 7% from Ivysaur. The move completely stops Ivysaur's descent, and its quick animation can be combined with Ivysaur's fast air speed to provide a good horizontal recovery option.
Grab Stretches Ivysaur's vines and binds the opponent. Has shorter range compared to other extended grabs, but less ending lag.
Pummel 1% Squeezes the opponent. Heals 1% to Ivysaur every time it is used. The amount charged or healed accounts for stale-move negation.
Forward throw 10% Ivysaur tosses the foe forward with its vines.
Back throw 11% Ivysaur spins, then tosses the foe backwards with its vines. Higher base knockback and knockback growth than the forward throw, and a more horizontal angle.
Up throw 6% Ivysaur puts the foe over its bulb, then bounces them into the air with it. The move charges and heals 6 points every time it is used and will flower opponents. Can chaingrab fastfallers.
Down throw 10% Ivysaur does a flip and slams the foe into the ground with its vines. A good throw for chaingrabbing fastfallers. At higher percentages, or against other characters, it can lead into an aerial, a Vine Whip, or SolarBeam.
Floor attack (front) 6% Ivysaur get up with a horizontal spin, swinging its vines.
Floor attack (back) 6% Ivysaur gets up and strikes both sides with its vines.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Ivysaur stands up and hits both sides with its vines.
Edge attack (fast) 6% (close), 8% (far) Ivysaur climbs onto the stage and swings a vine.
Edge attack (slow) 10% Ivysaur slowly climbs up and delivers a quick headbutt.
Neutral special Synthesis/Solar Beam 4% (charge), 25% (SolarBeam) Holding the special button heals Ivysaur of approximately 1% damage per second and builds up bulb charge at the same rate. The charge start-up produces wind. Once the charge is full, using the move fires a powerful energy beam diagonally upwards, having great range and dealing strong knockback, serving as a powerful edge-guarding attack or combo finisher. To fully charge the beam from the start, Ivysaur must have 22% or more damage healed, either by the move itself or by bulb attacks and pummel. The SolarBeam has an electric effect and cannot be reflected, but can be absorbed by PSI Magnet and Oil Panic. Ivysaur becomes helpless after firing the beam.
Side special Razor Leaf 3% each hit Ivysaur fires a spinning leaf forward, which hits enemies consecutively when used as a tilt and hits once when thrown as a smash attack. The leaf can be reflected, but cannot be angled and vanish upon hitting a surface, and can pass through foes and shields.
Up special Vine Whip 11% (base), 15% (tip) Ivysaur shoots a vine diagonally upwards. The sourspot can be easily used for repelling airborne enemies or edge-guarding onstage, while the sweetspot deals high knockback that can yield KOs at low percentages. In midair, it gives Ivysaur a boost upward, and acts as a tether recovery.
Down special Seed Bomb 10% Ivysaur fires a flashing seed upwards in a motion similar to its old neutral special. It can be slightly angled sideways in the same way as Snake's up-smash, and keeps momentum when used in midair. The seed then falls down and releases Stun Spores upon hitting a surface. The seed itself has decent vertical knockback, while the spores stuns any opponent in range, being able to punish opponents attempting to dodge Ivysaur. The seed can be reflected, though when doing so, the trajectory will be unaltered; it will just damage Ivysaur if it comes close to the explosion.
Final Smash Sunny Day 25% (each SolarBeam) Ivysaur summons strong sunlight, restoring 66% of damage and giving Ivysaur three SolarBeam charges.

In competitive play[edit]

Most historically significant players[edit]

See also: Category:Ivysaur players (PM)

  • USA Cala - Ranked 33rd on PMRank 2018.
  • USA Kendrick - Ivysaur/ROB dual main ranked #34 on PMRank 2023.
  • USA Nogh - Ranked 26th on PMRank 2019, now dual mains Ivysaur.
  • USA Sabre - Ranked 2nd in SoCal and 40th on PMRank 2019, and inventor of character-specific tech including the Flop Lock.
  • USA Sothe - Ranked 10th on the PMRank 2019 and a notable inactive on PMRank 2023. Considered the best Ivysaur player in the world.

Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Ivysaur now has more significant palette swaps to be more distinctive in Team Battles. In addition, it has received blue, purple, white, and black recolors. Ivysaur's green color is now their Shiny palette.

Ivysaur's alternate costumes in PM
IvysaurHeadSSBB.png IvysaurHeadRedPM.png IvysaurHeadGreenPM.png IvysaurHeadBluePM.png IvysaurHeadPurplePM.png IvysaurHeadWhitePM.png IvysaurHeadBlackPM.png


In Project +, Ivysaur obtains additional costumes that reference Bayleef and Tropius. Ivysaur also obtains an alternate costume based on the Substitute doll with further recolors, including a pink color based off of the Poké Doll.

Ivysaur's alternate costumes in P+

Z-Secret Costume: "Saurceress Ivysaur": A costume seemingly inspired by the Hex Maniac Trainer Class as it appears in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire.

R-Secret Costume: Cactus/Desert based costume: May have been inspired by desert-dwelling Grass-type Pokémon resembling cacti, such as Cacnea and Maractus.


  • Ivysaur's Solar Beam has a 2D sprite (that comes from Suicune's Poké Ball move); unlike other objects with this feature, it won't keep facing the screen and will instead remain flat like Mr. Game & Watch.
  • Solar Beam is one of only two moves that can be absorbed but not reflected, the other being Zero Suit Samus's down smash.
  • Seed Bombs use the same graphic as Deku Nuts.
  • Unlike Squirtle and Charizard, Ivysaur's Pokémon Trainer victory pose has not been replaced, making it the only character in the game with just two victory poses.
  • In older versions of Project M, Ivysaur's Solar Beam was shot out of it’s mouth.
  • In The Subspace Emissary, Ivysaur cannot be selected as a playable character during cutscenes; the Pokémon Trainer (who is referred to with Mewtwo's name) will always default to Squirtle prior to Charizard's capture and Charizard after its capture, and Pokémon Change does not exist in Project M.
  • Originally, its Z-Secret costume took visual inspiration from Vileplume who, like Ivysaur, is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon originating from Pokémon Red & Blue and could be seen as a counterpart to another fully-evoled Grass/Poison-type Pokémon, Victreebel.

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